Angel Crystals & Creating an Angel Crystal Grid

  • Do you pick up a crystal and yearn to understand the whisper of its energy in your heart?
  • Do you daydream and doodle shapes and patterns but don't know why?
  • Do you seek a special talisman to deepen the bond with your Guardians and Angels?


You're Ready to Connect Heaven With Earth

using the powerful vibration of earth's treasures to call upon your heavenly support team.

Access Your Celestial Support Team Through the Heart of Gaia

Crystals offer a unique energizing quality making them a powerful ally for every light workers tool kit.

Their magical ability to amplify your intentions can be used as a tool to connect with your Angelic guides, support healing and achieve the manifestation of your heart’s desires.

Their effectiveness is enhanced by techniques that tap into ancient wisdom and universal knowledge.  

As Above So Below

--- You carry the blueprint of the Universe within you ---

Sacred geometric shapes are the building blocks of our Universe. The design template of your physical body holds these same patterns and shapes within it.

The Ancients realized the power of aligning like with like, awakening their connection with the heavens by using symbols and shapes to draw on the forces of nature and the stellar influence of the seasons 

Why use a Crystal Grid?

Fuelled by the dynamic templates of sacred geometry, the Angel Crystal Grids merge the power of earth's treasures with the source of creation magnetizing your intentions, increasing the potency of manifestation abilities and moving you closer to the loving support of your Angels and Guardians.

Grids create a vortex that can be used to help you to heal the past, present and future, to support spiritual or intuitive awareness or to energize a goal. 



⭐️ call in your "A" team ⭐️
⭐️ set your intention in stone ⭐️
⭐️ awaken your manifestation powers ⭐️

In this course you'll discover how to:

Open your awareness to the crystal world and the energetic supportive role they can play in the manifestation of your heart’s desires ⭐️ communicate with the crystal matrix ⭐️ invite crystals to support your intentions ⭐️ and discover which crystals want to work with you.⭐️ You'll learn what an Angel Crystal is, how to create a crystal grid and MORE!

Introduction to Angel Crystals

Crystals have so many wonderful qualities. They can be your guide as well as your greatest ally. You'll learn how to tune into their energy and how to align them with your vision in preparation for inclusion in your crystal grid formation.

Creating a Crystal Grid Using an Angel Pattern

The Angel Grid is a unique way of combining the power of symbolism, numerology, crystals and Angelic forces.You'll learn how to: select the best area for your grid, crystal placement, enhance the energy, set an intention and activate the grid.

Creating a Crystal Grid Using the Seed of Life Pattern

There are lots of sacred geometrical patterns you can use to energize your Angel grid. The Seed of Life holds the vibration of creation. You'll learn how the numerology of this shape empowers it's purpose making it one of the most powerful grid patterns you can use.


For the first time, you'll have access to a brand new way of calling in the Archangels through the ARCHANGEL GRID MANDALAS.

As we evolve uncharted pathways to higher dimensions open up and once secret codes emerge.

This high vibrational artwork is a potent symbolic code that can be used to empower your connection with a specific Archangel in your crystal grids or as a meditation focal point to call in heavenly support.


This beautiful meditation to help you connect with your Crystal Guides, was channeled during a LIVE class.

You'll work with your crystals, learn to see, hear and sense the presence of your Guides and Angels and receive profound messages of support and love.

Questions are included to prompt you to remember the journey, the gifts you receive and the message a specific crystal has for you. 

What's Included?

✓  Introduction to Angel Crystals video

✓  Angel Crystals & Creating an Angel Crystal Grid Guidebook

✓  Creating a Crystal Grid Using an Angel Pattern

✓  Creating a Crystal Grid Using a Seed of Life Pattern

✓  BONUS: Crystal Guide Meditation

✓  BONUS: Powerful Channeled Archangel Mandala Grids

✓  You get access to ALL Updated Course materials as the course grows

✓  Online community sharing within the course site

Everything at Your Fingertips

No matter where you are in the world you can access all videos, guidebooks and audios. Everything is 100% online and available immediately.


Everything is online, lifetime access, and available no matter where you are.

:: 120 Minutes of Video ::

:: 45-page Guidebook ::

:: 5 Unique Archangel Crystal Grids ::




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