Unlock the Secrets Within: 
Embark on a Journey to Self-Discovery, Unleash Your Hidden Mystical Powers, and Experience a Profound Spiritual Awakening!

Awaken Your Mystical Gifts

Let go of blocks and awaken the amazing power hidden within your soul.


Take Back Your Power

Hidden within your soul are gifts you might only have glimpsed but haven't fully accessed yet. WHY?

⭐️ Maybe you believe you're not GIFTED, or lack the confidence to fully express your mystical powers.

⭐️ Maybe someone told you that you're not good enough or powerful enough or psychic enough.

⭐️ Or maybe you just haven't had the opportunity to explore the gifts sleeping within your soul.

You are a gifted, powerful, and mystical being and you are about to remember that truth.

Healer Heal Thyself

We as Light Workers are at the forefront of a time of transition from an old way of being into a time when the Wounded Healer is wounded no more.

It's time for you to reveal and heal the disempowering stories you believe about yourself. Clear Blocks that have prevented you from accepting and using your gifts. Discover, call in, and anchor your most powerful gifts in your life now.

By taking back your power in this way you not only awaken your most irresistible gifts, but you also trigger healing on a multitude of levels.



Discover Your Pot of Gold

Once you recognize and release the blocks to fully manifest your abilities, there is no turning back.

You’re like a rainbow with each color representing a blessing. As you open the door to a particular gift you’ll find that clues start to appear in your current life too leading you toward the discovery of your true Life Purpose.

These gifts may well be the POT OF GOLD within you.

Nature's heavenly reflections opens a doorway...

...into the shadow self. It's a magical and powerful time to heal subconscious beliefs and remember your truth.


⭐️ awaken your Mystical Gifts â­ï¸
⭐️ reveal and heal disempowering stories â­ï¸
⭐️ clear blocks that have prevented you from fully realizing your abilities ⭐️


Awaken Your Mystical Gifts Class

You have access to the recording of a powerful and transformative live 100-minute class that took part on the Dark Moon, the day before Lunar Samhein. In this class you'll learn ⭐️ What stories have been blocking your gifts ⭐️ How to release negative energy and clear blocks ⭐️ Visit a past life to awaken at least one of your Mystical Gifts ⭐️ Visit the Akashic Records to heal the past and step into your potential future ⭐️ Meet, accept, and embrace your Shadow Self ⭐️ Plus specific affirmations to anchor in and empower your gifts

Access Past Life Gifts

Discover, call in, and anchor your most powerful gifts. Your past lives hold the key to your mystical gifts and the path to awakening them in this lifetime. 

Embrace Your Shadow Self

This is a BONUS meditation. Your Shadow Self holds powerful energy that you've turned your back on. You'll learn why you created a Shadow self and how to release and heal it.

Empowering Affirmations

Affirmations ground an intention. 108 affirmations will empower your mystical gifts, triggering your inner memory of latent abilities from this and previous lifetimes.

What's Included?

✓  100 minute recorded class

✓  Awaken Your Mystical Gifts Guidebook

✓  Past Life Meditation download

✓  Embracing Your Shadow Self Meditation download

✓  108 Empowerment Affirmations download

✓  Your Questions Answered video

✓  Online community sharing within the course site


Student Experiences

Chat from attendees in the live class.

Hello there! I'm Elizabeth,
your Spiritual BFF

...I’m here to help you discover the gifts sleeping within your soul. I will support and guide you as you gain confidence in your mystical abilities, and grow into your mission as a lightworker.

And I'll help you realize the freedom and joy of intuitive and spiritual living every day. 

I invite you into my world of angels, crystals, oracle cards and all things magical.

Receive weekly guidance in my videos, take a course, or join my intimate Soul Circle and experience a community of like-hearted seekers just like you.

Keep shining your light!
Elizabeth XOXO



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