A Message from the Butterflies

I've been concerned about how many Monarch butterflies I've not seen. Only one of these beauties made it to my garden this year. I thought that maybe my intention to nurture the milkweed plant so the Monarchs would have a place to breed was too little too late, but apparently this isn't the issue.

It seems the problem - as I understand it - is that a combination of genetically modified fruit and vegetable seeds plus bug killing fertilizer is to blame for wiping out 95% of the butterfly population.

As I spent part of this morning in photoshop creating a thumbnail image my mind wandered into my imagination. I began to wonder what the Divine would have changed if photoshop had been available at the beginning of time. Maybe all the wrinkles on an elephants skin would have been photoshoped out, or the leaves as they change from green to gold would be one color instead of many, or maybe sunsets would be every color of the rainbow with a multitude of sparkles to add extra interest. 

Essentially we've taken over the job of the Divine by photoshoping out all the butterflies on the planet. Can you imagine summer without butterflies? But it's not just butterflies it's birds, bees and other animals too. The problem is, other than messing with nature, we're eating this food as well. So what might it be doing to us?

I asked my guides about this situation and their answer was that it's all in DIVINE ORDER.

There's a message here. I realize that GMO seeds have been developed to strengthen the food chain for a growing global population of people, but I feel our fellow creatures are telling us that we need to honor nature and stop trying to make everything perfect. As we attempt to wipe out what we perceive as imperfection it creates an imbalance elsewhere and that imbalance is coming right back into our bodies.  

It's not in everyone's budget to eat organic, but we can make little changes. Read the food packaging labels and if possible (and if it feels right for you) opt for Non GMO foods. Use naturally organic fertilizer. Plant Non GMO seeds, etc. As I write this I see my guides smiling and lighting up.

The DIVINE ORDER isn't to just sit back and let it happen.

It's not my intention to make this a political statement. I said last week that as a Lightworker you can make a difference. Honoring the planet, honoring her contribution to your welfare, and honoring your health and wellbeing are all part of making a difference.

I have food in the fridge that I'm sure originated from GMO seeds. So I put the whole fridge in light and asked the Divine to bring the energy of everything I eat into alignment with the highest vibration of love. And guess what, the papaya said thank you - no really!!

Try it! Let me know in the comments below if you can sense the shift and if you receive any communication from your food.

xoxo, Elizabeth πŸ’–



Sally A friend who inherited a 500 acre farm in Illinois, along with another trustee of the land, (her brother) developed 250 acres into a sanctuary for monarchs and will next year develop the other 250 into a safe zone for bees.   Wanted to share this story, as upon hearing it my heart filled with love and hope for all of us who share this earth. Love + Action the only antidote to the current status quo.   She and her brother clearly made a choice to support the earth rather than adding to their bottom line.   And, even better, the monarchs showed up!   In gratitude to all of you, as with I, who each day live in the energy of making a difference. No matter how small or humble our efforts may be. It is an THE ACTION OF LOVE! Thanks Elizabeth for all you do.
Karen Hi Elizabeth,
I've not noticed about the loss of butterflies in my area here in the Appalachians of Virginia but I have noticed that there aren't any honey bees around anymore which concerns me extremely because they pollinate all our fruits and veggies. My daughter and I are on a limited budget but we eat organic as often as possible and I'm a strict believer in reading labors and I won't allow anything non gmo in my body and I'm just hoping and praying to my angel guides and to God that as we grow in society that people will be more open to using less harmful chemicals and pesticides to keep the balance of nature as it is. I'll be blessing everything I eat and drink from now on and hopefully, going to start letting people know to start sharing the non gmo and harmful chemicals and pesticides rand let people know how and what it's doing to our world and to all that lives in our local forest and what it's doing to all our animals that can only be heard by us as a nation to be the voice they so desperately need!! Bless you for your post?????
Olympia Elizabeth, Where I live, NC, I have seen plenty of butterflies! For me, I feel a transformation taking place! I do agree that naturally grown food is always best. No GMO!!! But like you said, ALL things are in divine order. I like the idea about talking to the food in the frig. I imagine that works well for weight loss, too!!!
Lesa Maybe part of the solution is to pray to the divine to bless not only our own food, but our fellow man's as well as all the creatures who were being harmed by these harmful practices.   Imagine all the good we can do!
marie I believe a home or community garden should be available to everyone. If you can garden at home, please do. You will learn so much and become closer to nature,including butterflies. And if you don't have a community garden, perhaps you could join with like-minded neighbors and start one.And as always , Organic is the only way Nature intended.
Christine I used to say grace before supper as a child ... I am going to start doing that again. As well, I wholeheartedly believe in supporting local and organic farmers and buying non-gmo food whenever possible. Cheers & Amen.
Karen Hello Elizabeth,
I usually Reiki my food, and also bless all the beings who made it possible....Many countries ban GM food altogether as it is unnecessary and has no proven benefits in terms of higher yields etc. Maybe it is time we all stood up to the GM manufacturers as it is our planet (all beings), not theirs to profit from and destroy. Love and light and angel blessings...
maryann iam reading labels more closely . thank you
Heidi When the end of the month comes ...
My budget gets real tight... So finding a healthy balance in food is difficult...
Lately ... The food has been talking to me...
I also ask Archangel Raphael to help me compile a nutritional meal with whats in the cupboard and fridge... Youd be amazed what comes out of my kitchen in this method.
Its a bery exciting way to eat. And yes its more vegetarian based.
alison desnousse hi i live in melbourne australia, we do not see monarchs here, my brother lives in queensland ,they have beautiful monarchs and other butterflies, i hope they continue to see them.we get the orange and black butterflies, when i was walking the other day, one flew around me and then dropped to the ground, it allowed me to stroke it before it took off, never happened before, so i was chuffed to say the least. i try to check foods are not gmo, we really dont know what is in our food anymore, very sad.have a lovely day.xxx
Donna I noticed years ago the bee catalogs have powder to keep them from getting sick. When I checked it online, it was an antibiotic. So many of the bees have been dosed with antibiotics.   I don't raise bees but like to use their wax in homemade cosmetics. I always ask bee keepers if they use anything on their bees. Lavender and bee balm are antibiotic and anti fungal and the bees love both of those plants. I'm posting this hoping is anyone does raise bees they check what they are using to keep them healthy and opt in for lavender and bee balm.
Evie Weaver Dear Elizabeth
I love receiving your writings and the wonderful healing and guidance you provide. I have also been very concerned with the decline in the butterfly and bee population here in Australia, and the lack of awareness and acceptance that it's not just about perfection and making money. The cycle of nature functions perfectly when it is devoid of human intervention, providing sustenance for all living things.
Some months back I read an article from my Young Living Oils up-line on the action of DiGize. I have copied and pasted the article here to share with everyone. In discussion with one of my daughters, after reading this article we wondered how DiGize would work if we used it to wash our fruit and vegetables if they were not organic, in order to reduce, or better still eliminate the chemicals from the soil in which they were grown??

"Artemis writes: We heard some very exciting news at Diamond Retreat in France this August. Since 2010, Gary’s been doing research into the effects of the DiGize oil blend on soil. The research has just been completed, and Gary shared that a 0.001% dilution of DiGize oil has been found to digest chemicals in the soil (including glucose phosphate) within 40 days!!!! This means that soil which has been sprayed with chemicals can potentially be returned to an organic status in a mere 40 days, according to the research which has been conducted. Gary’s vision is to produce this mix in 5 gallon and 50 gallon sizes for farmers, and he also plans to commence studies using a 0.005% dilution, to see if this speeds up the process any further."

Blessing and talking to our food with gratitude is so important - thank you for reminding me Elizabeth. xx
Judy M Thank you for the post regarding the Monarchs! Every year for the past few years I've been trying to do my part by planting milkweed in a small area in my yard and raising the butterflies in protected areas keeping the wasps and other predators away. I'm happy to say I released about 75 this year :)
The decrease has made me sad too....
Melanie Hello Elizabeth! I was just to Mexico, and the butterflies there were amazing! So many varieties,and abundance!
I will try to link a youtube video I took in Slow Mo!
Ginger I am 50 & I have been farming for 8 years now. I don't directly spray most of the chemicals but I am in that environment. I am allergic to parabens & fragrance. The parabens mimic estrogen as well as herbicide & pesticides, & fertilizer. These are causing imbalances in the body & it was worse for me going into menopause. We farm turkeys & I don't eat meat! I tell them they are loved & I take care of them nicely. I try to grow a lot of vegetables & can them. I don't know what the answer is because I don't like the weeds either!
Tracy I have been signing numerous petitions for Bee's too, most notably against the merger of Monsanto & Bayer who control all these horrible genetic seed freaks and pesticides that are killing Bee's and such. Now that we finally have our own home again I have bought heritage seeds and plan to grow as much as we can including some fruit trees. My little seedlings are growing as we speak, my Father said Farmers don't let their fields go fallow and rest anymore either like they used too, to let the soil build back up all the nutrients. I have natives out the front but I have also planted some Borage to attract the Bee's & Butterflies too along with some other herbs.
Karen Hi Elizabeth
What a timely post for me. I'm a farmer in Australia, large scale. We are working on developing a compost prill that farmers can economically inject into the soil when planting. We envisage this will increase stocks of organic matter and biology back into our soils.
At present we make our own compost from agriculture waste product like manure from large beef farms.   We believe this is where biggest change for the betterment of nature will come using natural soil conditioners to reduce need for synthetic fertilisers. At the moment though it's cost prohibitive but I believe this is what I'm here to bring to the world so the answers will come.

Thank you for this post as I was feeling a little flat about this project and if I was on right track. I do believe my guides just said keep going.
Thank you
suzanne Thank you Elizabeth! Spot on!
We can all do our part! Loved the response from the papaya!
love n light many blessings!
Linda Elizabeth,

I have signed many petitions for the poor Monarchs...to get people to stop using poison chemicals like Round-Up on the plants, that is what's killing the butterflies!!! My Angels are telling me that, as a Planet, we have to start taking care of Mother Nature...she is God's gift to all of us and we NEED TO APPRECIATE WHAT WE HAVE BEEN GIVEN!!! We can't just do this by lip service alone, our actions must back our words....
jan madigan Hi Elizabeth ? Its spring here in New Zealand. I have already seen a few Monarch butterflies in our little garden. I too am filling as much into the garden ? as I can with flowers vegetables even trees in pots. Glorious!! Its wonderful to help our lovely butterflies, bees and birds come into our garden.? Much love ❀ happiness? and light?

Carol Watercutter I only use organic soil for my plants in the garden. Everything was so big this year & my flowers were beautiful. We've got to take care of Mother Earth & get back to nature's way of doing things. I had butterflies & hummingbirds in my flower garden this year.   I planted the flowers they like.   I do organic as much as I can, it's the best!
Faye Hello my dear friend.... You are one of the most inspiring lights I know on Mother Gaia. Yes our planet is really going thru a deep transition as we are as well. My motto; take a day at a time, make a difference one person at a time! As far as the butterflies go, may I suggest planting, Passion flowers, Butterfly Bush, Lillies, Mexican petunias just to name a few. Our garden is full of cocoons and caterpillars especially in early spring which begins in February into late summer. We have lots of monarchs, swallowtail species n zebra long wings to name a few. We also have many species of birds especially hummingbirds. Some say it's bc we live in Florida and it's warm/ hot most of the year. Maybe true, but those plants worked for me even when living in NJ among other plants and trees. Also one can never dismiss the benefits of being grateful for all the blessings bestowed upon us and so much unconditional love! Pray without ceasing, because it works. So I pray for you and your family; May your days continue to be magical and full of unspeakable joy. Namaste'
Lesley Wilson I made the same observation about the monarch butterflies last year as here in NZ we grow a plant called a swan plant for them and mine hadn't been eaten, which never happens. Usually all the leaves are nibbled away and there is only a stick left but it regrows again next season. It was documented in the press as well. But this spring I have seen so many monarchs already so I also wonder if it is a cyclic thing as well. They have along way to fly to here... they come from Mexico I understand. I just love them ?
Lesley Wilson I made the same observation about the monarch butterflies last year as here in NZ we grow a plant called a swan plant for them and mine hadn't been eaten, which never happens. Usually all the leaves are nibbled away and there is only a stick left but it regrows again next season. It was documented in the press as well. But this spring I have seen so many monarchs already so I also wonder if it is a cyclic thing as well. They have along way to fly to here... they come from Mexico I understand. I just love them ?
joyce garofolo Several years ago when my sister decided to educate me on what was happening to our food chain, the first temptation was to worry. After all we were no longer kids living on the family farm and purchasing organic foods totally was outside the budget.

Then I remembered that we do bless our food.   Always have since childhood but never pondered why we do it. It occured to me that to bless is to empower to prosper. All of a sudden I realized that as we bless we are empowering our food to be whole, healthy and nourishing to our bodies. God takes care of everything! Never had a worried day since.
Dallas Dunne Here in coastal NC my husband out walking our dog saw quite a few. I am determined to find and use only heirloom seeds for my gardens. I encourage others to do the same. I do not use pesticides. I like to pick and eat! I hope and pray we can raise our vibration to go back to our "old ways" of farms & gardens with healthy produce that does no harm.
hlaingmin please give me
leanne paoli Hi Elizabbeth,

I have actually been seeing quite a few Monarch Butterflies. It's interesting I always pay attention to butterfly s, but is year it seems highlighted, so I was delighted to see your message here.

The ones i have interacted with really seem to be trying to get my attention. As if they are trying to tell me something the way they dance in front of me. Of couse just as they are, in their beautiful reminder and show, I also sense a very personal message of... encouragement and to follow their path. Yes that is it. Which mine is also in line with as you speak in honoring our mother earth bridging divine healing and growth.
Helen Bridgwater I am very concerned about butterflies being wiped out. Sadly at this moment in time, I am on an extremely tight budget and living on a minimal income, otherwise I would get some decent accommodation with some type of garden, even if small and be cultivating flowers that attract the butterflies and bees, and even growing my own veg. Brighton, in England, is very eco-conscious and there is a strong culture of 'grow your own' going on and many projects aimed to cut down on food waste with communal meals and low cost recipes. One of the better aspects of Brighton! I am working with Raphael with health generally and prosperity consciousness. I also love Sandalphon who helps connects to your earth star chakra and Gaia herself.   She will provide the answers if we listen - something the indigenous people know all about. Do you connect with the land you built your home on.   It may provide some answers.  

Don't know where some of that email came from, but I thought I'd share it with you.

Much love and light.

Ruth Ann Immediately upon reading this letter (while sitting in front of a gift of flowers grown in a commercial greenhouse) I looked at the pink lily and felt her love directed straight at my heart *tingles*. I have been so filled with admiration, awe and gratitude for this bouquet the past two weeks. The lily's perfume surprises me throughout the day when I least expect it. Thank you Elizabeth for once again speaking on behalf of nature and how we too share a part (consciously or unconsciously) in impacting the earth. 
Li I appreciate the reminders that we can bless our food and ask spirit to align it with our highest vibration at all times no matter what we can or can't afford at the store. However, the line about GMO being grown to bolster the food supply for a growing global population of people feels like political neoliberal propaganda that fails to acknowledge how the ravages of endless wars, of might and of extractive economies, along with exploitative trade agreements and policies have rendered certain geographical regions unable or incapable to feed ourselves locally and sustainably. Blessings to all beings, may we remember who we really are.
Dubravka Dear Elizabeth,
Your post is very interesting
Today's The Simpsons Cartoon here in Italy talked about GMO food
I agree with you that we should NOT interfere so Mich with the Nature and this is the opinion of the most of Europeans
Kisses and hugs from Southern Europe :)
Mickey Cuzzucoli Hi- If everyone who could would plant more plants that the butterflies like -- that would help.   It's an action we fan take and it does require work.   We can take the steps that would help.
Lets not be lazy and let others do it- do what you can do right where you are.
Mucho hugs
Bethany Caldwell Thank you for this beautiful post. I always love reading you divine insight. It always seems to come at the perfect time. You are a true source of love and light and as a psychic myself,   I love looking to you for inspiration in your thoughts and and wisdom. 
Deborrah Foreman I can sense grass fed vs not, I can feel the heartiness of organic homegrown vs not. They shine in my refrigerator and have unique stories and origins.
Deborah Kravig Love and light beautiful Lady! Thank you thank you for sharing this messeage. I do the same as you and bless all with the white light. I sign petitions and pray to the Goddess for those things I can't change physically. We can make a difference in this world. β™‘β™‘
Sherrie Thank you for sharing. I have noticed the disappearance of butterflies plants animals for many years. I plant natural food for them such as, berry trees, herbs, and still they do not arrive. Because I'm so close to Earth Mother and all our relations on her, I have cried deeply.
I keep praying for all and as you do, put the lightf around the food ect!
Thank you for sharing!
Janet King I live in NYC on Roosevelt Island, in the middle of the East River and a very green (literally) community. We have a parade of monarchs go through on their migration every fall about this time.

I'll watch for them this year in hopes that there will be many! Haven't seen any yet.
Janet Dilks its so true about the butterflies. i have a friend sending me seeds from their garden tome. next spring i'll be growing my own I had a tremendous amount of monarchs and swallowtails this year,but i could always you more. with having many struggles this year i like to talk to them when i see them,hoping they are a loved one to give me hope and courage.
I will start talking to my food now as well. thank you !



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