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Welcome. I'm Elizabeth Harper. I'm here with this week's angel messages. So our messages this week are about what you're capable of. Your angels know that you're capable of so much, do you? So what I'd love you to do is place one or both of your hands over your heart just like angel wings. Invite your angels to guide you to message 1,2 or three, a message that comes from their heart to yours what you can also do is move your cursor along until you intuitively feel that you need to stop and right there is another message for you from your angels.

Are you ready? So we are using the Audacious Action Angels cards,  let's see what comes up for Number One. Which one do you think it feels like this one warmly receptive. So your angels are saying to you you are open to receive. This is one of your gifts and you need to know that that you are opening yourself up to receive and they would like you to open yourself up to receive them. So when you look at this it's like a nice cup of tea isn't it and it looks very rainbow-like has all the colors of the rainbow, your chakras are opening up your Energy field is all opening up.

Everything's opening up to receive. And your angels just want to say they are ready to step in and support you they're always there, they're ready to connect with you. They're always there, and they just want you to say, Come on in, come on in. I'm ready. Come and have a cup of tea with me. Let's have a chat. Let's have a conversation. Why don't we try this on for size? So it's almost like you're sitting down with your guides with your angels, with your supporters, your spirit team and you're having a conversation with them, just like you would anybody else.

So they're asking you to be open to receive that part of your life. The other part is that you know when I look at this and I see this flow of the color's coming in, I feel that part of this is also about going with the flow. That part of your gift right now is just to go with it, go with the energy of flow wherever that energy is taking you and not to hold yourself back.

Not to say no, you can't do that. Allow yourself to be open, to receive and to be open to the flow of energy, lots of color in there. You can do anything. I feel that's also a message for you. Anything at all you've got all these colors coming in. So it's like having every ingredient under the sun to make the recipe that is perfect for you.

Okay, Number two. Let's see I have these upside-down Number two feels like this one. Magic wand. Your angels are saying you have this incredible magic wand, So with a magic wand, you can make anything and everything happen. It's possible to do that anyway, but with a magic wand, it's saying anything that you touch at this moment magic is created.

Miracles can happen and I get lots of this sense around my head of energy coming in. So there's that feeling of just again opening yourself up Magic Wand says that.

You can bring magic into your life that you can create anything and everything that you want, and that magic wand is something that comes from almost being in alignment with the universal energy as well. The universal energy of abundance of giving, and you are again in this state of receptivity as well. When I look at this,

I almost feel that you know that something is coming into your life, that something big is coming into your life, and it might be that you can feel it, that you're on the edge of it right now, and I feel that it's almost as if there's a need to be in alignment with that with whatever that is. So you're saying to yourself, You know, I can feel this. I can feel this coming in, and sometimes when we can feel it, we put it out there instead of in here, and it needs to be in here.

So that alignment is in the here and now in the present moment where you are that magic wand to me is also saying, and again, this is on that guides and angels vibration that you are tapping in to Ah, it's almost like another level of source. So you might feel that, too, that you're tapping into something else that is not necessarily guides and angels, but it's another level of nature. Let's say around you. So you might feel that magic you might feel more energy coming in around you that is coming in from nature. That's just the sense of it. So you might get this urge to be in nature. You might get this urge to hug a tree, you might get an urge to have more plants or flowers around you because I almost feel like, you know, with wands, it's fairies, I almost feel like that kind of vibe is coming into your life right now. Magic is coming in, so that's fun. That's enormous fun.

Our final card is on your knees. Well, we had all that magic before, didn't we? And now this is, well, we need to do a bit of hard work. Your angels are saying to me - this is saying that you are the salt of the earth, that you are the kind of person that says Okay, so I need to do this and you to get on with it. It's time for me to get cracking it's time for me to get moving and your angels are saying we believe in you.

They believe in what you're capable of doing. Part of this is cleansing, Isn't it part of it is. It's cleaning the floor, so it's cleansing for that next step. So they're asking you to cleanse your energy to cleanse, your life, to cleanse your environment, to tidy up, to put everything in its right place and maybe to simplify your life as well.

And then they're asking you to stand up so that your off your knees you're standing up, you can look around you and you've got this preparation zone all around you.  So it's nice and cleansed. Your environment is all spick and span, and then you can. It's almost like walking out that door because you've completed something, and when you walk out that door, there's a bright light, and that bright light is a new adventure for you.

That's what I feel the message is for you that it's time to clean up maybe tidy up, tie up some loose ends, tidy things up around you get everything organized because I feel that your angels are saying there's a new step waiting for you. There's new energy waiting for you, but you've got some work to do first I feel like there's something very exciting there as well, but not until you've cleared the environment. It's almost like, you know when you want to have, another outfit. Let's say in your wardrobe, in your closet and you just need to make space So you take some pieces out of it so you can create space for that next outfit.

And that's what I feel. Your angels, they're saying to you right now is that there's a little bit of work to be done clearing up, tidying up, cleaning up cleansing that could be letting go as well. And then they're saying You can walk out that door and take a look there. That's the door. It's just waiting for you. Just gonna clean your way. And then that door will open up and I just see this light that's there. Which is very exciting, you're not passing into spirit. It just feels like it's a new step for you, but you have to prepare the way for it. Are you're going to do that next.

Thank you so much for watching. Make sure to subscribe to my channel and pick up your gift. You can see the link in the description. I will see you next week.

Lots of angel blessings to you,
Love, elizabeth XOXO

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