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Uncategorized Oct 11, 2016

Hello Lightworker,

I had just sat down to write this Love Letter to you about ANGELS when I had a feeling that I needed to go outside to call in my cat Will-O-the-wisp. 

Do you ever get that? You start doing something and all of a sudden you get the feeling you have to stop and go do something else? 

My husband thinks I easily get distracted but I know its important to follow my feelings. After all, its what brought me to the United States and to the life I live.

So I walked around the garden. We live on 13 acres, but I just rounded the perimeter of the house. 

I looked out into the trees as I called her name then found myself drawn to one spot in the grass. 

Guess what I found there? A small perfectly formed white feather.

I live in the country but surprisingly we don't get many feathers. So when one appears, especially a small white one, I know that it's a message from my angels that they're with me.

The original intention of this Love Letter was to offer you a gift. Many years ago I tuned into and channeled a prayer for cleansing and protection from Archangel Michael, and its this that I felt nudged to share with you.

This is the message that came through to me from Archangel Michael, not word for word. This is the essence of our conversation. As I received this message I felt a HUGE presence around the top of my head and a pulsing vibration passing through me that made my heart pound. I cried throughout - my indicator of truth.

We're moving through some heavy deep purple energy right now. It's so thick that it almost looks black. As I perceive the ethers clairvoyantly there is a sense of lavender higher up closer to the light waiting to come in. But here on our beautiful planet the vibe looks more like thick soup.

What you need to understand is that even though you may not consider yourself a healer you are healing the planet, your tribe, and the cosmic forces around you all the time. 

As a lightworker you're cleansing this soup through your own system, so it's really important for your health and wellbeing to release that energy and not hold onto it. 

Your desire to be of service, your compassion and your love for all living beings opens you up to be a channel for the light. Of course, the light cleanses and protects you, but on a human level you can get caught up in the web of energy that is emotion. It's this emotion that we want to transform with the prayer. 

The image I made for the prayer above is exactly what Archangel Michael is showing me. I created that image a couple of days ago but he's just telling me what the energy is now as I write this. Sometimes we're prepped beforehand with information not realizing that we're getting the download, we just haven't opened the files yet. 

I recorded the prayer so it's really easy for you to listen to every day. It's short, but potent. Words have power and I am told by Archangel Michael that when you use YOUR OWN VOICE that power is enhanced.

So as you listen and hear me say the prayer speak it along with me, either in your mind or aloud. Your essence will infuse the words, joining with mine and that of Archangel Michael's. The combined force in the POWER OF THREE will help cleanse and protect your energy on all levels of being.

Click below to get your FREE Archangel Michael Prayer for Cleansing & Protection. Remember to come back here to let me know how the prayer resonates with you and if you too can feel the force of this angel's power through the words.



Elizabeth Hello Katrien,

Welcome to my community, I’m so honored that you chose to join.

I checked and both the Archangel Michael prayer and Color kit emails have been delivered to you. Neither have been opened on your end which leads me to believe that they may have gone into your spam folder. Do check there and let me know how you get on. I’m sending you an email too so hopefully you’ll receive this.

Love to you
elizabeth XOOX
Elizabeth Roz, looks like you already signed up for the prayer in January so that might be why it didn't come through again. You signed up here with the incorrect email address so that may have happened too. I'll see how I can send it to you again now
Roz Aronson Dear Elizabeth,
I was hoping to hear Archangel Michael's prayer.
I am already on your list and receiving your wonderful messages (Bless you for all of them)
so it took me to a signup and welcomed me as if new,
but I never found the Archangel Michael prayer!!!!
funny, isn't it?
? luv, Roz
Katrien Hello Elizabeth,
This is my first time with this and I did not found out how to get the message from archangel Michael. I pushed where you said but it was not Correct. Could you help me out?
Thank you so much❀
Tracey I started the prayer and almost immediately I felt an amazing feeling of deep love in my heart. I cried through the whole prayer. I finished with 'that was beautiful' and wiped my eyes. Thank you so much. Bless Bless
Billie Jones Thank You! That was wonderful! I love what you do! Blessings!!
Kari Wow - I'm astounded at how talented you are. Look at that art too!
Kathleen Cervino I have found that the white feathers means "changes" are coming. It turned out true in my case. The first feathers I saw were about 20 very large Black feathers. You could not miss them very unusual but it caught my attention. I came out of my front door they were all over my driveway I had to notice. For a period of time I continueously saw white feathers starting out small and one only then several at a time and everywhere I walked they were there. The message from my Angels was simply to BELIEVE. I had given up on mankind. It was a long road back for me. Thank you Elizabeth you have such a kind and healing soul. Many Blessings. Kathleen
Linda Thank you, Elizabeth. This came right on time for me.
alison desnousse thankyou for the gift. i found a pretty lilac colour feather in my garage. there are no birds of that colour around, so im saying its from the angels, my first pretty coloured
Brenda Dearest Elizabeth, Thank you so much for this beautiful and powerful prayer and for sharing it!!!!! I love your work, thank you very much......lots of love xxxx
Maria Thank you Elizabeth for this beautiful prayer. I am feeling such peace and had a lovely warm feeling around my heart during the prayer. With much gratitude and may God bless you always xxx
Nicola Jones Thank you so much for this wonderful positive uplifting prayer. I really really need this at the moment. ❀ & light ? xxx
David Than you so much Elizabeth. Talk about resonating. I was searching for a prayer to St. Michael this morning.   I have been finding all types of feathers on my path and the last one was small and white. Amazing. And if I can send a message to Stephen to stay strong you will get through this.
Elizabeth Stephen, I don't think there's another way to send it to you. I also live in the country with the poorest Internet access you can get, so I know what you mean. Have patience, it will download, leave the link open.
Edwina Thank you Elizabeth, that was amazing.   Your message arrived in my mail-box just as I was googling Archangel Michael and his female counter part Faith. Not a coincidence me thinks!

Of late I have remembered to wear Archangel Michael's blue cloak of protection; recently fur was added inside the hood and today a large bow was placed beneath my chin!

I love the prayer you gifted and your expressive voice is wonderful. I shall repeat it with you many times.

I'm feeling very peaceful.
With gratitude
Edwina xxx
Stephen George Turner please can you send a link that downloads in a different method as I live remote with poor Internet band with &could not get Archangel Micheal guidance prayers offered I'm not computer literate & dyslexic & need so much to shift in my desparate circumstances I did a package with you but was unable to book a session sadly I've been forced to give up custody of my son &divorce &only an irrational weekly phone call when previous to the death of our little baby girl I was home dad for both my life has been devastated by unexpected severs tram arising dramas so you prayer offer appreciated so much only I can't get it which is the negative blocking the essential resources to heal this crazy world I am a good soul so I guess thats the dark sides problem not mine please help
Veronica Your post came just right after I had finished following up on the status of my son's testing. I called up the center st 3:36 while you thought abt writing this a minute earlier. You are always in tune with us. Thank you Eluzabeth. I listened to your prayer twice and I felt more calm , peaceful and light. Thank you and may Gid bless you always! Verinica
Barbara I've asked for the prayer but am already on your weekly list. Thank you, Elizabeth. I would love to see you again sometime at Omega!
Benedikte Hello Elizabeth,

When I sad the prayer there came a warm feeling into my heart.
Thank you

Many blessings
Andrea Thank you Elizabeth! This is exactly what I needed.
Leanne Beautiful I have had Raphael with me all week white feathers are your spirits not mine Hun meant for you . I no who's calling me before phone answers etc am very spiritual and very good had a gift from a child. Beautiful poem x L&L blessings I keep dreaming of golden lions x so my luck must be changing. Cats can communicate my cat fetched socks and massaged my leg I had a blood clot . Cats are Psycic too very x I love cats I hold them like my own child x?????Meditation time . Blessings to you x I have a little child communicating Katrina she's around 8 years old so connecting a message . ! But beautiful poems

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