The Divine Feminine and You!


We talk about God, although I prefer to call this power the GREAT SPIRIT. With a God, there is a Goddess and I feel she is making herself known in her own way. I've shared with you one of the ways her energy is manifesting in and through YOU!

Please share in the comments below what your intuitive insights are on the subject of this video and the Divine Feminine.

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tere I was a single parent, in 1970. In the 1980's it did seem like a lot of women became single parents...
It made me a stronger person and parent!!
tracey hello Elizabeth, I loved listening to this and must write a comment as it is relevant to the time you referring too. I had my son at age 23 1983 by the time is was 25, I was divorced, alone with my son, I was very unhappy for about 3 months I had an ectopic pregnancy just before I split with my two timing husband and father of erik...I became very sick physically and mentally . But out of those ashes rose my feminine self. I had a job all through my pregnancy, artist model at the local art college in the area I grew up in, which I had returned to on finding myself pregnant in another country. I became stronger and stronger after this awful period, still worked as a model, for a couple of years then joined this art course myself, the best thing I ever did. I went to go to university and gained a 2nd art degree, I moved to another place to study taking my son aged 5 with me. later I moved towns again , and then found a place on a post graduate course teacher training, I happy to tell this story now especially as I look back at my life after 22 years of being a teacher to small kids, the last 10 of which I taught them art, again in another country, where I still live, Holland. I have been in touch with my feminine side all those years, it was what got me through the bad and sometimes ugly times in my life.:)
Lourdes My Mom was a single mother, she was tough and disciplinary with lots of love for all of us. I loved her, however, I always longed for my father spiritual side. My point of view is; that we need a balance for our children to grow spiritually strong and capable to accept all the wonders of this beautiful world.
Bonnie Rabbit Makes complete sense to me. Thank you for this message, Elizabeth. I am a single mom, an Indigo, and mother to a Crystal Child. I would think this message would be very comforting to other single mothers, especially those who have had a particularly rough and challenging time, like myself, surviving from day to day while raising children on our own.
Aspasia Holley Right on sista! What I received was fearless. I was a single mum in the eighties and there was a lot trying to balance provider and nurturer. A lot of self doubt. But, even more trust yourself and go for it! Thank you for this. It's very enlightened and divinely inspired. Also well said!
Tanya Hello Elizabeth,

2 years ago I became a single mother of my 2 sons and found myself embracing meditation, crystals, an incredible connection with Gaia and psychic readings to help me on my healing journey. During one such meeting with a psychic intuitive I was told my colours, of which there were 3 (violet, ultra violet and pink) that she could see surrounding me. She then went on to tell me that my eldest son (16) was surrounded by violet and my youngest (12) by ultra violet and that he has very strong psychic capabilities if he allows himself to embrace his gift as he gets older. They are both nurturing and loving boys and your message really connected with me and our journey thus far. Thank you, many blessings.
Helen Ursula I have chosen the way of single mother by divorcing when my two children were very young. It was a hard way to go but it was the right one. I agree with you about this Gaya energy I feel connected with since a long time. I have read and searched a lot about celtic goddess, religion, druides and I feel strongly roots going there. When I listen celtic harp music I feel at home. It’s one of the signs I get from my Angels. ?
Melissa Thank you for the beautiful insight! I am the child of a single mother and became one myself. It was not a conscious choice for me to raise a child alone but I took the situation and did the best job I could. Embodying the Divine Feminine is a tough job that requires a balance of nurture and ferocity. From a young age I felt like there was something specific I was meant to do and after my daughter was born that feeling eased. We had what we needed when we needed it but little more. I learned even with nurture, nature is still a battle. I raised a warrior who is now on her own path to motherhood with a son due very soon. I think the most important realization on this Indigo path is that a spiritual calling is not going to be an easy path. It takes a lot of pressure to create a diamond and these last 50 years are just the beginning of a future golden age. While I will not be in this form 100 years from now to see the progress of Gaia's "warriors", I know the soldier I gave birth to and her soldier to come will be integral to change. It is our job to be the change we want to see in the world.
Thank you for your beautiful work, Elizabeth!
Tracy Handley Thank you Elizabeth...yes I can relate to that. Although I was married when I had my 2 children I got divorced and was a single mother for 13 years until they flew the nest. Both my wonderful children are so self aware, intuitive and independent , I watched my own mother give her power away and never fullfilled her potential. I achieved so much whilst my children were growing up, I went back to learn and am a fully qualified holistic therapist, healer, reader and teacher and have been for over 17 years .Watching this has made me realise this must have had such a impact on my children and although it was tough at times they have grown into adults that are not afraid to go for what they want in life. My children are very well balanced with their female/male energies and my son has the upmost respect for women and is a loving caring partner. So thank you for bringing this in for me x
Samantha Lavallee What a powerfully empowering soothing message expressed and received in divine has been five years since leaving my marriage and cultivating a new dynamic that has been a transformational journey of growth for self, our 3 precious children and the parental dynamic between the father of our children and myself...I stated single intentionally after and this message brought the validation and clarity as to what I was needed to be that way to be able to nurture and raise our children in a more serene nurturing gentle loving unconditional way that allowed for each to be who they are and learn who they are grow through inner guidance that I nurture and support them through ...I would not have been able to do so in the marriage and the children would not have been able to grow as they have...this dynamic is a healthy balance where they have learned that love is the way, the unconditional way even through separation...always more love to be lived through the healing grace of compassion’s soothing balm...It hasn’t been easy but so worth it ??? thank you Sharon for sharing that heart rest easy within this peace ?
Betty Yes, I accept this. I was a single mother myself in the 80'S. My daughter today (who was my 80's "Love child") also had a baby in 2004. She was also a single mother. My granddaughter is the only person I have seen an Aura on around her head. My daughter however is not intuitive nor sensitive. But my son after her is. He is of a different father. The man I am married to now. Wonderful   knowing that more light workers are here and on their way!!!!! Also, funny thing. the time for this video.... is 5:55. I was born at 5:55pm on the 20th day of the 04th month in the year 1965....... Hum....... theres those numbers again :-) Betty
Elenka Nikolova You are very real person! I LOVE you!   GOD BLESS YOU!
Lesley Wilson What a wonderful insight Elizabeth. I have often wondered this as I worked in the Post Office in the 80s and there was a real boom of single mothers. Here in New Zealand there was a seperate welfare payment set up to support Mums who left their husbands and didn't have an income (alot didn't work then and so had no financial resource). It became a way of supporting these single Mums too and these women were often judged by society around that. I myself had my own judgement about some of those mothers too, so thank you for opening my eyes to the bigger picture. It makes so much sense about bringing in the diviNE feminine . My neice is one of those Mums and has brought a beautiful strong independent daughter.? blessings to you xx
Janaki I had 3 children during my marriage (at 18) My son was born in '74 & two daughters followed in '77 & '81. My youngest became a mom a month shy of turning 17. I then became "mama2." I'd separated from my husband in '91, divorcing in '97 (long overdue.) In 2000, I became a mother again after ending an unhealthy relationship (alcohol & drugs) My grown children were 26, 23 & 19. I had two 2.5 yr old grandsons! I was a single mom to my daughter from the time I was 7 mos pregnant. I did try one last time with her father from 12/04-12/05 but it was just a repeat of the same roller-coaster ride. My daughter is a strong 17 yr old now who is about to graduate HS & will be leaving for college in Aug. I am facing "empty-nest" for the 1st time in my life (at 66 in Aug!) Kalina has had the advantage of having her two older sisters, both strong women, very much involved in her life. My 40 yr old is a single mom to her 7 yr old son (since he was 1.5) She is going to graduate from college this Dec. having gone back to school in an adult studies program at UVA. I am truly proud of my three daughters. It hasn't been easy for me or them. Raising a child later in life has been SO difficult both because of people thinking I was her grandma (ego) but mostly because it is a different world than it was in the 70's-90's. Totally different! My dear (deceased) friend who was like an older sister was an energy healer. She was at my daughter's birth (in a birthing center with a midwife as were my mom, my 2 older daughters & 3 other dear female friends) She had a vision of a man with a turban holding a crescent-shaped sword, just as Kalina was being born. We interpreted that to mean he was her guide & that she would have a strong, "warrior" energy. I can believe that now! We are both Year of the Dragon (she is metal, I am water) & we are both Virgo (I'm Aug. She's Sept.) There was a song in the 90's by Savage Garden called, "I Knew I Loved You Before I Met You," which is how I have always felt about my youngest girl. I'd been told in 1996 by an intuitive that there was a baby girl jumping all around me, as I went to sit down. My 1st grandchild had died a few months prior when she was 3 weeks old (my 22 yr old son's 1st child) so I immediately thought of her (Aslan) When I was pregnant with Kalina Noelle, I 'knew' she was a girl though in the last couple of weeks of my pregnancy I started doubting myself, so I chose a boy's name, just in case! Goddess energy?!? It is strong in my family, for sure! Thank you for a chance to share my story! Oh, daughter # 2 who is now the single mom to my youngest grandson, was born "in the caul." Her spiritual name is Ambha which means "Divine Mother." The irony of that is that she thought for the longest time that she wasn't going to have children. She was 33 when she had Kingston. I know she can't imagine her life without him now! Oh, & daughter #2 who was a teen mom has the spiritual name Bhuvaneshwari which means "Goddess of the Universe!"   Yes, Goddess energy reigns in this family!   lol   (-:   Namaste
Jessica Dawson Thank you Elizabeth. This has helped me find gratitude for my own mother, who was a single mother, and what I learnt from her about how independent and strong and capable I can be as a woman. Very healing, thank you.
Cyndi Thank you for sharing this information.   I was a single mom after being divorced in the 80's. My son was surrounded by my grandmother and myself, both strong women and he is an amazing man. His significant other is amazed at how he understands so much from a feminine perspective. How loving and nurturing he is. 
Migdalia Mejia Your Goddess message has been healing to me. I cant describe how perfect it is to hear this message in this moment in my life. It is definite an a ha moment to me. I feel that this group is very powerful with the intuitive abilities; and I feel that your psychic abilities are growing because of this group. I feel that the Goddess energy is stronger in my life; and I have been fighting it! No more fighting! Thank you for the message and for creating this group.I feel much supported by this group. Blessings for everyoneI
jane I agree with   you about the female energy. I was involved with feminism   for a very long time. Worked supporting abused women and children in   my 20 +   career. I was so   disappointed in the young women I saw   because they did   not seem to have   any idea what   feminism is etc.   etc. Now I see   just how strong   they are   when   I see all of these   men being pointed   out as having   been very disrespectful (for   lack of a   better term) toward   them. I pray   that this will   change the way   women are seen in   our society.
Julia Kung Thank you for this insight! I have never thought it that way (being raised by a single mother and being single mother myself). I need to meditate on it and let it sink..... <3
Vernita Porter thank you.
what a good looking sweater, thanks again for being here
Sharon Pannone I loved this share, I am relaxing into the space of my Calling and that the opportunities to share my unique gifts are limitless. Love - Light - Support   Sharon
Petra A few years ago, I began to realize that the rational energy dominated me, the energy of yang. I started to develop my Divine Woman within me. What a wonderful thing, I'm a woman!!!! I feel much better in balance and harmony in myself and with everything. I also feel a strong connection with the mother Gaia, with our beautiful blue planet, which is our second home. The most important thing is that I enjoy the state of Goddess. In the energy of love, compassion and nurturing. And with great confidence, I follow my Intuition. Life has become miraculous!
I love your Wisdom in which love is always intertwined. And that's why I feel your mediation as the transmission of the Divine. Thank you!
With Love, Petra from Slovenia
Kathy Nissen I totally agree with you. Just in the few years that i have been involved with Reiki, crystals and intuitive things, i have found it much more open and am finding others that are interested in something that we all know will lead them to other things. Happy that it is opening to more people. They think they are weird or different til they meet one of us and their eyes are opened! What a wonderful thing when that happens!


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