the founder and angel messenger behind sealed with love and intuitive soul circle. 

I really had no idea where I'd end up, but I knew it had to be this way...

The New Age has always been a part of my life. Raised in a yogi and spiritually conscious environment, I devoured the mystical. It's not just a hobby, it's my way of life. My spiritual values guide me to teach from the heart and touch all that I do. My award-winning books, Wishing: How to Fulfill Your Heart’s Desires, and 365 Days of Angel Prayers, are testaments to my work as a messenger of the light.


The artist in me emerged when I painted my client's soul essence. I've seen spirit energy and auras since I was a child. My clairvoyant ability, mixed with training in various color therapies, helped me gain greater insight into what lies within this unique color thumbprint. Did you know that your innate gifts and talents, past lives, and life path are all revealed within your personal luminescence?

Imagine how amazing it would be... always be guided by your intuition, hear the messages of your guides and angels, and know that you are a magical being with an important mission mapped out for you before you were born.

I'm on a mission

You are a lightworker, that's why you're here, and it's my mission to remind you of the true essence of your beautiful light and purpose in this lifetime, to nurture your amazing gifts and reconnect with your values and truth.

I'll guide you on a Divine Adventure that is fun, purposeful, and illuminating, reminding you of the radiant light that lives at the core of your being and the abundantly blessed life that awaits you.

I have the unique ability to make accessing and understanding your intuitive gifts and healing talents easy.

I started reading Tarot cards, delving into Astrology charts, and working on Numerology forecasts at the ripe old age of 10. That was over 50 years ago. 

I've spent over 30 years guiding thousands of people throughout the world to become more in tune with who they are.

Passionate about helping others

I'm honored to have presented workshops and seminars at the Open Center in NY, Lily Dale, the Learning Annex, and the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies.

These days I spend most of my time online, offering powerful healing sessions, and teaching beginners and experts to follow the wisdom of their intuition.

I love working with Angels, channeling meditations, creating prayers, and teaching people how to connect with Divine light.

The Angelic realm kinda snuck up on me. I realized its importance in my life when I created an Angel Oracle for my first website back in 2002.

Since then I've designed an array of Angel-inspired gifts, including powerful courses and an inner circle to help you connect with these beautiful heavenly messengers.

"As lightworkers we are always growing and part of that growth is healing the unhealed parts of ourselves."

I'm all about

Keeping my spirituality real, having fun with my fae-way, and nurturing all life on our beautiful planet.

I'm not about

Judgment, taking and not giving, putting others down, and believing that my way is the only way.


The perfect



  • You're ready to discover your healing and intuitive gifts while building confidence in your abilities and healing the unhealed parts of yourself first. 
  • You realize that your spiritual world is just as important as your physical world, and your want to find and fulfill your life purpose while offering support as you grow into your mission as a lightworker.
  • You intuitively know that it's time to raise your vibration, access higher dimensions of energy, and channel love, light, and healing for the benefit of yourself and others. 
  • You want to forge a stronger connection with your guides and angels so that communication is easy and effortless, and share their wisdom and inspiration, authentically, honestly, and with integrity. 

Here's how I can help

This might be a time when you're ready to heal some aspect of your life, deepen your connection with the Angels, or connect with like-hearted souls just like you.

Living spiritually, intuitively, and in alignment with your soul's values brings the happiness and joy that you and all of us seek.

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Healing With the Angels

Invoke the Angelic frequency for healing, guidance, and support. In this beautiful course, you will learn:

✨ the 3 things your Angels want you to know now

✨ 5-minute daily practices to connect with your energy

✨ how to plug into the Angelic vibration to inspire the universe's blessings for the next step on your journey.