Are You Affected by the Full Moon? Your Psychic Questions Answered

Q+A Moon Energy, Psychic Questions and an Inner Child healing

πŸ˜‡ In this week's meet up we discussed the energy of the Moon and its impact on you, included a couple of questions about seeing visions and dreams, and went through a meditation to connect your awareness of light with the energy of the Full Moon to bring healing for your Inner Child. Please share the video with your community and let me know what gift you received during the meditation. 

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Cynthia Also, my gift was a basket - I have NO clue what that means.....yet. πŸ˜‰
Cynthia Thank you again for a wonderful video!   There's so much I want to share, but I'll try to keep it short and sweet. For about the past 5 yrs I have gotten goosebumps on just my scalp. It's feels so wierd and it's completely random. Now I'm wondering if that is my team being close. Now, that I'm aware I'll keep my eyes out for what's going on when it happens. I also have prophetic dreams, although they often feel more like de'javu at first. Then I remember I dreamt it. Lol. That meditation was so profound for me. The light hit my heart chakra and then 2 beams to both feet. When I connected to the moon energy I got pain in my upper back and 3rd eye area. Once I connected the energy the pain went away and it appeared as if the moon herself was sitting in my upper body making a complete circle of energy through my heart, 3rd eye, and back. Amazing! Thank you again. πŸ™πŸ’œ
Ardis Gift was a deep purple light surrounding me
Teri Elizabeth,
Thank you for your wonderful guidance. I especially liked how you helped us to notice how our psychic gifts show up in different ways for each of us. I've been searching for someone to help me understand my gifts, I believe you are an answer to my prayers.
Carol Peterson I can here you . but i still don't know if i'm in the right place , at 12:00 noon . Help !   Would you let me know. Thank You.
Carol Peterson Hi Elizabeth, was working out in the sun, now i'm late and confused, i can't find u. Sorry , but am still trying .   Carol . P.
Ajara Thank you for your beautiful full moon video & meditation, it was all wonderful & such great guidance! I loved it! ?
Every full moon, weather permitting...I go to a special place near my home that has special energies & do a full moon meditation. When I work with the moon, I connect to my heart & the light in my heart, then connect my heart & the light in my heart, to the light in the heart of the moon. I always stay fully present in my body & connected to the Earth. I also ask to receive from the heart of the moon, any divine messages & any light codings that it is appropriate for me to receive at this time...& ask to be of service! I dont always get anything to my conscious mind, but I just trust!
Thank you once again, Elizabeth, for your special healing guidance...what you are doing is a wonderful gift to us all! I so appreciate you & your divine connection. ???.
Gina Villwok Hear you perfectly
Gina Villwok I see only the bottom of your glasses, and your BEAUTIFUL face
Gina Villwok I can hear you, I wish you can see me to
Carol Light blue
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