💖 Your Angels Have a Message About What They Want for You! 💖

angel messages Jan 08, 2020

💖 Your Angels Have a Message About What They Want for You! 💖

Place your hands over your heart like angel wings, then invite your angels to guide you to select 1, 2, or 3 for a message from their heart to yours. You can watch all the messages or go straight to your personal number:

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Welcome, I'm Elizabeth Harper, I'm here with this week's angel messages. This week, our messages are all about what your angels want for you. What do they want for you at this moment, what is it your heart is yearning for? And they want that for you too. Place your hands over your heart just like angel wings. Invite your angels to guide you to message 1,2 or three, a message that comes from their heart to yours. What you can also do is move your cursor along in the video until you intuitively feel it's time to stop and right there is an extra message for you from your angels.

Invite your angels to guide you to that spot as well. Your angels are always guiding you, and they are always with you. We have three cards today from the Spell deck. These are spell cards, thought would be nice, different for us to use. Number one, which is your card, feeling like the middle card does it feel like that for you? Find my glasses. This one is success, so your angels want success for you. And can you see on that card? There's this beautiful pink cloud above - your focus may have gone to that archery target, but there's a pink card above, and there's a little pink on the end around that arrow. And that pink, of course, is again the cloud. But the pink is there, and that pink is love. Your angels are saying, You know what? Whatever it is you're focusing on at the moment, whatever it is you want we are behind you 100% we are bringing in the energy of love, provided this is about love, everything you want to attract contains love. Don't forget that.

Remember that everything you want to attract contains love - I feel like saying "that's a tweetable" everything you want to attract contains love. So when we look at this, it's all these different rings, and it may be that you have tried something else and tried something else until finally, you get to this place of pinpointing its a little bit like a recipe isn't it, you try different recipes, You try different ingredients.

You put different things together until finally you hit the mark on the head. It's like that's it. That's what I need to do and I feel that your angels are saying success is there for you. We are focused stay focused. Stay focused on what it is you most want and direct your energy where attention goes energy flows. Right? Direct your energy towards that that focus whatever it is you want to achieve right now.

So you see with this, you know, when you're doing archery, you've got this piece of machinery, right? You've got this dart and you're sending that dart to the bull's eye. What is it you want to achieve that's going to give you so much elation? Imagine you have this Archery, machinery - what do you call that - bow and arrow. You have your bow and arrow, and then you're pulling your arrow back and you're sending it to that target.

How does it feel when you get that bull's eye? How does it feel? It would feel oh fabulous. You would feel so happy about it. You've achieved something. You've succeeded. That's what you need to focus on that energy of success, of achievement, of getting exactly what you most need in your life right now. And that's what your angels want for you. And that's what the holding in their vision. I love that. Okay, two cards. Which card is for you

Number two.  It's a spell card. Of course, they're all spell cards. This one is True Love come to me. So this is asking for True Love Now if you've already got true love in your life it doesn't mean that there's a new lover on the way.

This is about bringing love into your life. So if we go back to that place of understanding that everything contains love everything that you wish for contains love, everything you desire contains love then your angels are saying true love come to me. This is what you need to ask for is more love to come into your life to be open to more love to come into your life. And this is male and female. So you know, in any relationship doesn't have to be male and female. It can be the same sex. It could be that this relationship is between you and an animal, could be between you and a spirit guide.

It could be between you and the planet, with a plant, with a crystal. It's relationship energy. True love come to me. What is it you desire? What is it your heart most wants? What is it that will bring more love into your life? And that's what your angels are saying to you. Focus on the love focus on that relationship that you will have with whatever it is you want to bring in. So the previous card was about success so that success could be in relationships. It could be in your job.

It could be in your health, in your finances, et cetera. With this one. It's saying that success is coming in by realizing the partnership you have, that you are in partnership with everything that you are in relationship with everything. You're in partnership with the divine. So your angels are saying, Imagine that you are in partnership with whatever it is you want to attract, that this is a relationship that you're attracting. You're attracting a relationship with whatever it is you want, and that's the way to focus on it. That's what your angels are doing. They are seeing you two hearts and the heart's coming together. Focus on that.

Our final card is new beginnings. Take a look at that number. When this came out of the deck, I thought, Isn't that interesting? Number 44 an angel number So when we look at this new beginnings, it sees two little sprouts that are coming up from the earth. And then there's light that's there. They're going towards the light, aren't they? They're moving towards the light new beginnings. So your angels are saying a new beginning is there for you.

You're asking for a new beginning and you start. You have already planted the seeds for that because you've already requested it. You've already asked for it. It's like putting an order in at a restaurant. You've already put that order in. Don't have to keep thinking about it. That's what happens with the seeds. You've already planted the seeds.

The new beginning is coming. It's there. The light is opening up. Put yourself into the light. I feel that the message is about lightening up your life as well for that new beginning, because it's a little bit like having a wardrobe of outfits, and you want more outfits. You need to make space for them, so when you let go, you create more space. It's not just physical space, it's energetic space, and that's what counts with this, the energetic space, so you creating that energy space so that more can come in so that whatever it is you wish for can come in.

You've created that vibration. It's almost like a happy space for this new beginning to slot perfectly in. I see all of this light as well. And your angels are saying we are there guiding that new beginning. I can almost see them sort of pulling that new beginning towards then bringing you towards them so that you can let go of whatever is holding you back and be in this place of light. Look at these two little seedlings right here. They just have the tops. They don't have all the leaves, they don't have anything around them. They're so simple and I feel that that is what your angels are saying.

It's simplify things so that then you can step in to this new beginning without all the baggage. You don't need all that stuff. We don't need all this stuff that we have. But I look around me, I have lots of stuff around me, but I don't need it. It's not necessary. And your angels are saying all that stuff. It's not necessary. Focus on the growth focus on moving towards the light. Focus on simplicity and before you know it, you'll be there. That new beginning will be welcoming you in, and your angels will be saying, Come on, let's step together. We're doing this together. Your angels are always with you.

Remember that. Thank you so much for watching.

Lots of angel blessings to you,
Love, elizabeth XOXO





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