Are You Guided By Your Intuition?


When I first started on the professional path as a clairvoyant and healer, I asked my father if he'd lend me the money for the downpayment on an office. He gave me his shrewd look and with a smile asked, "Well, what do your Tarot cards say? Do they say I'll give you the loan or not?" I immediately told him I'd already done a reading for myself and they'd said YES, he'd give me the loan. He laughed and then wrote me a check.

But some years later I was surprised that he asked when I would get a "proper job," one with a consistent income and pension. I knew in that moment that while he supported my dreams, he also feared for my well being, and it was all based on his own experiences.

People can sometimes define you by who they are. If you're different from them, they might try to persuade you to change the decisions you make purely based on their own experiences and fears.


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This makes me think of Plato's "Allegory of the Cave," where people are imprisoned and live in the darkness, never experiencing anything other than the cave, afraid of the shadows they see, thinking this is all there is to reality. Then one of them escapes to discover the light, realizing the shadows are not reality, there is so much more.

The allegory explores the difference between those who might continue to live according to the majority, and those who might escape, think differently from others, and be exposed to a bigger picture of life.

Does this message resonate?

Is your intuition guiding you toward something but you're being held back by the opinions and fears of others?

It can be challenging to go against what you've always known, but when your soul calls, when you feel compelled to step outside the box and maybe find yourself, then it's important to listen to the voice of your own heart.

Here I share with you 7 Meditation Tips To Connect With Your Intuition

Let me know what comes up.

Keep shining your light!
Love to you dear,
Elizabeth, XOXO.


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