Divinely Inspired Heavenly Support Attuned to the Highest Vibration of Your Angels Love

The winged heart vibration of the silk is like a direct dial to the Angelic realm.

Heavenly support...

...whenever you need healing and divine guidance

Wrapped in love...

...and the loving embrace of your angels

High vibrational...

...infused with angelic light, crystal energy, and infinite love

Divinely empowered...

...with positive words and angel affirmations

Your Angels are always with you!

The "Angels Wings Wrap" reminds you that you are never alone. Positive affirmations inscribed on the silk call on your divine support team for their protection and support. The wrap can be worn when seeking guidance or to experience an extra boost of loving Angelic energy. It can also be draped over a bed, wall, or altar to add a touch of heavenly charm.

The beautiful silk wrap is lovely, when I wrap the silk around myself I get goose bumps, and it feels as if angels are hugging me. I love my angel wings wrap.

Jacqueline C.

Wrapped in love

Lilac and periwinkle blue with a touch of shimmering gold in the wings embody the Divine essence of your Angels. Feel their harmonious and loving vibration as you wrap yourself in their wings. Your Angels are always with you. Their wisdom, guidance and support is empowered by the words: "I am Wrapped in My Angels Loving Embrace, Angels Surround me, Angels Protect me, Angels Guide me."

Amazing! Very grateful for this unique item! From the moment I unwrapped it I could sense the high vibrations of love and happiness. I now feel I have the angels wings around me, couldn't be more pleased! Thank you so much!

Elizabeth Z.

Designed to raise your vibration

Before your Angel Wings Wrap journeys home to you it’s infused with the love, light and wisdom of the Angelic realm. As it patiently awaits your call it’s surrounded and energized by crystals. Even before it arrives in your hands it is already connected with your soul.

Silk has the highest energy vibration of all the natural fibers. Its triangular prism-like structure is similar to crystals, allowing it to act like a crystal, so whatever intention it is energized with is amplified and literally raises your vibration to that of your Angels.

About the wrap's creation

The winged heart vibration of the silk is like a direct dial to the Angelic realm. Luxurious hand rolled 100% Habotai silk, 35 X 84 ins and big enough to wrap around yourself. Wrap yourself in your Angels wings when you’re asking for their guidance and support. Wear while meditating or when you want to feel an extra boost of loving Angelic energy. 

Received this beautiful silk print as a gift and loved it so much I also gave it as a gift. The colors are beautiful and bright, everyone asks me about it.

Deborah S.

An Angel gift that keeps on giving

Hang on a wall to infuse a space with their love. Drape over a bed to connect with your Angels during your dreams and to lift your vibration as you sleep. Place on an altar or in a sacred space to infuse the special frequency of your Angels light in your invocations and prayers. Wrap your favorite crystals or any object you routinely use in the silk to energize with the unconditional love and healing vibration of your Angels.

I just received my wrap for a gift. It is packaged so beautifully that I don't even want to open it....It is so amazing I am in love!!!!

Terry D.

Elizabeth Says

"I felt inspired to create this wrap. Once made, I held it in the wind so that the wings could fly and the other dimensional feathers could energetically move into place. It felt like angels were holding the wings up and special angels were touching the silk with love. This is your opportunity to be wrapped in the unconditional love of your Angels."


Coming home

This silk is beautifully packaged in pink tissue paper together with a written guide on angel inspired paper explaining it’s meaning and placed in a gold organza bag. This special Angel Wings Wrap can be handwashed in your favorite gentle shampoo and treated with a dash of hair conditioner, making it even softer than it already is.




"The angel silk spoke to me"

"I was so excited to receive my angel silk from you. I crawled up in bed the day it came, read the letter and opened up the silk. I laid it across my bed and slept with it that night as I have every night since.  When I woke up in the morning, I was strongly inspired to wrap the angel wings around me, prop myself up in bed and meditate. I have not been one to meditate, but the angel silk spoke to me and I have wrapped it around me and meditated every morning since I've received it. Thought you'd like to know the inspiration I got from it. thank you Elizabeth"

~ Sherry D.

"Wrapped In Love!"

"I absolutely love my Angels Wings Wrap. I kept it in the box for a few days because I was waiting for the right time to open it-a moment of solitude where I could focus on the experience. This piece is so special and effective. I already feel very connected to my angels, but as soon as I wrapped it around myself and asked for help with something, the help arrived immediately. It brings me peace and calm. I put it on my bed at night in times of great stress. I am so grateful to have found Elizabeth and her incredible gift. This is the best & only Mother's Day present I've ever given myself. I highly recommend it!"

~ Annette C.



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