A Love Letter Message from Elizabeth

chakras healing membership Feb 02, 2017

I've been getting a strong message from my guides and angels on the direction my work needs to take this year - and it was kind of a surprise to me.

I had my own ideas but it seems the "light" has another agenda. Once I let go of my resistance it felt completely in alignment with my soul's purpose.

Instead of writing about it...

...I wanted to share my thoughts in a conversation with you. I recorded a video to let you in on what's been coming up for me.

Maybe what I have to share resonates with you too. I'd love your feedback. Watch the video and please share your thoughts in the comments below.

LOVE + Blessings 
elizabeth XOXO 💞



Patricia Hello Dear Elizabeth it was really great and an spiritual journey for me to listen to your love letter because this has been the way in which I have been feeling lately also, with a spiritual life very very long and working daily to cleanse my energy I found myself at this point in the middle of this big change too, and opening my self to work in the spiritual realm with the help of my angels, archangels, spiritual masters and protectors and it has not been that easy; but finally I am getting to see the light for a more professional work as an angel channeler for healing at several levels. I felt your great love for humanity and your sincere desire to make this world a better place. I sincerely congratulate you for all the effort, help and support you have given all of us all along these years. Your are a lovely woman..............
Katja Hello Elizabeth. Thank you for this message. It all makes sense to me now.
I've had this feeling for a month or 2 that I need Chakra work done. I am constantly thinking about it.
Now I can investigate.

Thank you
Love and Light
Yolanda What an inspiration you are to me and I believe to all of use .. but me too have been very emotional this days .. feeling like I lost all my friends my coworkers are giving me a hard time , but one thing I learn is to let go and take care of me .. sometimes I am so happy and then I go again feeling emotional again .. but yes I want to thank you for showing us this video , I feel more energy When you speak from your heart ❤️
WAFA Thank you for those beautiful messages ❤ and this amazing energy of love that you sent. I am waiting for your new program that seems very interesting, because we all want to clear the energy of our chakras..
Donna Wow. I felt your honesty and truth. Authenticy. Yes! Thank you.
Isler-Richarz Helen Ursula Your words make my crying, I listened more than once. You are describing perfectly my situation.... Due to illness I downsized my life, my energy work, changed the place where I lived for medical help, lost my beloved serving dogs and didn’t arrive to make my Husband coming back home. Now, half a year later, after everything turned better, it seems that it restarts. I probably will loose my apartment, my health gets with the stress bader again, money problems restarting if I need to move again.... but my wish of a new dog I realized, we working hard together for serving dog education. My energy work and animal speaking I nearly stopped I cannot do as I did before, not enough energy. The ones needing my help, finding me, I help as usually, and this is good. I am strongly connected with my Angels. The realization of my biggest heart desire with making my Husband coming back home stopped at the moment. Angels telling me that I am on the right way, but there is something not ok, a bad energy somewhere in it. It’s not up to me but up to other persons, the army as well.... it seems that we have to go a other way for finding the solution. I released and thought a lot about this and I feel that the Angels telling me that it is up to my Husband to decide which way he wants to go, is ok for him, because it’s touching him and his life more than me. The answer is in his heart, I feel it, but he has to do the work for getting there. I found out that every way he decides is ok for me, I can accept and going with him, supporting him. Since I feel this, I got more energy back, feel better and have new hope. Seems to me that everything is open again, cards are newly mixed up and we are a step nearer to realization. Before listening to your Angel messages for this week, I felled that I have to write him a letter, telling him clearly this, the possible solutions I see in this situation and giving him the chance to decide, finding his own way. A hour after sending my todays letter I listened to your Angels messages.... they are all three for me! I am very happy being finally in your new group. The Angels helped me with this. And yes, we are all connected and can do a lot with our bundled energy. Will be a new experiment for me because I was used to work on my own and not speaking with other people about this due to bad experience I made during my life. Have to change this now. Sending lot of love ❤️
Lisa Speaking your messages is loads better Elizabeth your amazing such a beautiful woman inside out. XOXO ❤❤❤ chakras i feel like mine need cleansen. My energy is up and down like a yo yo. Theres a lot going on for me latly im proud of how far av come there still a long way to go. Some days im great then others my brain won't stop thinkin i find hard to stay hi vibes. LOVE you to the moon and back 3>???
Cordelia Dearest Elizabeth,
thank you for your spoken love letter. You are truly on purpose, your words and the way you connect with your guides and listeners while you speak is so kind and so real. Your message and feelings are perfect at this moment! The feeling of a plateau and need to raise ones own energy and cleanse to happily progress in the best possible way into the happy, long awaited future which is so close and doing so well already. Just that little pause to prepare well and share so that others gain the love and happiness too. Thank you for helping me, helping clear the way of blocks even if I don’t understand them, letting my heart open and be radiant and shine for all that I love.?
Judy Burton I am new to this site and really feeling good about being here. I love the face-to-face format versus straight reading as I garner information from facial expression, body language and intonation in speech which enhances the communication process. I am currently ending a major cycle while starting what I have been told is a new cycle that will be enlightening for me. Fruition of a lifetime of searching in many areas for answers and awareness. Like so many others. I am feeling the impact of the changes in the world, At this point I am like the Fool in the Tarot deck, balancing on the precipice. Even though at 75 years of age I could feel youth and innocence as far removed from me. But this is negativity and I instead am feeling optimistic and excited at what lies ahead in my journey. What is somewhat scary for me is that I am in danger of being overwhelmed with all the portals and insights that are opening to me. For example, the first activity I have done on this site involved the Colors For your Month and Year Meditation. Barely finished the breathing before I was inundated with color, color, color. Bubbles (beads?) of color. Colors which seemed to know ahead of time what your next words were about. I was not frightened at this, just concerned I would not remember everything about the experience so I could analyze it later. I am looking forward to being part of your community.
Sandra thank you Elisabeth! English is not my first language, but I understand you every single word! I know that angels are with us, I'm trying to connect with my angel, but I can't do it, yet, I will try again, and again, and again........................ In my country   ( Croatia, Europe) we pray,   every 7th in a month, at 7 PM, 7 minutes, we invoke angels and pray for love, peace, joy, for us and all planet Earth, for all people, we are light,   I want share light, love. joy, with all people, with all living beings, because we are not alone, the Earth is alive, we all are connected, but, we don't understand yet clearly, I can feel the light, I can feel the angels in my heart, I want to tell you so many word, but my English is not well.
Anyway, I love your work, I love your ideas, I love angels!!!!!!
Sara Bird Dear Elizabeth, thank you for your chat.   I've been feeling "discombobulated" since May. I've felt stuck and unable to get going, not knowing really why. Its made me feel lazy and guilty not "doing" anything with my healing side of life, which is where I should be. I've just gone with the flow thinking that this is what I'm supposed to be doing for now. Perhaps to recharge or cleanse my chakras. I feel the urge to get my colour certificate. I get prompted with colours popping up sometimes but I haven't got going on it. Why?   Your work is amazing and beautiful.   Hope you have recovered from the flu.   Thank you x
Susan Thank you Elizabeth, Bless you! This was a powerful message for me and I love the video format. You are so adorable! :) I have been feeling a deep need to cleanse and unblock my chakra's   too and I am fairly new to all of this. I can feel the energy shifting, but I'm not sure what to do about it. I am anxious to hear what you have to say next. Thank you for the work you do! Your messages are always a blessing to me and I look forward to your new project.
Cristina Carrillo I feel the same, like I am in such a different world from my co workers, and even friends, I feel like we are on different pages and levels of life, that sometimes their negative energy just is soo frustrating, and I feel I have no need to deal with it, so I disconnect from all that, at times it makes me sad since I lose connection with certain people but at the same time I need to work on my self.
Katie Maniaci I absolutely resonate with what you said. Lately I feel absolutely squashed by other people's negativity. I just got out of the hospital, and I actually dreaded coming home to the negativity of my family. I need to go crystal shopping and buy a few more energy and love crystals. I've actually started doing free crystal readings for my friends, and each of them has said that my words really resonated. Could I possibly do this for a living?
Jeffrey Dear soul sister Elizabeth thank you for a wonderful & super video
There is something that resonates with me & the video
And that is on your bed there is a picture of a lady`s face wearing a mask
Today my daughter sent me a photo of her husband`s new tattoo and it`s a tattoo of a lady`s face wearing a mask just like the picture you have
This maybe just coinstadence however I believe that there are strange powers at work & a connection of some kind like a message to me maybe to be on alert or beware that's the feeling I`m getting
I will have to look at the meaning of face masks & try to find who it is hiding behind the mask.
Blessings <3LIGHT<3
Christie Thank you Elizabeth for sharing. I am always wanting to learn and expand my knowledge. I have felt the shifting the past few years and am really interested in balancing my chakras and lifting my vibrations so I can be more attuned to my higher self.   I struggle with confidence and can sometimes doubt myself if I'm even really in tuned w/ my higher self and the angels. I do wish to find the confidence, intuition and faith that I'm on the right track.   Thank you again!
~ Christie ~
Light and love to you
Ivana Thank you so much for this inspiration.Your words are very soothing and make me feel peace for a moment.
May I didn't look at this video until now, but thought I would share what my issues are, since I'm interested in the program.
I am currently learning to do animal readings, and struggle with low confidence and nervousness about getting it right, and I found that I have patterns from the past that doesn't want to let me have success in what I'm doing. This seem to go for every area of my life, I simply don't believe that anything is possible for me, that I can make a change or have an impact, and so I sabotage myself and end up in depression. I feel like I've inherited the issues from my parents/community, and that their old ideas has me stuck in believing nothing is possible.
I feel like my purpose is to do something similar to what you are doing, though with an emphasis on animals since they were everything to me growing up. It's just a bit hard to have confidence that I can do it :)
And I want to create my life, how do I do that? All I want is a bright future for everyone on Earth, that can't bee too much to ask, can it :)
Barb I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the video. For me, it is so much more personal and the message gets through. I really prefer listening to you than having to read on the computer. Most of us are experiencing the global changes and the vibrational shifts and have no idea why.

My vibration needs to be raised but I'm not convinced that that is my big issue.   Having focus and sadly, remembering to make the time, to meditate, clear chakras etc. seems to escape me. I have a list of todo's that could keep me busy for months but I tend to spin my wheels and get nowhere. In my mind I've got it done! There are blockages that need clearing but what blockages they are I just don't know. But I will discover and clear them.

Thank you Elizabeth. Please continue to prepare the new chakra clearing 'class'. You are a very special gal.

cathie Elizabeth, this speaks to me.   Thank you for sharing... this is such a raw energy. You mentioned tribe, this is exactly what I am hearing/feeling. I also feel a little stuck, feels like I need more people to interact with who understand we are in a very rare and purposeful time.   I also hear /feel that it's only me that needs me... that I need me the most and that is where the Light is!   I do feel weighted down and would love to build more spiritual muscles to rebalance and re-connect and vibrate where my heart is.Thank you for your Loving message... I'm in!
Joanne Hi Elizabeth, thank you for sharing. I also feel a change in my energy and I am working to build it back up. You are so calming and I look forward to your next project. I enjoyed the chakra clearing program you did in the past.
Judy Thank you Elizabeth, I have been dealing with a heaviness in my heart and this message makes me feel lighter and I know you are on the right track.   I'm glad to be with you on this journey.
karyn this was awesome....ty!
LINDA Beautiful, Elizabeth!!! I felt your passionate heart and your emotions through the video. . . and looks like there are 101 reasons/comments to continue with this lovely presentation. Thank you! Many Blessings and hugs! Linda, AZ
Evie Weaver This was exactly what I needed today. I've been running on empty the last few weeks and felt quite teary at the end feeling the love you were sending out to us all. I feel calmer, peaceful and more accepting of what is and what I can achieve in one day. Thank you Elizabeth. Lots of love, Evie xxx
Carly Wise Thank you Elizabeth for that wonderful letter and video. I love the video connection ! It makes me feel more connected to you and I can sense everything you say even more because i am seeing how you say it and feeling your emotions at the same time. I completely connect with everything you said. Feeling ungrounded and lack of connection to myself and Divine. It's come up multiple times in my relationship with my fiancé and I've had
To bring attention to it so we can reconnect with each other. Good things have happened since the new year but since this new year I have also felt this rush and movement that is so confusing, chaotic, and contributing to not feeling centered. I am really looking forward to your chakra sessions. When you said learning to bei present now and   clearing the energy now .. so we can raise our vibrations, I felt that in my heart. Sending much love and thank you ??✨❤.
liz Thank you Elizabeth! Everything has been said before me, lol. I too love your videos and when I have things to do I can listen to videos as many times as I like instead of sitting down to read and feeling guilty about not getting enough done :) Personnally, and despite an excrutiating (opening?) pain in my back (heart Chakra) during my Reiki 2 intunement, I know I still have issues with my heart chakra and don't seem to be able to 'feel' through it as I would like to. I have made great progress over the past two years but know I have overlooked something important. Help to find out what this is and to eliminate it would be very welcome. If I could understand how to connect with my higher self that would probably help me a great deal too. Thanks again for all you do for us. Bless you lots and lots <3 :) 
Patsy Yes, you are right on target. I feel a tremor in the atmosphere and need to resettle myself. Thank you for all you do for us, Elizabeth! <3
Catherine Elizabeth, I was so happy to come across your email. I knew that you had a message for me. While watching your video message, I felt like you were talking to me directly. I have just completed one phase of my life, getting ready to move into a new phase, and this in-between space feels kind of "off". Like I'm stuck and looking for the avenue to get unstuck. Your messages always speak deeply to me, as you have my grandmother's kind face and eyes. I miss her terribly, and when I watch your videos I remember listening to her stories when I was a little girl and that is very comforting to me. But back to your message, I too feel a sense of being overwhelmed by all the intense energy out there, and it seems like so many people want to put a negative spin on everything. It's really sad. I agree about raising my vibration, but there are those who will never recognize any good in me no matter what I do. Mostly that matters because it hurts people I love, and that hurts me. I feel stuck in a loop with that right now, especially about an incident last fall with a person that triggered me, and I said some words that although true, just made everything worse. Especially since she recorded me (without my knowledge), and is now sharing God-only-knows-what with everyone. Funny, before that meeting I had prayed for God to give me the right words, as I knew it would be difficult, and that is what came out! I thought that giving it time might help, but it feels like the whole family is stuck, and I feel responsible for helping us get unstuck. I know I need help with this... and looking for an answer. Thank you for being here. =) You are a bright light and shining star in a world of confusion.
Lisa I feel that exactly. The past life thing was hard and it hurt but it was the exact thing that kept me from here and now. Im struggling with the fact that my hard work and facing things brought me freedom on all levels. Your approach, your candor, is a priceless gift for me. Theyve been using you and your abilities to help me, thank God! Bless you Elizabeth and know that I would not have made it so far, so fast without your work. Im told to ride the wave and let go of control, and the more i align with that (its hard to do!) the more my dreams materialize. :) I was blaming others, but guess what? I was doing it wrong haha! Thank you doesnt seem enough, but thank you all the same. ♡
Catherine I would love to do cleansing and clearing to work on my health in my body. There feels to be a lot of blocks on direction, and also how to care appropriately for it.
Margarita THANL YOU again Elizabeth !
I watch your videos sometimes few times and every single time its touches me. I feel the energy, the love in your work, your passion and intention to help and support other, our souls to help to grow. Just can't thank you enough !

Please continue with what you are doing, I am with you, we are with you!
and al together we can change ! Bring light and more love in to this world.

Lots of love
Leslie Thank you for the video, things have not been working for in different areas, late communication regarding voluntary work I do that puts pressure to complete deadlines and this has a rolling effect on the other areas and it causes frustration. The ideas and suggestions are dismissed.I get despondent and believe that it is time resign from the voluntary work as it is not working for me now. I have been doing it for 10 years. Since the beginning of year there does not seem time to relax until this week coming week. I enjoy all the videos from you. Love and light to you.
Melinda Elizabeth, I feel there is such Divine Order in this. I personally have spent years clearing passed life trauma. Part of that, and this life's trauma, has been due to religion. Yet as of late Oneness and Unity has found me. Just tonight I was blessed to view A Sound Called Unity: The Twelve Powers - a film made by James Twyman, based on the book by Charles Fillmore. It was incredible, as I was particularly struck by the discussion of the power of Imagination and the power of Renunciation. I am a creative, a writer, and musician, aside from my day job. But it's only been in the last year that I began performing at open mics and am now experiencing the early fruit of being asked to open at shows, etc. And in this I've happened upon such an expanded, close part of my tribe! Friends like family who are generous, loving, caring, Zealous members of Life, The Cosmis, and the community - aware, active; conscious on many levels, including environmentally. I too Love continued spiritual growth. I do not want The Universe to have to scream at me as in the past. Thanks to my experiences, I feel I've attained at least some wisdom and strength as to how to endure and avoid certain pitfalls. As I share and express these things more now than ever, there is such discord in my biological family and the world. And my friends' biological families. I would love to join you in the chakra clearing program of which you are speaking of developing as to raise the vibrations, or set the intention of journeying to do so. Your Truth resonates with mine.
Claudine Thank you, Elizabeth, for sharing your heart so beautifully. I adore the video format. Hearing you speak is always such a joy :) Sending you a gentle hug and lots of sparkles. XOXO
Margarita Hello dear Elizabeth,
thank you so much for al your videos and letters. Sind's i am watching you (just view months), I am discovering getting faster more sensitieve to the energy around me and around us. I was always working on myself just to grow, leaf old patterns behind... I am very sensitive as wel to the energy, i feel lots around me and getting more and more sensitive to it. And I love it ! I feels like that am finely becoming me ! Me how i really am. and many things are happening in just view short months... I am very grateful!! That i discovered your blok.

I would love to be with you with the chakra program. I stil feel, that some things are blockt. my heart chakra is block. I also always aware of my creativity, I is very importent to me to be on the flow with the creativity and it feels like if just can not cross some line just to let it flow sometime.
Maybe , with my comments it can give you help to develop your program.

I love al your angel readings. It always resenate to me at least one of them at the time. I always get emotional. It just touches me, that there are souls, like you ! who understand the world on another level and want to help other beings. And i want to do the same in the way it is possible for me. I want give love and light back to the word and our planet earth.

I am looking forward to see/ hear your new letter massage! I like this new way.

I truly appreciate what you are doing and every! time i am really really grateful for your help !

I am looking forward to see more !

Lots of love and blessings ! Margarita
Margaret Thank you Elizabeth, it has taken a few days for me to be able to watch this. It came up not available so I figured it was not the right time. I too am stuck on a plateau and wrote about it on my blog this week. Writing it all down helped me to see it more clearly. I am stuck in a health situation that has left me unable to work for the moment which has increased the pressure on finances. I am currently selling everything I own just to keep the roof over my head. I know I am very definitely blocked and my energy is very low. I had plans at the end of last year to write a program based on one of my blogs but the health situation took over and my energy collapsed and left me flat when I expected this year to be different. After listening to you talking about it all I do need to work on my chakras. I am sure there is a lot I can do by myself that won't cost me anything that will help raise my energy enough to get my life back on track. Last night for the first time I even watched the orbs race around my bedroom, I had missed watching them and it brought peace to me. Thank you for always reaching my heart with your words. I look forward to hearing you speak more, it is so much more meaningful than just words on the page. Your emotion shows through and it is beautiful. Thank you, Margaret
Nikki Everytime I watch one of your videos, I feel so good afterwards. You have such a beautiful energy. It's so calming and love and acceptance just radiate though. I feel the angels speak to me through your messages and I am so incredibly grateful I found your videos. You're doing amazing things for so many people. I'm going through a transformation in life and can't seem to figure out what's blocking me, or what my true purpose here is yet, but I know I will. Your messages have helped me find a little guidance almost every time. Thank you, Elizabeth. You're an angel, keep up your amazing work. Love and light... ♡
Keri Thank you Elizabeth for grabbing my attention, as you always seem to do. I feel like all of humanity has lost their conscious being. I am absorbing the arrogance of people around me. Questioning why they cannot see their negative vibrations. i need to stop absorbing this negative energy. It's very isolating. Your ana amazing being and i look forward to your guidance and plan on becoming a loyal tribe memeber.
Gloria Dearest Elizabeth,as i listen to you give your hearts intent ,i felt so connected to you.My heart is heavy with relationship matters but i felt a rising in my spirit as i listened to you that regardless how it turns out i will be ok.There was a tightness in my throat while i was listening and i know that my throat chakra has always been a problem for me.I look forward to your upcoming workshop.I am stuck in so may ways ,time nor space would allow me to express.I pray God's continued blessing upon you ,for you are truly an Angel.
Faye Thank u dear one for your 'love letter' thank u for following your heart. How wonderful the energy is listening to you. While watching you I saw your aura. The prettiest color of blue.... Ahh compassionate one that you are! Yes it is a strange n peculiar time. Journaling helps me stay grounded n living in Florida I am able to go out in nature just about everyday. What a blessing that is for me. For experiencing expansion, staying inside would not benefit my growth. Lol The symptoms are to many to name but I am so grateful for this human experience. Living, laughing, loving, learning and mostly remembering! I am thankful for you dear Elizabeth... So it is.
Carol Hi Elizabeth, thank you for your truth and vulnerability. You are so refreshing and I love your video. It is so pertinent of how, I too am feeling. I feel drawn to a particular path, yet confused and afraid of how to get there? I so look forward to all of your insights, as the Angels speak directly to me through you :-) I can't wait to dive into your programme. Thank you. Many angel blessings to you.
Cheryl I watched your video & the whole time I kept seeing your Angel wings and halo - thank you for the wisdom & beautiful messages that you impart to us!
Kimberly I really enjoy your message and thank you for all that you do. I am slowly finding myself again, but its not always easy. I think I would greatly benefit from your program. If it's not to much to ask, please send some healing love my way. It would be much appreciated.
Barbara Jean Sorensen Hi Elizabeth, Thank you so very much for posting this heartfelt, heart-said video; I adore this medium because it makes us feel that we are in a room together having a chat about what is most important and what is happening in all of our collective hearts as Lightworkers by choice---I do indeed feel what you talked about, and I am indeed going through some sort of challenging transformation, and I ALWAYS feel like I miss my soul people, though I know we are connected no matter what. I feel this clearing is simultaneously happening with me, and I work for a corporate owned company, so how about trying to explain my emotional and spiritual transformation happening out in public! thank you so very much for being who you are in the world. Love you and hope to be a part of this process with you. Barbara Jean xo
Gina Elizabeth, I so hear you!...from my heart to yours, I am so excited to hear you stepping into your strength even deeper, acknowledging another part of you that you are ready to share with the earth even more so!...just when we complete one layer another is ready to express itself in such a profound time on earth!..I have been struggling with the energetic shift flowing towards a different path of the path, although challenging...yes, freedom coming through, setting our souls free!...hope you get what I mean!...love & much gratitude for being here while you are here!!! ?xx
ana hi Elizabeth, I really enjoy ur messages & the video ones are like were in the same room. I love that! u talked about clearing the chakras & focusing on removing blocks & simplifying ur life. in essence that is what ive been working on too. major clearing & cleaning of my house which is an extension of self. so that whats left is only the absolute basics. which is great becuz without all that extra "fluff" u can absolutely not only receive ur messages from a clean space but they come in crystal clear too. thank u for u. sending love ana
Arie Thank you for your message I found it very calming to my soul! I would love to work on clearing and cleansing with you!
Claudia Dearest Elizabeth, How beautiful you are; thank you so much for the video talk. My goodness, does this talk resonate with me! I've just been beside myself. Not knowing what to do or which way to go. Anger is just overwhelming me. I feel like my light, which I felt I had progressed so much, has been dampened.   This talk is just what I needed.   I felt like I could make a difference with love - now I feel 'compressed' too. Due to a huge life change I did not complete the past life chakra program. I am back living in the States and mostly settled so I will begin the program again and start from the beginning. I also look forward to your new program. I DO feel I am here to do bigger work. So I think that is why I feel so shocked by the current issues which I feel have depleted me. Thank you sweet Elizabeth. So grateful for the video! Much love. 
Deborrah Foreman Thank you for sharing , I definitely connected deeper with you when I could look into your eyes and see the light emanating from your heart. The message was loving and sincere and I resonate with your intention.
I too have felt heavy from all the negative energy around me and some within me. It's as if the clutter is overloading my mind and interfering in my ability to rest in my awareness.
I would be most grateful to share in this chakra cleansing journey as we saturate our oneness with light and love. How wonderful to share with others a program that will raise our vibration. As you quoted to be the change we want to see in the world, the truth, the shift.
Jennifer Evans Elizabeth, I can feel your energy and would like to tell you that I enjoy your video segments so much, please continue... I look into your eyes and I feel that you are actually speaking to me personally.....I also really like the chakra program that you're going to start. I would like to be a part of your new endeavor, as I made some of my lightworkers in my life a special gift for Christmas "a chakra gemstone and crystal bracelet" so perfect for your new program!! I am so excited for you! Blessings to you!
Natalie P. You have as always touched my soul. Gaia,needs our love to encompass her,and you know I will be onboard any train you drive. LOVE AND PRAYERS,BLESSED BE.
                                                                   Natalie P.
Lesley Oh Elizabeth. I am sitting here still crying after watching your video. With my divine purpose to heal the world it's no wonder our connection is so strong and what you are going to do next. It sounds absolutely perfect and I can see why you are being guided in that direction. It sounds perfect and I can see what a big shift of energy like I know it would produce and how it would make collectively such a difference to the energy of the world. What a truly beautiful person you are
Lesley Oh Elizabeth. I am sitting here still crying after watching your video. With my divine purpose to heal the world it's no wonder our connection is so strong and what you are going to do next. It sounds absolutely perfect and I can see why you are being guided in that direction. It sounds perfect and I can see what a big shift of energy like I know it would produce and how it would make collectively such a difference to the energy of the world. What a truly beautiful person you are
Cindy Hi Elizabeth. Gosh, things are so uncanny. I was chatting to a friend online and I said that I always felt like I was traveling in the "in between" and wanted to stay there because home life is difficult and work life is difficult. So forcing myself to go back and forth between destinations has really taken a toll on my emotions and physical health. So I was going through my inbox and ran across your email w/ this video message and suddenly, I know that I'm not "insane." I've had to "unplug" from most of my social media since all my friends are talking about is political rest and injustice. My soul gets do overwhelmed that it's triggered my depression. I am trying so hard to see the light and to be the light, but need help. I hope you'll let us know when your program is available. :)
Lisa Elizabeth thank you!!!!
Your message is beautiful and so very pertinent... In the past few months I have endured heart-ache like never before...
Change is tough but necessary for growth.
I feel as if I have been yearning for more in my life, for more love, tenderness, heart connecton and truth of purpose.
Having lost love (it's a long story)... as well as a best friend (to cancer), I have felt a shift that is huge and unmistakeable.
I will continue to listen to you and read your insights which I truly enjoy.
Love, Light & Healing to you!
Ann Hi Élizabeth,
I will not say much, you already saïd everything want to let you know you are absolutely right which you already know but it's good to hear you are right and you are not alone.
Poppy Thank you for sharing your feelings Elizabeth - and your our loving integrity. - yes - everything you said resonates - so good to see so many others for whom it did too! Really had some major shifts involving my shadow stuff last month that came totally out of left field but what a relief - and your insights have helped to keep me focused and centered - they have been the biggest challenges with all the energies getting about in 2016 and especially lately. Thank you and everyone here who has helped me on this journey so far. Blessings, much Love and Hugs to you on for your journey. Love Poppy.
Lourdes OMG! I have been thinking of cleansing my Chakras although I'm not sure how. I feel so alone. This program will help all of us in unity. I have been picking up all of the sad energies that I know I shouldn't have, and it's quite draining. So much so that my body clock is no longer what it use to be. I have three projects that I can make grow in a short period of time, but the "draining" energies have removed the drive I had when I first started them. One is an online business and the other is a book. The third requires a five hour drive and a bulk of my finances in order to move my money making hobby to the location I am currently in. It feels like "everything" good has completely stopped. I've been eating organic, taking a short walk, and seeking like-minded individuals. I had to remove myself from my job because I could no longer take the suffocating negative human beings there. I'm 65. I always say that you are a joy to view and listen to because it's true. I speak to no one. I'm more like a hermit that I don't want to be, and to top it off, I have a very negative energy as a roommate. It seems to irk her when I show signs of happiness. The poor lady is probably going through stages of her own and refuses to communicate. I ask the Angels to open her heart since, in the late, she has demonstrated how heartless she is. Sending you genuine Love, Joy and Blessings. ,,❤
Lorrie Thank you Elizabeth for this message, for your love and guidance. I trust my "team" to lead me to your messages and this one resonated with me.   "Seeing you" as you share works really well for me so please DO consider using this format in the future.   The first word that comes to me is "constipation". Ha!   My chakras feel like they need some movement. Looking forward to hearing more and sharing the journey. xo
KIM Hi Elizabeth,

This was something I was supposed to hear.   I'm where you're talking about in regards to energy.   I think the course would be great!

I and my Spiritual Team have been working on the 12. I'm extremely sensitive. I find that your interests change. I'm having a song desire to put myself 1st. I never do that. Now all of the friends feel me pulling away. It's not to hurt them but a desire to be my highest me so I can help others and the planet with new energy.

I feel the resistance <block> to please their feelings. I know I'm going on a journey without those I love the most. I feel like I'm going of to college. So resistance is what I'd like to learn about removing.

I'm still going forward so they'll have to just catch up. I do have Spiritual support I'm appreciative of.

Love the platform Elizabeth! Glad to know we're All making adjustments - those that are open.

Much Love,
Andrée Thank you Elizabeth for your beautiful and enlightening message. I am in the process of moving from "fear" to "faith", or finding my connection to the divine. I believe your chakra program will help me in this way. Looking forward to hearing from you again about this real soon.


Deborah Elizabeth, Thank you so much for this video. I felt as if you were talking directly to you. We are on the same page. I too want to raise my energy, I want to be the change that I want to see in the world. I want to open up to the next set of chakras. I know that I am a LightWorker and I am here to help, on person at a time. I call on my Angels and Spirit Guides daily in everything that I do. I love the spirit that you are!! Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with all of us!!
Peace & Love! Deborah
Audrey Ganouna Dear Elizabeth, I think that once again you are just right on point and in perfect timing.
I don't know if what I'm going to share will have any added value to your current program designing but I have been feeling lately a lot of different streaming of information, ideas, creativity, and its pouring flow has left me a bit confused as where the truth lies in between the stream of self-doubt and ego interferences. I know being in the NOW is key, yet I don't find it always easy to ground on those days.
I'm very excited with any project you give birth to and always look forward to your content, written or audio.
Lots of angel blessings & love.
Gerda Kuijper de Haan Thank you so much fot this video Elisabeth.
It gives me in a way , a feeling of peace , listening to it. You are so kind and wise.
Namasté , and lost of love and angel blessings for you too.
Gerda from Holland ?
Cindy Roadblocks definitely resonates! It feels like a bag of old garbage that I can't put down, not because I don't want to, but because I'm not sure how to release it!!

I really miss the colorscopes, that was what drew me to your web site initially, years ago!
Janna Amazing energies I feel from from you dear Elizabeth, thank you so much my sweetest heart!! I've been feeling the same chaos energies as all in the USA. I do feel it's part of the universal respiration and inspiration, a naturals shift, based on my experiential intuition. I don't feel alarmed. I feel however ALERT. Always our mother intuition is here for us, and for me, it's ALERT. I'm paying attention. As none of us are really privy to the plan, ha. And new things shift beyond comprehension. I never wish to interfere between equal energies settling it out, so I pay attention and love intentions point me well where to arrive next. It's the symbiotic relationship of life expressing human beings <3 tee hee Much LOVE to you Elizabeth!
Chrysallis Hi Elizabeth,
That was a lovely video and definitely better than a letter even if it's a love letter ;) . Would love to be a part of your new programme. Have just opened my first healing centre and I am in the process of a great change and I think I am a bit scared of whether I would be able to handle and manage all this so I definitely need to work with my solar plexus chakra more along with the heart chakra and your programme would be a beautiful aid from the universe in doing so specially coming from a loving and gentle soul as you.
Loved your video and God bless you xxx
dana costarelli Thank you Elizabeth for sharing what you are doing for you and the planet. I think it is a wonderful project you are doing. I always love to hear and listen to your messages as well.

RIght now energies are really high and twisting, turning with a lot of uncertainty. Whatever can help people raise their vibration in a healing modality, meditation, videos etc can only help.

I see so much fear, anxiety in people and separateness. To start with themselves inside, the soul is the first step. People need people. Unity is Community. We are all connected and we need to take baby steps enforcing them into a lifestyle of being. I wish you greatness on your journey. Please keep us updated. Higher and Higher you Go!!!
michelle Hi Elizabeth! I am new to learning how to open my chakras and have missed your program of the I believe to be the passed life cleansing one. I watch videos to try and help me open my chakras and am not sure what I am not doing right because it seems to be somewhat difficult. I love hearing you speak and it gives me hope and inspiration! Will you be sending out an email to let us know when you will be doing the new chakra series? and if you have any suggestions that could help me open myself up to my true self would be greatly appreciated! My world is undergoing GREAT changes and I am trying to hear my angels and guides and learn how to follow my true path in life, but again it's learning in progress and I know soon I will figure it out. In the meantime please continue with your videos they do give me so much hope and happiness! and I also use them like a guide as well! Thank you for listening!
Blessings, Michelle
Mickey Cuzzucoli Just listened to your video.   The wave of change has started and will continue and we need all the help and guidance to stay the course and not be fooled or distracted by voices of decent. Even in the metaphysical world, there are the fear mongers, who preach fear and don't want change of a positive nature.   Hearing truth with our hearts is most important at this time.   The change has started here in the US and will continue to ripple throughout the rest of Europe and beyond and this is much needed change. Everywhere people are looking for more expression of certainty and safety.   This has become a ripple effect.  
We are just spirits living in a body having an experience and anything that helps to remind us of our connection to All that is will be a welcome instrument.
Kimberley Kendall Wow Elizabeth you look amazing, you are Positivly glowing. Holiday must of been great.
Loved the video
Thank you again for all The amazing work you do xxx
Sara Bird Welcome home hope you had a lovely holiday, you look refreshed, relaxed & balanced. As always magical & delightful to listen to. I'm ready for this new adventure as I have been healing my chakras recently and re-igniting my natural therapies business, but I've felt the need for something else but cannot put my finger on it. I chatter to my guides & angels a lot but don't always get a reply or sign so maybe I'm missing a step? I have so much energy to give to others to help them unblock, let go and be light as a feather after. To rid them of any dis-ease, stress, tension or worries. I'm excited to learn more from you. Namaste lots of love Sara
Kim Thank you for sharing, lovely Elizabeth, and for asking for feedback. You are an earth Angel for sure. Along the lines of some of what others have stated, I too have been feeling good heavy & weighed down by much of the negativity in the world at the present time; in particular, I have felt a great deal of additional anxiety in this regard. And as I result, have had a more difficult time with focusing on the light. I thank you in advance for anything that may help all   who are feeling this heaviness at this time. Prayers, hugs, love and light to you on this creative journey!
Deborah Dearest Elizabeth ((SEALED WITH LOVE)):     The path of honor which we partake, Celebrates for the ritual to awake, A clearing of colorful design, Wrapped as precious to align, The banner of our sincerity, To intentionally create harmony, On the bridge of conscious core, Where our gifts will implore, The vibrant waves of decency, To fill our motives with purity, A stage on which we raise our hands, Appreciating how the vortex lands, Energizing cycles pronouncing we, As the perfect blend to be . . . ((Thank you Sister, Eternally)):
Elizabeth Tomboulian Dear One,
Thank you for your love-ly message. In response to your question about what is coming up for clearing in me, I have been working with keeping the root chakra in line. It is presently askew toward my inner circle, likely my husband. I see this as representing my challenge to be fully writing, directing starring and producing my own movie of my book of life. I have had a tendency through many years to subjugate my movie to the movie of my partner(s). I am shifting and have made great progress in balancing this. There is still progress in the making.

My throat chakra is askew toward my outer circle, indicating that I'm still off somewhat toward pleasing others, or meeting their expectations, or saying what keeps them comfortable. I see my work as being to connect deeply with my true voice and "speak the unspeakable with compassion." When I have done this recently, to my surprise, it has been graciously accepted and has not created the imagined chaos.

I affirm you in honoring yourself and ceasing this grueling work schedule. I had a horrible respiratory condition when I encountered a forest of cedar trees near Mt. Fuji in Japan. I asked the trees what the lesson was they were teaching me, and the message that I got was that my plan to go there and "Rest and do nothing" was out of balance. The trees bloom, bear fruit or seeds, give shelter, drop leaves and go dormant for recharging on a natural cycle. Having a more consistent schedule of work, relaxation, play, meditation, singing, and recreation is a healthiy pattern I can create. May you be blessed with finding a new healthy pattern that works for you in the most beautiful way.

Thank you for your beauty and loving and wisdom. You have been a tremendous catalyst for me since 2005 when you said I am a healer. Ever grateful for all you do, Elizabeth
Natalia Dear Elizabeth! This video message is resonated with me so much. I feel like my energy is shirting and the whole world energy is shifting upwards. Everything changes and moves directly to new way of Life. I love your idea about New chakra course that is actual right now. I feel like I would love to have some awesome guidance from above to finally transform my finances and bring true abundance into my life, to be more in alignment with who I truly am and do what I love every day, enjoy, having fun and being in flow. I always look for new advanced tools to improve my life, to evolve and then help others grow :) My friends adore my help and inspiration for them and this makes me happy! It is nice to hear from you, looking forward for new updates. Love & light :)
Valerie Broome You are so right about raising and cleansing your vibration. I was asleep something was'nt right the next thing i know i shouting for my vibration to be rasised and all of a sudden whatever was going on went and i felt lighter.
Patricia Evans Elizabeth,
Your video was very beautiful and touched my heart so much. Thank you for sharing your heart. <3
Dixie Thompson Love to you from Nana! I have always felt very connected to you, able to "hear" you, and today I hear pain and confusion. I believe this is emotion you are absorbing from the zeitgeist, the gestalt (isn't it funny how these German words capture concepts that English doesn't always precisely describe). My impression is that this has occurred as a result of leaving your cocoon and going on "vacation". Such pervasive exposure to so much energy can be exhausting! I have heard and read several times recently that trying to process all the events and feelings in flux right now is like "drinking from a firehose"! It is daunting when you are safely grounded in your comfort/control zone at home, and overwhelming when there is no "safe" place to retreat. Our impulse to go within and focus on the present moment and the fundamental energy processing centers is exactly correct! While watching you, I was sending a warm fuzzy pink shield of protection to wrap you up in ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) My response to all this turmoil has been to work on myself and share with others by organizing some mindfulness energy awareness classes in my community. It is the do what you can where you are with what you have strategy. I also feel that your impulse to video chat instead of write your "love letter" is partially based on feeling like you are letting us down by downsizing your activities, and wanting to offer more personal energy this way. You have given us an enormous amount of inspiration and support, and I suspect that most of us are tremendously grateful, and more than willing to allow for your recharge process. Do not succumb to any sense of inadequacy, you are always enough! I am also being told (who does that sound like?) that this is our low energy season, midwinter, Imbolc, when we are supposed to be conserving energy, hibernating, gestating, so all this emotion and activity is out of the natural rhythm. And you are right that strengthening our selves, strengthens our community. Your sister in Love and Light and Healing, Nana Thompson. If my note seems too personal, I will understand if you don't publicly post it.
Wendy Yes, these energies are very much present for 2017. We each need to connect with our spiritual team and God. We each have an important mission in this timeline. But we need to work on our blockages, heal, and forgive ourselves and others, who really our are scared teachers. Right now our sacral chakra is very important, as the others are of course. Individually all we need to do is ask our guides for assistance....I believe those of us connected as such through YouTube, etc., are already in the process. We are all different stages, but the focus is on ourselves. We all need to find our passion....whatever that is for each of us....and live as our authentic selves. For me, this is part of what I'm dealing with. I'm an illumined Blue Ray Starseed, and I've been flying under the radar most of my life. It took meeting my Twin Flame in 2015 to awaken me to who I am and meant to be. What a journey this has been! I am beyond grateful to meeting this man for really only six months. I am focusing on myself and raising my light quotient every day. I am grateful to your hard work on YouTube...Elizabeth you are a beautiful soul...we are all connected. The bottom line is LOVE. Let's spread our light and love ?
Hilda Hello Elizabeth! I feel even more connected to your beautiful self & message as I hear and see you! Your message completely resonates & is so uplifting! It's been painful & draining to witness the divisiveness & negativity all around us and even within my circle of family and friends. But, I've had Gandhi's message~the same one you quoted~ in my awareness for the last few days! Good deeds, people coming peacefully together and moments of joy and peace are sweeter than ever...Perhaps this is a time where even greater awakenings are possible!
Your new Chakra program sounds so healing and so very needed now. Thank you for bringing a message of hope and light to the chaos and for all you do!!
With deep gratitude and many light blessings...Hilda
Bev Hi Elizabeth, your message certainly does resonate with me and with the guidance I have been receiving on my own direction of work not only on a personal level but as a guiding light for others....I am sure that my guides and angels brought you and your work to me to illuminate the path that I am to tread....have been on a bit of a detour but am being brought back to where my own passion, purpose, life 'mission' truly lie. Thank you so much for all you do and all you share....much love to you xxxx
katherine Hi elizabeth. i think its a great idea. im all for it. love and blessings, Katherine.
Sonia E Willems Thank you so much Elizabeth. It is such a joy hearing and seeing you share your thoughts for your new direction. I am so drawn to the chakra work as it feels so right for our present times. I have been feeling so hopeless about our world and would really love to be a part of the healing that we on this plane and all the beings need so desperately. I look forward to hearing and seeing your future plan with bated breath! I send you so much love from my heart to your heart.
Andrea Dear Elizabeth,

Your message today resonated strongly with me – got goosebumps all over and was close to tears. Signs when something rings true for me. I loved that you talked to us rather than write.

Somewhat ironically I am in a QUADRUPLE 9-year in 2017, a 1 year. I strongly feel that this is a preparation year for me, that I need to let go of much and declutter my life and surroundings, and reinvent myself. Then, and only then, can I truly and fully step into my life and light.

So far this year, I feel very emotional, often sad about all that is happening, disconnected and question much – where do I belong, what is my purpose, how can I make a move happen to a place that resonates more with me, work, people – even those I am close to.

So, this just might be the course I need to move forward!

Many blessings to you,
Yvette Elizabeth, thank you so much for this! I personally like the video format very much - it is so personal, as if you are speaking directly to me. I appreciate the need for the clearing and healing of the chakras. Almost 4 years ago, I received two Reiki attunements and discovered my soul's purpose as a healer. I then spent the better part of 3 years seeking my own healing through various forms of energy healing modalities. For the last 8 months I have been helping people to heal through massage therapy, yoga therapy, healthy cooking, and words of healing. So I feel that what you are about to do is wonderful and I will definitely keep tuning in to see what you come up with. Thank you, and many many blessings and much love to you! xoxoxo
Nicholas Dearest Elizabeth, I really enjoyed watching and listening to your words of wisdom and divine Truth. I too have been doing a great deal of work with myself and my guides and the Angels, I am and would be very interested in doing a Chakra cleansing program or work with as yes I quite agree with you We can All do things as individuals bur as yourself I most certainly do believe at this present moment in time with the world going through such major changes, A Real Sense of Togetherness IS Needed and I love the word you used as a Tribe of people, Tribal work certainly does Resonate well with me. I feel very very Lethargic and tired most of the time at the moment and I know it is some kind of block of which I am so trying to work through myself, I have even sought help from Mediums and they all say that I have a Nefarious energy or actions being made against me, I have paid and still am for help and I am feeling better than I was , A great deal better in fact, although this terrible tiredness is strange to say overwhelming me at times sometimes to be honest it feels like all the time. As I could sense while watching and listening to you there Is a definite seriousness both I felt, forgive me if I am wrong, in yourself and in myself and I dare say many others too. I most certainly did as I always do enjoyed everything you have to say and I very much look forward to hearing about your course. Much love and many blessings always. Angel Blessings. Time to get In touch with the One. Thankyou so much for everything your devoted friend Nicholas x ? ❤?
Marieke Mulders Steine Thank you so, so much, for sharing this in such an open and authentic way, Elizabeth. And: All of this really, really reflected what is going on inside of me these days. I am so happy for you that you are starting a new path - and so excited to check out your new programme. Love and blessings from Norway! <3
Suzanne Boucher I loved, you talking to us, It feels so much more powerful and you are so very grounded it leaves us feeling more grounded. I feel I may have some resistance, holding on to controlling some part of my life, when I should be releasing and trusting that all is well. Thank you for making me aware of this resistance and how I am open to letting it go now, am ready! Bless you, Elizabeth!
Natalie Cox Hello Elizabeth-
Thank you for sharing your truth! Writing to say that yes, your message definitely resonates. I too felt a very significant and strong message early in January, that I was to work on raising my consciousness, and that by doing so, it would raise the consciousness of the world. This is something I knew. But suddenly, it was as if I had ear plugs in and someone plucked them out, and I suddenly had such clarity. Clarity about the power of this kind of work, and clarity that beyond that, it was my purpose here. I've been focusing on different ways to do that, so your message about the chakras is definitely piquing my interest. Thank you again for sharing your heart, and for your vulnerability.
Ellie Elizabeth,
I can definitely resonate with you on the low energy vibration, I have been feeling overwhelmed within my work and home life. I feel the need to hit a reset button on my energy field, so that I may bring up my vibrations. This video love letter is so heart warming, this is a more personalized service in my opinion versus reading a letter. Follow your heart, guides and passion. Your gift is truly amazing. Blessings xoxo
Ellie Elizabeth,
I can definitely resonate with you on the low energy vibration, I have been feeling overwhelmed within my work and home life. I feel the need to hit a reset button on my energy field, so that I may bring up my vibrations. This video love letter is so heart warming, this is a more personalized service in my opinion versus reading a letter. Follow your heart, guides and passion. Your gift is truly amazing. Blessings xoxo
Amy goodall Hi Elizabeth you are so wonderful i just love listening to you please i do need help i know and feel what is going on in the world.I think it is amazing and i love these videos you are creating so yes yes yes keep doing them.I will join your new program i can't wait! I feel like my guides are trying to guide me anyway that they can especially through you every angel card reading,and crytal reading also is always directed to me with what is going on in my life in that very moment when i need to hear the answers i seek.What is blocking me is relationship,and giving up what no longer serves me like cigarettes,but I've changed my eatting habits to healthier fruits n vegetables drinking lots of water as much as possible,but i quit everything else except darn cigarettes n i don't understand why? I am aware of the new life i would have n i still do it please help me! I know i am here to come together with all n i just had a outter body experience fell in the shower.My body is changing also i have been releasing alot of past pain but i still can't hear my guides completely n i want to come into my full powers as i am supposed to.I really am trying to trust my intuition i also need help with that as well.Thank you n thank your angels n guides too very excited to work with you.100% heal our planet!love n light
AS Thank you very much Elisabeth for all that you give.

Your weekly video messages miraculously resonates with me, and the 'Color of the year meditation' helped me to choose the crystals that are right for me (citrine, lapis lazuli, then later, peridot). I am very grateful for your guidance.

Therefore, when I heard you say in your video that you want to change, my first thought was 'oh no, please, I don't want any changes, because I love your weekly video guidance'. But I suppose you were talking about the different kind of change, guided change, that you have to trust and go with the flow. Therefore, bring the changes on! I am sure it will be just as great as everything else that you do!
Dorine I think that is wonderful I and my family have been working on our Chakra too. I am learning how to open my third eye. My son and daughter r in I feel twinflame energy and I have been trying to help with things I receive so I feel I will be joining you on this new program. I love your new way it was so heart felt I prayer that we all get into the higher vibration where we need to be love you bunches
Jade Thank you for your email today and is completely inline with how I feel lol sitting here with a cold! I have been clearing cleansing my home and body getting rid of stuff around me like the biggest clear out of my life! I had my mercury fillings out last year and bought a healing Rife machine that works on frequencies, to help with detoxing a couple of days ago I set it on detoxing chemicals I may have over done it I'm not sure but had the most awful migrain hot sweats and chivers feeling quite sick! today I now have a head cold I feel from all this cleansing.
I can't watch the news or even listen to some people's way of talking I feel so sensitive at the moment, feeling drained and can only be with myself, I have been doing deep research into my astrology chart with Chiron in the house's and doing alot of chakra and protection work on myself. My business since last year is on the back peddle with all the healing work on myself but has still been ticking over and a feeling that although my energies have not been 100% into it not to fear, and I have been shown into another direction to work combining astrology aromatherapy healing with meditation visioning ect Which I will be starting this year as my research progresses.
I feel so blessed to have found you and your calm and gentle teachings you bring a warmth and happy light to my   sensitive heart and love your laugh's while doing your readings, you just light up.
My Kindest regards to you
yvonne Hello dear Elazabeth ...your words resonade with my feelings too ...Thank you for sharing this beautiful message .
I am in a state to find my self love back ...I feld for years that I Wasend wanted . My parents had to married because of my mother was pregnant..In that time , it was a shame ... It was the anxiety that was from my mom if she was pregnant from me and she diddent know what to do with me .(postanaldepresson)..I was feeling my self guilty for my life ...I was peeling of all the layers and shanged my behavior and feelings about that , I shanged the rules , when I say what I feel than They will want me for who Iam .. but if I not say what I feel , they will not want me... now is the time to clear that old kharma and negative energy that was Always surounding me in darkness..I love you because your helping me on my new path ..that I am . who I am.and that we are one ..I sending you my blessing , I like your lovely post and newsletters <3 <3 <3 Thank you for your kindness and all that your doing for me , others , and Mother Earth
Lauren Dear Elizabeth,

Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with everyone. You are such a bright and beautiful soul. I am feeling so much of what you have described here in your video. It is a sadness, a low energy vibe. I feel so sad for what is going on in the world, and like i want to do something to make it better. I loved the past life Chakra class, and look forward to what you are creating now. You are truly an angel , and i am so very grateful for you! Blessings of love and light ~ Lauren
Doug Thanks , I will be looking forward to this new adventure, maybe this time I will be able to clear my chakra's and really hear my angels and connect with my higher self.
Wishing you all the very best with love.
Doug from Cape Town South Africa
Ken Elizabeth, Thank You for sharing this with us......as always, Beautifully presented...
Love & Blessings,
Mary Dishing Dear Elizabeth, thank you so much for this wonderful vedio as I felt your energy very strong I like this connection with you as all that is going on I am also having a hard time being energized. We as a group can make a great shift and change. I so appreciate your beautiful spirit. Thank you so much as I truly needed this
conversation. God bless you_
Anna I enjoyed listening to you talk Elizabeth and I think working with our chakras and clearing the blocks, is something I would love to do to. I need it and I don't know why but I feel in this life, I'm always starting over. Sounds strange I know but it's true. Thank you for talking with us.
Jan Harper E....The new format of speaking is much better for me. There is another level of emotion sent out with your video. Which in turn I think brings us all listening to you available to assend to that new level.. I get a picture of you above offering you hand down saying please take my hand and I will help you up to this new level. You will love the view from here so let me help you. I get the world today is changing faster and faster or is it we are just made aware of it faster.   And there are many voices trying to be heard at once. At first no one felt they could speak. Now everyone has a voice. So be careful with your energy. Keep you "pearls" of friends small. keep the people that raise you up. So you can rise others up also.
i have been trying to stay in this present moment and stay calm and quite. Feel it in my heart. If I do that I know I am on the right track.
You make me feel like I am on the right track. We may not know exactly where it will lead but that is ok in this present moment. 
KaKae I totally enjoy your video's much more than reading. Maybe its my eyes getting older but I like listening to and watching while I am having breakfast and or lunch.
I to have been feeling an need to move on to a new career but I don't know what. I have been an esthetican for 22 years and I have loss my passion and strength to it.Yet it is what I know how to do.So I thank you for your video insights. They truly help lift me from depression.

Blessings and much love,
Michelle I felt so connected with you even through this video. Thank you!   I would love to learn more about the chakras and clear any blocks. I am at a point where I know I need to develop more as a healer but the process is slow. I'm not sure where the block is exactly. It might be a sense of fear of being judged.
In any case, I look forward to your program.
Peace and love to you.
Leona Elizabeth you were repeating many of my thoughts and efforts from today.   I have spent the last week overworking and putting in many overtime hours while fighting a very bad cold. I was walking in the door to work attempting to spin my chakras and breathe to expand my energies. When challenged to address a difficult business meeting I adjusted the level of courage to love and address the issues in a more positive expression by expanding the light pouring in from the Angels. After watching your video which I ❤️ wish I were there to give you a big hug. Joining the group tonight...see you later.
Jodie Elizabeth, your 21 Day Past Life Healing Chakra Program has already helped to bring so much positive transformation to my life and my awareness and connection to spirit. I am thankful every day and continue to connect to the meditations and affirmations in hopes of moving through some of the blocks that I have uncovered but not deconstructed (past and present blocks, of course). So the idea your guides have steered you to, of returning to chakra clearing work, and taking it further, definitely resonates with me. I will be ready to join Team Love and lift the vibration when you are. Many hands, many hearts, many minds, joined together in expansive, purpose? Yay! Taking personal action, sharing that energy and inspiration, sounds lovely and timely and respectful and especially heartening to me now. You can count on my support for this new project. Thank you for sharing your plans. 
Trianna Love your idea! And I will so join you. I have blocks around receiving in all ways. I just realized today that I've been in my masculine energy of doing, so by me trying to make things happen they don't! So I feel that having the blocks of worry, fear of not getting, wavering faith, and just not trusting... Like trying to control things is what I would like to work on. And also feeling worthy. Thank you Elizabeth!
Brian Yes, please continue with videos rather than written updates. I felt such a wonderful connection, as if I were just sitting across the table from you and we were talking. I have felt more sensitive to the collective energy than ever before. I have had to suspend my account on Facebook (my only social media participation) due to the anger, confrontation, and hating. I log onto the Internet and scan the headlines every couple of days but rarely read an article. I feel as though I have really had to protect myself and give myself a chance to find out who I really am, and I am discovering that I might be quite different from that which I have always thought. I spend a fair amount of time in meditation and try to devote as much time as possible to things that have meaning to me in my life. Thank you so much for all that you offer. I look forward to learning more about your nascent program. With my deep gratitude.
Kathy Nissen Loved the Past Life Chakra clearing and cant wait for this one! You do amazing things for us! Thank You, Thank You Thank You!
Dara Dearest Elizabeth Darling,

You have been such a wonderful inspiration to me. I follow and like all your videos, and each of your videos, messages, and books that I've read, have really helped me to connect with my highest self as well as with my angels.

I want you to know that I have listened to your personal video, and feel you, I feel your emotions, I feel your pain my dear, and I can totally relate. I understand that heavy feeling, that unease, that discomfort, that yearning to be truly understood, to heal and move on, and I am right here to comfort you dear heart, we all are.

I want to tell you Elizabeth that I love you, and that I appreciate you for the Angel of light that you are. You are a gentle soul, a kind and loving spirit, and I am grateful to have known you through your light work.

I am looking forward to joining and supporting you on your chakra healing mission and whatever else that you feel lead to do. Lots of love, hugs, healing, and blessings to you. Take care and best wishes.??
Ronda Thank you so much Elizabeth! Thank you for sharing. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who feels such a shift in energy,the energetic draining no matter how much I connect to source energy . It's exhausting. Your weekly messages have helped me thru some healing. Looking forward to seeing how your guides help you to help you as you guide others.
Katherine J White Elizabeth, thank you! You are genuine and real! The truth you speak; is the truth.  

After I went to my trusted psychic healer for the "Re-connection" a little over a year ago, the word 'Energy' has been brought forward to my eyes and ears in various ways. Telling me to learn about and understand energy. To raise my vibration, though I don't know how to specifically do that, continues to be brought to my attention in different forms and now in confirmation from your message.  

In few do I trust as an adviser for this unique realm that many of us are drawn to but you are one of the few that I do trust!   I seek out wisdom from your messages and believe that you have delivered a universal truth that we are one and together we can do more. Some of us are lost in not knowing the 'how', the methods but are full with the potential and want to achieve! We (I) just need some guidance.

Thank you for your giving of knowledge, wisdom and council that you freely pass to us. Giving freely gives back ten fold and I pray you a thousand fold for your gracious and honorable gifts!
jan Thank you for the video it was great,i realize that had them same feelings as you when I came back from my holiday.I went into a dark place for 6monthsmy daughter said something to me i dont know what it was .I felt like I had woked up from ,I didnt know I was like thatI still went about doing things.But listening to you I feel I need to connect with something dont know what.It must be wonderful to go to that place and know what they say will help.please keep the video going I learn from them.
thank you Jan
Shirley Sims Dear Elizabeth,
Thank you for this video as it truly resonated with me. Over the last couple of weeks I have been so emotional and on the verge of tears.   I am speaking with my angels and guides. Seeking their assistance to always be present in love. The hostile and conflicting energies I feel each day is almost overwhelming.  
I work for an insurance/managed care company and the fear and drama over affordable care and government programs is caustic. I try closing the door to my office, playing soothing Reiki music and finding my center and grounding. I am not happy where I am anymore. The continuous barrage of emotions are almost deafening to me as an intuite and empath.   Could you prepare us a meditation for a ward or protection from all the negative and murderous energy, one that allows for our love to be expressed to the masses, but protecting ourselves from all the anger, hatred and hostility

Thank you dear one for your soft gentle words and ways. It is a balm.
Wendy Hello Elizabeth,

I've been watching your videos the past few months and have passed them on to a couple of friends. I particullarly loved the videos of you creating soul rainbow silks :) Amazing :)

I love the idea of your chakra programme as I too struggle being over sensitive to energy. I would be very interested in taking part, finances permitting.

The people close to me dont 'get ' me and my spiritual beliefs. They think I'm a bit mad:) Sometimes I feel so alone but somehow I keep the faith and keep going.

Lots of colurful blessings

Wendy xoxo
Brenda Thank you so much Elizabeth! It was wonderful as always to see your loving presence. Yes, we are all going through vibrational changes and trying to step through to the nest level. Along those lines, I also have also felt the need to go back to chakra clearing and am using solfeggio-frequencies at night to sleep and help me release the energies absorbed during the day from all the fear and anger based energy now.   My body needs physical healing as well, but first I need to clear the energy and allow healing to begin so that the kundalini can rise. I am just trying to assist and allow it. Thank you again for sharing your soul with us all. It is a beautiful thing. You are always so loving and positive and we are so always on the same page.
Renata Thank you, Elizabeth!! Love your video. Many lightworkers are feeling the need with this coming energy shift to work on the chakras. Let us know about this course when it becomes available...

Victoria Dearest Elizabeth;
Yes! The planet, the people, the chakras, the connection of community and the Great Spirit~
In tears of love with you.
Clarion Thank-you, sweet lady, for this calming video. It was exactly what I needed in this moment! Living only two hours south of D.C. I have been caught up in the political scene...fraught with fear & anger over what has happened. I have spent hours every day, not marching in the streets, but as an armchair activist. Yet, I know deep in my heart that I need to balance my day & give as much time to my inner work....the lightwork which will benefit all....as I have been spending on being angry, feeling the responsibility to "do something!" As I curse at the TV or radio, a small voice says, "You should be sending light & blessings to the darkest, not more hate." Opening my email & finding this "love letter," was confirmational. Synchroncity for love & purpose. Thank-you for reminding me of mine. I am going to continue for stand strong & speak "truth to power" for the values I believe in, but from a foundation of love & peace. Namaste
Kathy I love this you are a beautiful soul so filled with wisdom and loving light...thank you, during your video I twice seen beautiful light behind you, you are soulfully gifted...thank you
Kris Thank you Elizabeth for your message, deep wisdom and new plans . I feel personally that this would create a more personal and experiential opportunity at least for me . Your words resonate with many others so I am blessed to participate as I make myself more available to raising my vibration and practically allow my third eye muscle to strengthen ❤
Donna I love the video. It felt so real and authentic. I see the changevin you. I'm noticing the changes in me and the emotional stuff that's been coming up. I feel healing is needed. And always love more love. Self love. Wow. Count me in!
Kaloutie Franklyn Tks it was a beautiful video helped a lot...I feel lost ,alone and walls closing in on me...like that's it I can't do this no more... I don't want to.....I want to scream....Stop and its not just keeps coming coming... I feel like am slowly being   torched...help help
Maja Dear Elizabeth,
Thank you for sharing your experience with us! I was moved to tears during your video broadcast and felt a tremendous amount of loving energy surrounding me. I have been having the same feelings of my energy being weighed down and have not been able to work thru it. I have been also wondering how to help mother earth and my fellow beings. Raising my own vibration seems to be the place to start because I can feel the blocks but need help and guidance to do so. I wait with baited breath for your program and am very excited for it! Thank you again for all the love and guidance you send every week! Lots of love and light to you.
Cora I love and prefer the video instead of reading the newsletter, Thanks, with Love!!!
Shannon McPike What a beautiful message! I too feel the changes all around and am uncertain where to start, but know it does start within myself. I will be interested in knowing more about your program. Sending love and blessings back to your beautiful, generous heart! <3
Lynnette What a wonderful video Elizabeth. I could look into your soulful eyes and feel that a friend was talking directly to me. I resonate with your feelings. Yes definitely feeling of being boxed in! Trying to get out!!! So I feel too that with the power of intention that you are putting together for us all in the way of chakra clearing is truly the way forward. Please don't feel too depleted or sad as we are all depending on you for direction lovely lady. God bless you in all you do. I feel your energy is lifting already and I so want you to be the joyful soul that we all very much depend upon. Lean on us all Elizabeth and create something wonderful to enlighten us all and lift the vibration of the planet in these challenging days. Namaste dear one all my love Lynnettexxxxxxx
Heidi Sending love and much gratitude. It was so good to hear and feel that perhaps these thoughts, feelings, inspirations and yes sometimes manic moments were not just a meltdown of my Pysche, but genuine and meaningful vibrations. I am feeling less insecure since you spoke and can focus on bringing my light.. our light into this downside up world. Words cannot express how much your sharing has meant to me. As I try to form a message of gratitude I just shed tears. You have moved me. I will remember this always. Onward and upward my friend!

Warmest regards,
Michele Thank you Elizabeth, I truly appreciate this video. It is a gift to us all. Blessings and hope, Michele
Kate Hi Elizabeth! Yes yes yes!! Looking forward to it. ?
kaye Love the format.     QUIET TRIBAL LIGHT! yes!.    
I think SHIELDING is important right now.   Using our SPIRITUAL ARMOUR, standing in our own personal power (power from our pain/sorrow and resurrection), Standing on the ground of who we are...remembering our name!
Not getting infected! The infection is only in our minds if we let it.   Our hearts need space, nurturing, guidance, parenting, love, protection. Self Care if of most importance.
Its like we all have been in a home of dysfunction without realizing it, and now we are waking up to the giant elephant in the room. We see the elephant in the room, and we either argue about it (keep it there)   or we CHOOSE RECOVERY!
Recovery is not easy, and the first step is usually acknowledgement, acceptance, then action. Action in alignment with Source is most effective. It can be natural at first in recovery to   experience the 5 stages of grief:   denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance, and we filter in and out of the stages until the acceptance comes and stays.. Blaming/shaming/criticizing comes too, and it is easy to want to check out, give up., all the things we do when we are in a dysfunctional home and wanting help.
Recovery takes time..and when acknowledgement and acceptance of our grief takes root it then takes calculated/strategical action, direction and speaking into existence what we want. One day, One moment at a time, baby steps.
Accepting ourselves and others for being in the dysfunction and then growing out of it with growing pains.    
   I see the need for BRINGING IN / HOLDING SPACE for the unseen/non-physical so it can do what it is intended to do, such as the clearing up of our visions, illuminating the elephant, then the leading him to a better place to live. Force brings force/reaction, Gentleness brings gentleness. A smile brings a smile.   Lending non-physical a hand in the 3rd dimension, may seem like it is not really doing anything, yet being the vessel for it to come through is. The vessel is just a vessel.   I really liked it when you sent out the water pictures, and we sent the energy to the water. Maybe we need to engage all the elements.!
There are battles in the etherical realm not just in the physical, I feel we need to filter   what we are bringing in. This really is about unseen forces in the 3rd dimension and other dimensions. . So really, when we are called to higher realms,   it is for assistance there.   There are knots in the matrix, that need untied. Mother Earth has chakras that need healing/assistance perhaps. Holding space for that, and Father Sky might help. maybe its just birth pains...
My understanding is that we should get up every morning and visualize what we really want to see...taking the time out to see it in our minds eye until it manifests....to create a better place with our imaginations!!!
Creating a better place in this dimension...its powerful - what you see, might be what you get...so we have to make sure it is for the good of all, and positive.   Just Being the Neutral observer/artist. I am so glad you are talking about how you feel. I do feel the pressure.   Changing this moment changes all moments. Maybe we should just focus and do some ART together? Love you Elizabeth!
Rosey I think the video instead of writing is very personable and I like it very much so please continue. I think having a new chakra program would be fantastic!!! Please sign me up! I started to get emotional with some release when you were talking about your opening up. That is my truth, too. Also, my imput on what you could offer would be how to get over and heal from a twin flame soul relationship. I ended it last February or March 2016 because it was a toxic relationship. I did a lot of clearing, healing,   clearing,healing, ....but I feel it is still affecting me to open up my heart for my soul purpose. I don't feel like me and I struggle with this. When you were sharing your ideas about a chakra program for soul purpose and what is holding you back, this is what is holding me back I feel, plus some old stuff from this life now. I am   so looking forward to being a part of this program and to continue to be a light to the world, just like I signed up from in the beginning..... Much Love & Light :)
Alexandria chavez Beautiful soul you took the words right out of my mouth love your heart I always get your vibrant energy when I watch your videos and your chakra session I'm definitely waiting I've been wondering when this divine I feel is going to see my true potential and free me from that darkness that seeps within my space for divine light I'm patiently waiting and I'm thinking Elizabeth you are the blessed soul you that will guide me with this chakra I need to cleanse my soul so I can give more to this world kisses and hugs always listening with my open heart and mind thank you sweet lady happy Valentine's day and bless your heart
Christine Hello, dear Elizabeth! Thank you so much for this love letter message. Just before I sat down to look at my emails and then find your message I had been journaling about how I am purposefully changing my work hours as well. Last summer I experienced some serious health issues which left me unable to keep going as I had been, almost obsessively working and when not working thinking about work. Now my work is my passion as well but I had fallen so far off my path and become so distanced with knowing who I was. I now am building in time to be, to think, to get to know myself and to honor myself by taking care with my body and soul. I too find this a very unsettling time, full of tests and challenges to remain positive and loving. To remove judgements and to focus on love. I am still building those spiritual tools though. I started down my spiritual path only last year and so am only beginning to understand my spiritual self, my intuition and getting to know my spiritual team. Anything that would help me stay grounded in my faith, that would guide me on my spiritual journey and build my spiritual toolbox would be much appreciated. I loved your video. It conveyed the emotions and sincerity behind your message much better than words in an email. It felt like that connection was already being built and that our spiritual family begins today. Love and blessings, Christine
Eileen Wilkinson Thank you Elizabeth for your lovely spiritual message would be so much easier if some one would just say to us Haaa its that which you have to let go of but I know it does not work that way even though you have done quite a lot of looking within or healing one self in the past at my age you just ask yourself is their any body out there listening were NEXT Ha Ha. 
Rowena Elizabeth,
I have been accessing your messages for a while now. I noticed in this love letter that you appear to be walking in a much more masculine energy - by this you seem to be more grounded, stronger somehow. I hope this is ok to make this comment. It is made with love and with the hope that this will be of benefit to you.
I have been experiencing a similar journey to what you talk about in the video. Yes, I believe all of us on this planet are facing immense changes. I believe the work you do is valuable in increasing individual and collective vibrational levels. I believe all of us who strive to work and walk in the light must now step up. I love the way you "walk your talk"
in an effort to facilitate changes for all. Truly, your light does shine through and I believe you have been guided to work with the here and now as you are able to do this through love and a genuine desire to fulfil your purpose. I believe your authentic way of being is inspiring others to find their truth. I believe the time for real, lasting, positive, life-affirming change is upon us and Chakra cleansing and unblocking is a valid, important and practical way to begin the journey. Sending you thanks and love and wishing you inspiration as you put together your latest program. Rowena.
Veronica Hello there elizabeth! Thank you for your very honest and sincere expression of your current situation. I almost cried bec. It felt like you're saying goodbye or something. Two days ago I visited your site to see what's new in your line up. I noticed that you've   pared down, as there were no bracelets or necklaces, just the pretty gemstones and you sulk paintings. I realized that you were probably already shifting your focus to more teaching and seminars. Elizabeth, I adore you and your pure work   If you need to take a break or pause , to elevate you further I will be supportive of whatever it will be. Two years ago, I dreamt of you in my parents home with three other people , whose faces I still remember. Initially I thought you were souls asking for a prayer. Then a month later in February 2015, I stumbled upon your website and saw you again and I knew that we were supposed to connect somehow. Since that time, you've helped me become a better and more sensitive person. You have such a great ability to touch people,in the most powerful and unusual ways. Elizabeth I treasure knowing you and please just follow your heart. You're awesome. Thank you for your intentions
Jayne I loved listening to you and watching how your guides gently chime in. I'd love to hear about the ascended chakras and I have heard of new ones that are higher (maybe the same thing)

Lovely seeing you! <3
Gabriella Thank you! I have been feeling this too, and was feeling alone in it, making it completely about myself, even feeling like there was no help outside of myself. I have been going through an accelerated spiritual awakening for the last 1.5 years, never being conscious of those words or concepts before then, although always connected to nature and believing in higher powers. For those that have had to go through it in this way, it is up and down. You get tastes of the joy and freedom that it is to be awake and connected, how beautiful life can and is meant to be. Then it is all taken away, slammed to the ground in what looks like severe depression from the outside, emotions bubbling up from places you have never been aware of, sometimes not knowing where they were coming from. I think some call it the dark night of the soul, searching, clearing, connecting. I was sure I had past the greatest and most severe parts, and was surprised when I was hit with this building feeling that resonates to what you described. For me, it is all happening so fast, that it is hard to find the focus, distinguishing between my own processing and that which I pick up from around me. I am freshly out of the dark night of the soul where everything is linked back to me, my baggage, my karma, my beliefs, my limitations, that I haven't developed an ability or tool to to determine what is mine and what is from my environment.
It feels like what is coming is a dark night of the planet's soul, and so here we all are to help, connecting with our tribe. It is a bit overwhelming to think about.
This morning, literally, I called out loud, asking what this energy was coming from, what I was missing, asking to receive a loud and clear message about what I am supposed to see in it. Six hours later, I get a "love letter" from you with the answer.
Leonie Just beautiful! Heartfelt, authentic and YOU! Thank YOU. Yes, feeling on the verge of something and have put all the steps in place for a new business venture. Now awaiting the arrival of 'clients'! My energy goes from positive 'can do' to 'negative self talk'. So annoying!! I keep breathing, trusting and waiting ... will definitely focus on consciously lifting my vibration. It is a good reminder that the wider bigger energies are impacting us all and it is not just us!! Thanks again. Angel blessings and much love xx
Dawn Hi Sweet Elizabeth, everything you said 100% resonated with me ! I felt the energy from you that wss resonating from our blessed Mother Mary. I am getting familiar with her & nothing can compare to how much love she nurtures us with! I feel blocked from acknowledging my work to see & accept it with gratitude. I always feel I'm not doing enough or good enough, even though others do ! Change, change
Change is on my mind alot, but I'm taking my pace attending various classes to self improve. I have to wear my obsedian to block out alot & it helps thankfully. I love the personal chat video alot better than the letter. Love & Light
maryann dear Elizabeth, my heart was touched   and cant wait to clear the blocks in my life . I have been praying and asking the angles for help. and I still feel like iam out in a desert by my self. it sure would be nice to find my purpose. and live that life.     tks maryann
Virginia Dear Elizabeth--
What a beautiful, personal loving message.   I am so glad that I listened and connected with you and all the loving energy around you.
Much love to you...
DeeDee Oh yes Elizabeth, those feelings & ideas are resonating totally! Less is more...more focused, and balanced energy. Now [time] to energetically step it up a notch to help alleviate some real stress points for ourselves and the world. Clearing out more of those limiting blocks sounds like a great direction to head and heart with your angel group Elizabeth. The more love we can bring in the better. I can feel my life wanting to make a more potent shift in consciousness too. Many blessing for great vitality with your new endeavor!
Loved the new talking format! Your heartfelt voice energy is powerful.
Joan Loved your heart felt talk Elizabeth -could see and feel the true expression you expressed. A video is tangible -really liked the format. Look forward to your course- sounds so right for now. We are all one -so this course feels very right. Thank you for all you do
Marcelle M Tribal Light...love these words Elizabeth!

I connected with clarity through the wonderful Past Life Healing Journey but have certainly felt in plateau over the past year and in stasis as far as my purpose whilst feeling exhausted from the daily doings. Your words reminded me of my responsibility to bring my own balance to my now - I would love to join in the next colour-full chakra exploring.

All those (70+!) beautiful angels but I kept being drawn to your gorgeous Peace Lilly : ) xo
Lourdes Andryszczak Dear Ms. Harper- I have tears in my eyes when I heard your message, because realized that I am not alone, that the uneasy feeling I am sensing other people are also feeling it. I also think that the Divine energy is with us, and your message confirmed this, we just have to open our hearts and receive it. Please help us.
Thank you, and many, many blessings.
Barbara Anne Your message about the need for cleansing, and need to create space definitely resonates with me. I am feeling so fragmented and dragged down that I removed myself from social media in order to regroup. It's actually helping! Just think of the way everything on the newsfeed has an emotional component, and we *feel* this! I feel like my thoughts and emotions get hijacked by Facebook! And I love (used to love) Facebook. Yes, I believe your guides are right! Of course they are! Clearing my energy field and opening up to what's next, and raising my vibration. That sounds divine (ha! Divine!). Thank you for your sharing message and your honesty as you walk your path.
Patty Thank you for your beautiful message.   I kep seeing a beautiful white light outlining your vibration. I have also felt solemn the last couple weeks and couldnt pit my finger on it.   Although I felt this way, it is if life is circling around me at hyper speed, and I just can't jump on.   Of course I am busy day to day. It's as if I'm just not connecting.
I cannot wait to join everyone through chakra healing.   As you were speaking I saw the planet - like a giant dark map and all these little pin hols of light started popping out.   They gor bigger and bigger as we all come together and our light grows.    

Thank you for guiding us, Elizabeth. Your live and light are comforting and inspiring
? Patty
Teresa Beautifully done Elizabeth. Listening to your voice and your insight into the current energies is so true. I can sense that the negative energies have touched you deeply at this present time. Also being a highly sensitive person your are feeling more than most. Well done of letting go and allowing yourself to be guided into this new direction. Looking forward to going on this new path with you.x
Kathleen Hatter Dear Elizabeth,

As soon as you started speaking my Higher Self started clicking away in my right ear, (that's how I communicate with her at this point). Also, the light on my chandelier started flickering on and off. Well, I know what that means...pay attention. As you started speaking about the way you are feeling with the energies these days, you were describing exactly the way I'm experiencing all of it too. I feel a BIG change is upon me, but I haven't put my finger on it yet. So, you are on to something. I know I'm interested in the program so, get crackin! Lol! Just kidding. But seriously. it's just what the angel doctor ordered, and I'm on board.

Love and Light,

Lorraine Hello Elizabeth,
I am really quite new to your site.. this week when I listened to your angel messages , on a very deep level for myself and my circumstances it really hit the spot.. not only because the advice given reiterated my practice to o ercome difficult and challenging circumstances in my personal life but completely resonated with my higher self intentions . So thank you for that. Having just listened to your "new talking video" I have to congratulate you on your open sincere knowing delivery. I share all your thoughts on raising our vibrations and in turn shredding sparkling light into the world and around each corner we turn and each person we encounter. I hav worked spiritually all my life but these last couple of years and particularly the last couple of months I too feel I have so shifted my vibration and endeavour to maintain that expansion of soul and trying to allow myself to live in a way that feeling good is the first and most important thing. This all seems to have come to a head for me because of personal difficulties that I am leaving behind, and I know my higher self is linking with my true me , source, god , angels .so ... your video chat has put me in a lovely head space to go to sleep on ( I'm in England 10pm ) and you feel as a soul sister. So live and light to you Elizabeth , I look forward to the next video . Please feel free to write to me if you want.
Love and light
Lorraine x
Emma Hargesheimer Love the video
Kristi Green-Brown Yes my Dear Elizabeth I have been experiencing the same for years I was a single mom having to hustle and bustle cause I had too while I was also in my spiritual growth, now I'm married a little over a month now and stopped my job as a bartender bt 21/2-3 months ago now my husband lets me take care of the kids n home and my spiritual growth but I'm experiencing a want and will to grow more into my calling and life purpose I have joined 2 direct sales companies and read read read listen listen listen all the time but have not moved forward fiercely with either companies been filling to further with my healing and start using it in as a Reiki Master but my guidance seems to have a block of what is it I'm to do is it all or us it just one or two things so this is where I'm at , I fill ya and know what you are explaining and experiencing. With much love!
Marian Dear Elizabeth,

I could feel your truth, THE TRUTH, come through. I know that when there is a stronger stillness and focus. And that is what I felt when you spoke. Your plan feels right to me. And I thank you for sharing it in this manner, by speaking directly to us. I felt the union with your words, your feelings, Spirit's insight. Thank you for your continued devotion to enlighten, to ascension. I feel a part of it. - Love, Marian
Glenys Hi ? Angela,     You truly are an inspirational speaker, I could feel the good energys around you as you were speaking. I'm loving this new year so far, thinking more positive things going on, and believing in miracles, cause I know they do happen.   Look forward to hearing more from you and your videos,   Sending my positive thoughts and vibes,
Gleny, keep up the great ? work. Lots of love ❤️ Gleny
Dawn Loved every second of your message! You spoke to me, you spoke to all that I'm feeling in my life right now. The last few weeks I've dedicated to working through the emotions to cleanse. I've had an enormous shift in my life since January 3rd, and it's awakened my need to focus on my presence, to surrender and just be. My love presence is leading me towards great peace, one moment at a time, one day at a time. Reflection and awareness are steering me in a new direction. Much love to you
Sheila Thank you so much, Elizabeth, for this video. Your message resonates with me deeply. And I felt that you were so present and “on purpose,” that you owned your power – the power of love -- more than I can remember. In my humble opinion, it almost feels like you’ve claimed more fully the authority that’s been given to you by Spirit to be Spirit’s clear channel for divine love. You are a lovely gift.
Edwina Thank you Elizabeth. I enjoyed your video and the way in which you talked to me/us and your gentle calming voice. It feels good to stop and take the time to watch and listen rather to skim through the written word.

I am, also, going through a period of change but where it's going to take me I have no idea. I only know I have been stuck for a long time and have needed to jettison all the the negative people and situations in my life. It's time to fill up the gaping hole which they have left by healing the wounds and untangling myself from my current existence and LIVE.

Kathy Thank you Elizabeth. There is so much going on and hearing you talk about it made me realize how I have been feeling. I have been very drained and tired. I have been feeling like I need to physically work with my body to help move some of this energy through. It feels very heavy. Thank you so much.
Latasha Skannal I'm in tears...filled with so much compassion and love from your energy..thank you! I love this format! I've been dealing with the same unsettled energy! I use binaural beats to help clear my chakra but my aura feels the heartache and chaos here in America. I'm an empath who carries the essence of compassion to bring here and I find more difficult to make a decision about my career. Thank you for sending love! I felt and received it!!
Lisa Hello Beautiful Elizabeth :) XO Thank you so much for your video and wonderful, loving energy as always. All that you said resonates with me as I'm feeling rather bogged down energetically as well. I feel quite exhausted and "squashed in" as you said.   That rang a big bell. Like suddenly all kinds of things are going on and changing in my life (not necessarily bad things) and I feel overwhelmed and all I seem to want to do lately is retreat, sleep, be alone, have a clear calendar & such. Doing lots of prayer and meditation and getting more sleep than usual. I figure I'm having lots of energetic downloads from the angelic realm as well so they're calling me to sleep. My dreams have been more vivid again than they had been for awhile & I feel I'm doing more astral travel than usual.   This is probably adding to my daytime tiredness, I imagine. In any case, I haven't delved much into chakra clearing on my own and am fully supportive of your plans and goals. You are one of my absolute favorite beings & I treasure you from afar! Sending you big hugs & lots of love & gratitude. Your gentle, gracious, loving nature (and voice) is always soothing to my spirit and speaks kindly & directly to my soul.   I feel that we are most certainly kindred spirits :) I tend to be rather gentle as well. Despite being an Aries, LOL! Fiery in many ways but largely peaceful, calm. Pisces is my moon sign so that's probably the reason.   Sorry to ramble on, just feels good to share. Thanks for offering the opportunity for that & all of the other wonderful things.   Blessings & love to you and your family!


Lisa XOXO <3 <3 <3

P.S. For some reason I haven't been able to locate or access the Archangel Michael Prayer that you mention periodically & would love to. I'll look again but would appreciate knowing exactly where to find it on the sealedwithlove.com site. THANK YOU!!!! :)
Rachel I love the video, it moved me to tears. What I'd like to know is do you feel a connection to me the way I do to you? Twice now when I have done my own Angel reading first and then watched yours, you used the exact same deck as me and drew the exact same first two cards as me, in the exact order. And during one of your messages I got the vision in my third eye of a yellow cloud and then you said 'yellow' right after that. Then I got the vision of my body made of diamonds, then you said that I would sparkle. Another time you said that the angels would be leaving me all sorts of signs. I went to check my mail at the community mailbox and when I came back I had the fluffiest white feather in my shoe. It also seems like every message was created for me directly from my Angels. I have connected with you so many times, I was just wondering if you experienced the same. Also I think the chakra thing is right on cue. That's another coincidence. My chakra book is right on top of all my other spiritual books and I keep getting this really strong urge to finish reading it. Keep up the great work. I'll always support you in everything you do. I'll see you in San Diego.
Jeanne Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your sweet spirit Elizabeth. I love this format. Seeing you and hearing your voice strengthens my connection to your message. ❤❤
Janna Elizabeth, what a beautiful, vulnerable and honest video. Thank you! It does resonate. I definetily feel stuck in some ways - patterns, striving, pushing. I am not in complete harmony or flow and of course the world politics are not helpimg my sense of inner harmony. I completely believe that the inner and the outer worlds are linked, so to start within myself feels natural and logical. What I really wish is true self-love. To truly accept and love myself as I am, every cell of my being.

I'm 36 weeks pregnant also so that is of course influencing my energy, my focus, my clarity, my sense of purpose...

I feel the self-love is the key.

All the best to you! Lots of love and thank you for your work!! You are an angel!!!!
RK How very odd. I'll confess that I only pop in occasionally to connect with you as the "whim" arises. It's always appropriate, but I find some months just don't call to me.

But this month, I definitely came here, and as if being pushed just a bit. So yes, your message absolutely runs deep here. Yes! Absolutely agree with your need for the cleansing and clearing. Have felt that same leading since the turn of the new year.

And ... yes, I vote that you continue sharing via your recorded "face-to-face" message rather than writing to us. Somehow, it seems more fitting with the nature of the increasingly important emphasis on "Now".

Thank you for continuing to share your passions and energies ....
Lisa I feel that exactly. The past life thing was hard and it hurt but it was the exact thing that kept me from here and now. Im struggling with the fact that my hard work and facing things brought me freedom on all levels. Your approach, your candor, is a priceless gift for me. Theyve been using you and your abilities to help me, thank God! Bless you Elizabeth and know that I would not have made it so far, so fast without your work. Im told to ride the wave and let go of control, and the more i align with that (its hard to do!) the more my dreams materialize. :) I was blaming others, but guess what? I was doing it wrong haha! Thank you doesnt seem enough, but thank you all the same. ♡
Kim All ways love listening to your message.   I enjoy listening to your voice and the calming effects I recieve.
SuzanneG Dear Elizabeth, I loved your new love "letter." And I'm feeling that same heavy pressure in my energy. It's exhausting, isn't it? When you talked about learning how to heal our present that resonated. I've been feeling the need to hold the entire world in pink light until something shifts. But I knew I couldn't do it alone. And every change has to start within, so if we each heal our own present life I can see a worldwide shift begin. Thank you for listening to your angels and for committing your energy to creating a new path/class/course to lead us in a higher direction.
Vickie Your decision to converse rather than scribe was a good one! I believe that people listening are much more engaged in the topic at hand; plus your voice and demeanor are calming - which I find so essential at this time.   Too many angry, loud, and aggressive people are surrounding us and I too am feeling squeezed and squished between them. Thank you for your service to and for our community of guides and angels. 
Ammie Every word of this resonated with me. Lately, I have felt like I've been getting energetic pop-quizzes. Sometimes I feel like I've aced them but others have left me feeling a bit battered. Anything that could assist me to raise my vibration at this time would be greatly appreciated. I'm using all of my tools and light techniques but always welcome more to raise my vibe. ?
Judit Krasznai Hi Elizabeth,
I really really liked this way of taking to us, it is very direct, coherent and of course it resonated! :)
I decidedly shut down all sources from where upsetting news could come in at the beginning of this year after seeing Doreen Virtue's yearly prediction. My experience is what I really need to know finds me anyway. As a result I feel calm, connected and inspired to change many things in my daily life that I've been wanting to for a long time. I am switching to a more Earth friendly way of living...
What I am currently working on is the Sacral chakra, and the belief system that blocks me there which is: "I can only feel comfortable in my own body if I don't move" I realized that this blocks my creativity and love life as well.
So this is my "homework"at the moment, I hope it's useful in some way :)
Lots of love and light!

Suzanne Koehler All of your messages are so heartfelt Elizabeth, but I really appreciate this one especially. I am so glad you were moved, or told by your guides to do this and listened to them. It comes from a place of authenticity and integrity, and echoes much of what I've been thinking and feeling. If we are going to be peaceful, spiritual warriors we must cleanse and prepare ourselves first, not just be reactionary and run willy-nilly into the fray.   This is a turning point for humanity and the planet, and if we do join together we can make sure that we turn towards the light rather than the darkness.
Thank you.
Megglesworth Hey there! Man I love this stuff. So the other day I had an urge to watch Spirit Science, a great YouTube series that I had forgotten about. One of them talked about the 2 half steps in our chakra system, the first between the lower and upper and the second above the crown chakra. To me, that sounds like what you're talking about here too--is it?

As for personal blocks: I've been trying to get an audience large enough for my agent to start pitching my book for the last 10 months, and it's just creeping up slooowly. I've also been dealing with a serious health issue that I thought would be long gone by now, but I'm still homebound from it. (16 months, gah!) Things in general have just been slow or halted and I have this new ferocious energy in me that I so look forward to celebrating in ways that feel free.

I'm extraordinarily grateful for the profound change that's taken place within me over the last few years, and I'm really excited to start playing with some more outside change. I look forward to seeing what you're cooking up, and I have no doubt I'll find it weirdly relevant, kindredly cozy, and wildly helpful.

Love the video format!! Thank you for all your work. And gosh do I know what you mean--some days, regardless of how bonkers my symptoms are, working is so pleasurable I'll just go until I very literally can't, which is too far, haha. Balance, balance, balance. It's amazing how many different ways one can improve there...

Thanks again, you're a queen! ❤

(HowILostAllMyF-cks.com, if curious!)
Delena Stockton Beautiful soul stirring message Elizabeth! You always have a way of coming at the right time with the right information..it feels so true to me! I await your program! Thank you! Blessings to you!✨
Maria Ελίζαμπεθ Αυτό που νιώθω είναι ότι κάτι μου μποκαρει την ενέργεια μου και γι'αυτό μου την παίρνουν πολύ ευκολα.δεν ξέρω πώς να το χειριστώ όλο αυτό που συμβαίνει.συμφωνώ με όσα είπες στο βίντεο .νόμιζα ότι μίλησες για μένα ...
Michele Hi Elizabeth. Your video was very moving and touched me very deeply. Thank you for sharing and not wearing a mask. There was a very real difference in your energy, and I am relieved I'm not the only one feeling a little lost... it is always good to go back to basics, and return where the journey starts - the Chakras. I for one am very excited to learn more. Lots of love and blessings. Thank you for being the Angel you are.
Jenifer Thank you sooo very much! The energy from this mess is stifling! Cant sleep well....overwhelmed by it all yet I really need to stand up. After getting my DNA results and the quest for knowing WHO I am on top of it all...Everything has changed...I am trying to shut off the drain from external issues by painting and cleaning.   I appreciate your words of encouragement, Much love from Oregon...
suzanne Oh my dear Elizabeth!
I support you whole hearfedly! I believe you are right on target!
I also get sense of sadness from you. Are you ok? I am really looking forward to connecting to more committed and group energy for the present!
Best wishes
xxoo love n light


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