9 Reasons to be Ill

I heard on the radio that when the clocks change the incidence of heart attacks and strokes increase. Change is stressful and that stress can impact the body's equilibrium.

I just returned from a business trip to San Diego where I had a wonderful time teaching some amazing lightworkers. After the weekend I met with one of my best friend's, Kari Samuels. We had lunch and then took a stroll along the beach and promenade.

At one point we passed by a couple of teenage children. Out of the corner of my eye I saw one of the boys throw a towel at a wall, at least I thought it was just at the wall. Then I realized they were taunting the squirrels, trying to catch and hurt them. I don't know about you but I can't stand by while someone tries to hurt an animal - I won't stand by if someone is picking on a person either.

So I turned back to talk to them in my best 55 year old "GROW UP, WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING" voice. At the same time, as if by magic a man walked past and also berated the boys, so they moved on. But the stress energy didn't move on from me.  I was saddened by the event. As a lightworker my intention and purpose is to make a difference in the world, but this instance made me realize that we really have our work cut out for us. 

The next day I developed a sore throat. This progressed to a nasty bout of flu with swollen and raw glands. I am still recovering as I write this. It really knocked me for six. There are no coincidences. I could blame someone for giving me the virus but the truth is I opened the door by being emotionally distraught and stressed plus to top it off I held onto my frustration. It's not the first time I've developed an illness after confronting someone for picking on another.

Illness is an opportunity to understand something about ourselves, its up to us to find out what that is 

So to shift the energy here's what I've been doing. I've been sending those boys and their parents love. Asking my angels to help them to see all life as one and that by hurting another we simply hurt ourselves.

Illness has a purpose. It works on lots of different levels. My guides tell me that illness is the “Sacred Fire,” and there are a multitude of reasons for it showing up in our lives. Fire is the creative element often associated with spirit, life, and the greater fire of creativity—the Divine or God. Illness—fiery energy—can relate to a vast amount of energy that has been withheld, like a rumbling volcano, and can be connected with an intense emotional event.

We are so quick, especially in this new-age society, to think that we are to blame for illness. We are not. It may be a part of the package deal of this life, or it could be a “contract." Most often its triggered by an emotional event and is there to show us something about ourselves that can be revealed through that suffering. It may also be the only way for us to bring some part of ourselves to the surface, or maybe the only way to bring light to those who are stuck in darkness. Below is an incomplete list of the deeper motivations behind illness:

  1. It gives us the attention and love we need.
  2. We can learn something about ourselves. For example, colds can often signify blocked emotions, unreleased tears and pain.
  1. It can bring people together that have previously been separated for one reason or another.
  1. We can help those around us to open their hearts to unconditional love through helping us.
  1. We can learn how to cure it or/and help others to cure it.
  2. We could meet certain people we were destined to meet and connect with
  3. It can help us open different levels of our being that would have lain dormant, or would have taken longer for us to open up to.
  1. Illness shows us something we have neglected to look at or heal within our psyche. 
  1. llness can invite us to take stock and completely change our lives.

Sometimes the reason we have an illness is just so we can experience getting better. Instead of judging the reasons “why,” look instead for the gift in the illness. Consider not only how you benefit, but how those around you profit too. Don’t blame the illness for being part of your life or yourself for attracting it. On some level you have chosen it, albeit unconsciously. Remember the bigger picture: there is often more to illness than meets the eye.


I felt much better after listening to my channeled Archangel Raphael meditation. I physically felt my body spin in the light and my whole being lightened up. Since using the meditation my health has dramatically improved. (This meditation is currently unavailable)




Acute conditions like flu can be immediate, but chronic illness can take around 2 years to develop after an emotional trigger. Maybe by keeping the illness you are healing other parts of yourself that need to be healed. If you have an “incurable illness” visualize a doctor or a healer who knows exactly how to treat you and has the ability to affect a miracle cure. All things are possible within the realm of your imagination. Let me know in the comments if you have any realizations.




Julie That's so strange that the lady above Elizabeth was born 1/6/1964 and I am born 1/9/1964. We've both had horrible health challenges and we both feel such a strong pull towards your teachings. It's a really strange world. 1/6 was my Grandfather's birthday. And she posted on 3/17 which was one of my boyfriend's birthdays. Really weird.
sunny WOW...OMG   So wonderful to have something I came to just recently validated!

In late Nov, I started getting a growth on my leg. I thought it was what I call a "gluten bump" because I sometimes eat things I should not and pay the price of skin irritations, bumps.   I skipped Christmas with my family because I just did not want to be there and I felt good about it but lied to family and said I was sick. The spot kept growing. and I have a skin cancer. I have surgery scheduled to remove.   After giving thought to the Bigger picture, I came to the conclusion that some icky stuff needed to come out of me be cut away.   The appt with surgeon was on the 4th on one side of the hospital. My procedure is scheduled on the opposite side of same on the 22nd. (4) So I came to the conclusion that second reason. I needed my energy spread through the hospital. I wait 10 days to get stitches out which will be (hehehehe) April 1st. Can't we be oh so foolish when we take ourselves and life's drama to serious?

I so love the joyful energy you project.   Thank-you:)
Diane I am now waiting to get a prescription for the flu I have had for a week. I hesitated reading this thinking it was going to be about how we create our illness. Today is the anniversary of my mothers death so that is a sorrow.
Thanks for this blog
Lille Diane Dear Elizabeth and readers,

When I shifted my thinking (as you described so beautifully) during many, lengthy, chronic illnesses, including PTSD, I evolved in the most profound, enlightening ways. I was inclined to get right back up and resume life as "usual" after I'd start feeling even the slightest bit better, only to be slammed with another symptom, hospital stay or surgery. Then somewhere in the middle of a "why me thought?", or "crap--not again!", I began to truly see I hid my underlying pain, traumas and unresolved issues in my busyness. I began seeing my "illness" as a reset button, and then, the magic began happening. Had the Universe allowed me to go full steam ahead, I'd have missed the deeper level of soul healing I truly needed. It's certainly not comfortable being in the fire but it's the most efficient way for us to become diamonds.

Thank you for articulating so perfectly what my grateful heart has been trying to say, Elizabeth.
Benedikte Eight years ago I had breastcancer. Ik knew that it wanted to tell me something. That I didn't had to fight against it but to learn from it. It was the first step to change my life and is still changing.

shirlie I really enjoy your site. A lot of love comes through and is very healing and uplifting and so helpful. Thankyou so much.
Ginger My mother is very ill at the age of 67 & has many problems. I gave her some crystals to help her sleep & she refuses to put them in her bedroom. She is a smoker too, that complicates her condition. I feel, if she thinks she could get better, that my sister & I wouldn't be around to help & she would be lonely. She likes our attention, even if some of it is somewhat negative, because we're always trying to get her to help herself. I just keep repeating "FREE WILL" to myself but it so frustrating!
Smriti Awesome post, so totally relate to it. I've personally experienced a lot of what you've written. It hurts me deeply when people destroy nature or other elementals, animals in particular or living beings that are not capable of standing up for themselves. I've experienced kundalini imbalances due to shifting life situations that no doctor could diagnose and as the life situation healed, the aches, pains and illness miraculous healed. Humans and most living creatures have an incredible power to regenerate, however the process is never easy. Love, compassion and kindness are ancestral legacy that gets passed into our DNA and so is cruelty and all its forms. Parents and schools should actively help kids to cultivate compassion, as that's an integral part of the art of living
Elizabeth D        B b.       Hello, Dear Elizabeth , Kindred Spirit And " Wounded Healer"!
I Am So Sorry To Hear Of Your Recent Illness;
But So Glad To Know That You , Like I , Understand The True Nature And Opportunity Of Illness As Our Body's Voice To Heal From The Accumulative Negative / Toxic Blocks That Must Be Purified And Renewed!
I, Myself Suffer From Acute Flairs Of Chronic Pancreatitis Believed To Be Caused At First By 3 Super Streptococcus Viruses( 2008) ; This Freaky, Severe , Life Threatening Illness Has Since Been A Continual Long , Arduous And Painful Road To My True Deeper Spiritual Understanding Of The Power Of Prayer, Light , Healing And Of Being A True Intuitive " Wounded Healer"! A Sensitive, Who Through Empathy And Compassion , Is Here On This Planet; To Like You, Help Others Achieve Compassion , Insight, And The Miracles Of Heart, Mind , Body And Spirit , Through Light, Color, And Ancient Healing Practices Which Added To Western Medicine , Accentuate Healing And Wellness!
Elizabeth, I Am So Thrilled That You Took This Most Important Time To Share Your Insights On Illness , Dis-Ease And Our Physical , Mental And Spiritual Ability To Consider Our Multitude Of Physical/ Emotional ( Anxiety, Depression , As Well) Weaknesses As True Purifying And Detoxifying Strengths !
I Have So Missed You And Light Work , Crystals, Stones, Color Analysis!
Especially , As A Capricorn ( 1/6/64) And One Who Truly Believes In And Feels A True Kinship For You And Your Amazing Light Work !
✨?✨ I Truly Have Felt Drawn To This Work , Myself And Only Wish That I Knew How To Locate The Required Classes And Certification
To Become A Master Light Worker Etc!
I Thank You, Heart To Heart, Spirit To Spirit, Light To Light! ✨?✨✨?✨???!
All Blessings, Color, Compassion, Discernment, Empathy, Fortitude, Gratitude , Health, Healing , Inspiration, Joy, Light, LOVE, And Miracles!
To You, Elizabeth H! ✨?✨❤️?????
Be Well, Kindred Spirit!
Blessings, Joy, Light, Laughter And Love !

Elizabeth D , ✨?✨??????
Erica Tucci Hi Elizabeth. My illness (a stroke) was in the making my whole life. It allowed me to move from the ego-based, controlling masculine mindset to a more nurturing, loving feminine ethos. It has been a gift from the heavens to show me the way to the "true" me. It has been a long journey, which isn't quite over yet as I round the bend to full healing, and it has taught me what is really important in life. I am now working on finding the balance between the masculine and feminine energies within me, so that I will become a "whole" person. Love to you!
Michelle Hi Elizabeth, I hope you're on the mend now! For me it was having my hair suddenly fall out in big patches about two years after I went through a divorce and moved four states away to start over again. At the time it seemed like two years was too long to relate it to that terribly painful time, but now that you've said it, it makes more sense to me.

My hair is growing back in now, and after a lifetime of being straight -- now it's curly! :) Changes and beginnings, and joy all around.

Best to you! <3

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