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Welcome, I'm Elizabeth Harper and I'm here with this week's angel messages. So this week's angel messages are about your light. About you shining your light. So what I'd love you to do is place one or both of your hands over your heart, just like angel wings. Invite your angels to guide you to message 1,2 or three a message that comes from their heart to yours. What you can also do is move your cursor along in the video until you intuitively feel it's time to stop. And right there is another angel message for you.

All right, You ready? Three cards. Which one is the number one you can intuit all of them, feels like it's this one. So this is keepers of the earth, so it says that You are not alone. Ancient ancestors stand behind you. So I feel that when you look at that, this is almost like this is you, let's say And this is your angels, your ancestors, the light that is there. But what can connect you is that light within you is that beautiful light within you connects you to your ancestors.

And I feel that the angels are saying your loved ones. Your TRIBE, your guides and angels are right there with you in your energy field. They're always around you. They're connected to you. They're connected to you through your heart, and they're asking you to deepen. That connection its just to remember them. I feel like it's about remembering that light that connects between you and your family and this is family in spirit, not necessarily family on the on the earth plane,

your soul, family, your soul group. And I feel that when you open that light within yourself within your heart to connect with your soul group your soul TRIBE,

your soul family, your guides, your angels you will also find that because that connection is going into the heavens let's say and into the energy around you.

You'll find that you'll connect on a deeper level with physical beings on the planet now, that's my sense of this.

When I look at it, I feel that the angels are saying they have always been with you. That is not just something that is now in this lifetime.

They've always been with you between lives as well as on the physical plane, keeper of the earth keepers of the earth,

and I feel that the light that is you is also aligning you with being someone who supports the planet that you are here is a like worker that you work with the energy of life.

That once you move into alignment with your soul group with your soul family with your angels, with your guides with your loved ones in spirit.

Once you move into alignment with that, you're moving into alignment with your truth. And you're moving into alignment with the knowledge that you came here not just for your own growth and purpose,

but also to support the planet. So you are a keeper off the earth. You are a light worker,

and I feel that your angels want you to know that. All right, Number two, let's see what you get.

Okay, this say's don't dim to fit in so Don't dim your light to fit in. I love that. How are you dimming

your light in order to fit in? Now that's kind of interesting. It's got three images on here,

so I feel with that three. I'm just feeling into it. Just feeling into what, the three is,

what that three energy is because three is expansion, its abundance. And it's the Triplicity. What I think of as the Virgin, Mother crone or the

spirit and soul and the physical body as well that connection to all of it. So I feel that your wholeness,

I feel that this is about your wholeness, that you have this light that is emanating from every aspect of you.

So it's emanating from your physical being from your spiritual being from the soul light. That all these three together are your light and you're being asked not to dim that light,

because when you dim the light, it's not just about you not showing up or you not being seen or,

you not sharing the gifts that innately yours these special gifts. It's also that you're a reflection for others,

So when you don't show up when you allow yourself to dim that light, then others will see that and recognize it and realize it and align with it and they'll they'll stop shining their lights as well.

They'll dim their lights, too. So when you as the light worker, you as the light worker,

open up to the light when you shine your light so brightly that everybody can see who you are. Your truth,

the beauty of you. When everyone knows your light, then they receive permission to do the same. So they are triggered themselves because they see you're light,

Have you ever noticed that when you look at someone when you appreciate someone, when you really admire someone's qualities and you want to live up to that as well

You want that for yourself You open that light within you, and that's what's happening here. You are a light worker.

Don't dim that light be the truth that you are stand in that truth stand in the light. Our final card I picked up the keepers of the Earth again.

Our final card is Priestess, so let's see, it says how you being called to step up and lead? How you being called step up and lead?

So when I look at that card, there's some gold in there and green and she's standing - She's standing in a superwoman stance with her hands on her hips.

But look how there's a light right there at the core of her being her incarnational star is right that so it's as if.

She's saying, I am, being activated right now. The incarnational star within me is being activated,

and I am ready to step in as a leader. And if you look behind her, there are two lions behind her,

and lions are often symbolic of leadership and they look like wings, don't they? So I feel that this is - looks like wings down here as well,

I feel that this is saying that your angels are behind you, that it is your destiny, your path to be a leader.

And it doesn't mean that you have to lead the country doesn't mean that you have to stand up and start making speeches or anything like that.

Being a leader is really standing in your power because when you stand in your power, Then again, it's that reflection to others that they see you in your power.

They look up to you and you can share your wisdom with others. As a leader, you have enormous wisdom and those lions that are creating the wings.

That's you. It's almost like you don't have to be aggressive in the leadership. You could be gentle in that leadership.

You can be playful in that leadership, but you can also be powerful in that leadership. So your angels are saying you are ready to step into a leadership role as a light worker

Are you willing to take that next step? And the star within that incarnational star is being triggered So I feel that you know that this is the truth,

that you know that this is the path you need to take and your angels are sending you little confirmations.

They're sending you clues, and this is one of them because you already know you've already heard it before.

You really felt it, that this is where you need to go next and again. It doesn't have to be a big deal.

It's just you stepping into that energy of power and leadership and saying, OK, I'll be the light worker.

I'll be the channel for the Angels. I'll be the person who teaches others I'll guide. I'll be there to support.

That's you stepping into your leadership abilities because you can so totally do it. And you could do that.

now. That's it for this week's angel messages. Make sure to pick up your guiding angel meditation. It's five minutes.

It's going to support you as you align with your angels very simply every day. Daily practice gonna be perfect for you.

You'll see the link in the description and Subscribe to my channel. If you're on YouTube right now, subscribe to my channel.

Then you'll get notifications of when my videos go live and I will see you next week,

Lots of angel blessings to you,
Love, elizabeth XOXO



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