Are You Listening?

If you're sensitive to earth's energy you might have been feeling drained lately. There have been peaks in the Schumann Resonance - the heartbeat of the earth. This is a frequency in the electromagnetic field around the earth that is said to align with the human brain waves, alpha and theta. When it peaks we can experience tiredness, dizziness, even depression.   

We're conditioned into thinking these symptoms indicate there's something wrong physically. When you're plugged into the earth you can pick up changes in the energy, but it's also true of your spiritual world. 

Your intuition sends you signs through the vibration of your being and you can feel these messages in your body. Problems emerge when you don't listen. The listening isn't a voice, its changes detected in your body when you're "in tune" with it's vibration.

I use this awareness of my physical vibration to make intuitive decisions.

For the past week or so I've been getting that niggling feeling that certain things in my life needed adjustment. Some are shifting without any apparent input from me and I know that I've already molded the energy for the transformation to happen. 

A lot of the changes are centered in and around my work. A decision I made this week brings to mind my favorite saying - 

"we teach what we most need to learn." 

A couple of months ago I was speaking with one of my team members about setting up a Facebook Group for my business. I loved this idea, she didn't. I already have a thriving business page, but my thought was that it would be a safe space for people to connect, share and heal. It would also be a great place to share my work.

Her thought was that it would spread me too thin and would put too much stress on both myself and my team. I knew she was right! Still, I went ahead anyway.

Right from the start it grew into something beautiful. However, what I hadn't anticipated was the confusion I encountered by being in too many places. I felt a bit discombobulated and wasn't sure where to focus my energy.

Have you noticed that when you ask a question
the answer appears? 

That question of "where do I focus my energy" revealed what I needed to let go of.  

I'm also realizing that I have a tendency to take on various projects to avoid moving into new terrain. Do you do that too?  

Life is a series of experiences,
we learn as we navigate life's ups and downs.

Change is inevitable. We live in a world that is constantly changing. If we struggle with it then we're fighting a losing battle. Letting go is so liberating.

What do you need to let go of?

Or maybe the question to ask yourself is "why am I holding on?"

I started out telling you about feeling the vibration of your physical body. When something is no longer for my "highest and best" my body will feel heavy as I think about it. That's when I know its time to let it go. Holding on just makes me feel heavier. Can you relate to this?

Nothing is lost. We go through experiences to learn, understand, and know more of who we are. Although we often like to think otherwise we always have a choice.

I'm often asked by my clients, "how do I take back my power?"

If you believe that you don't have a choice in any given situation that's when you lose your power. Having a choice doesn't mean you're going to go ahead and take it. When you acknowledge that you have choices you are coming from a place of empowerment. Think about that.

** I'm working on some new online courses. I'd love to know if you want to learn more about your intuition and if you want to develop your intuitive skills.**

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

LOVE + blessings
XOXO elizabeth


Aspasia I absolutely adore this Elizabeth. Thank you. I agree when you ask the question you get the answer. Einstein said he could answer anything it was just a matter of asking the right questions. I could use a course on that. What are the right questions. That really is the key isn't it?
Robyn D. Headaches, dizziness, depressed, fatigued ... been dealing with that for sometime now. Have spent a lot of days laying in bed reading or playing games on the ipad or chatting with friends when I don't need to go out or do some work. Dealing with anyone with negative energy is like wading through sludge. A lot of stuff from my past has risen to be dealt with, sometimes twice. Advice given that most often does not resonnate and has no relevance. This time around the 'advice' was again not resonating, but it did have me thinking of pathways to follow which do resonate for me to deal with and move on from a problem just to stop the different advice some were giving me which will never work in solving the problem. Leaving behind the old is quite refreshing, no baggage to weigh one down. Thank you.
Susana Hi my dear,
Ive been feeling all that for the past year...dizziness, headaches, anxiety, sickness...its like living in hell...i feel insecure because of that, depressed and its unabling me to move foward ...i know today that i have a lot to let past, old belifs, traumatic episodes since i was 2 years old...all these things made be a very fearful person...
Ive made lots of physical exams and although i have a few issues, nothing comes clear and as a valid cause to those syntoms, wich makes me think that its energetic and emotional...pretty tough to get out of here!!!
I live by the sea, so whenever its good i find some peace and relief there. I also pay attention when I brearhe, i medidate but not a lot, i do my colourful craft, and pull my angel cards! ??
What a ride life is! Thank God we re not alone ? and somehow aligned to the point Ive had the luck to meet you!!! I feel blessed for these kind of encounters!
By the way, I enjoy reading when you said that we teach and we need to learn and integrate in ourselves!!! Thats what I feel too!!! Im waiting for all of this to come lighter so I ll start consulting people who spiritual need support!!!
Thank you so much for all your sharings!!!
Lots of love from Portugal??????????????
Ainsley Divine timing. I was so fatigued yesterday and literally felt cross eyed or drunk (nope. Not a nip) I closed one eye to drive home. I appreciate your sharing especially about what's going on with shifts and the what do I need to let go. I - too - take on many things, then twirl from idea / project / work / play to the next. Only when I'm quieted inside--do I flow with divine energy and inspiration. Namaste ?
Paula Thank you for infotmation about Schumann Resounance. I thougt I am getting sickness or something, because terrible physic fattigue. I was very different than usual. I was alltough happy in mind. I took only few hours. And after that day I made some important dessisions for the coming winter. I gave up some hobbies and feel very free now. I am going to enjoy the autum and winter differetly.
Elsie Maldonado In this last month I have felt my energy like you described. I'm learning and practicing to honor the messages of my soul through my body. If it doesn't feel right somethings wrong. So I understand very well your message. Thank you for your inspiring guidance it really has motivated me with crystals & angels. We should do what feels right following our intuition. Many blessings!!!
Janice Carol Madigan I read your inspiring words and what you have said about the earths energy is exactly how I have been feeling! Love all you do Elizabeth. Feeling peaceful:-) :-* Love and Starlight to you.
Robyn Dawkins Yes, I would be interested in this to help me connect more. Yes, a lot of it that you said resonates with me so   I have
to be more aware and in tune with myself. Thank you for your guidance.
Lisa Elizabeth thank you for sharing this with us I have been in a total funk lately, tired, depressed and couldn't figure out why! I usually get very emotional during the full moon but this was so much more than that. I feel better knowing it was not just me. 
Kimberly Wow! I've been exhausted and dizzy for weeks now. Dizzy actually longer. And I've been having migraines again. So much so that I have a referral to see a neurologist!

I am very in tune with the earth...I'm an Empath, a healer and I have all 4 Claire's.

My stepfather is transitioning and I've been this way since I visited him last....exhausted to the bone and dizzy Etc....I actually wondered if I've carried away his symptoms, even though I grounded myself and reclaimed my healing energy, I literally can't function.

Wish you could tell me if this too shall pass or do I actually need a neurologist?

Im grateful for what time i had in the group and respect your decision. I've been too out of it to be on anyway.

Love and Light ❤️
Mandy Huntington I have noticed these fluctuations for a while now.And I feel electricity building up in my body from the inside. When this happens if I touch people they can feel it coming from me. I would love to learn about my intuition and this electricity that builds up with in me.and the angels I know are guiding me cause I feel them I don't know what they are saying always
Janice Carol Madigan I read your inspiring words and what you have said about the earths energy is exactly how I have been feeling! Love all you do Elizabeth. Feeling peaceful:-) :-* Love and Starlight to you.
Dara Very inspiring piece, Elizabeth. I really found myself going through an emotional roller coaster over these past few days, and it is because of your explanation regarding the pulse of the earth, I now understand why; yes, I would love to learn more about how I can develop my intuitive abilities!

Love & Light ?
Dara Very inspiring piece, Elizabeth. I really found myself going through an emotional roller coaster over these past few days, and it is because of your explanation regarding the pulse of the earth, I now understand why; yes, I would love to learn more about how I can develop my intuitive abilities!

Love & Light ?
Lindsay Yes I'm interested! Your comments often resonate with me, thank you!
Rita Thank you
, Elizabeth for that advice on the pull of the earth's energy and how we can feel during this time. I admit I have been feeling very tired and sleeping too much. Yes and also feeling depressed. Strange I never thought about being in tune with the earth's magnetic vibes. I am interested in learning how to become more intuitive and I can only take an online course as I live in Greece.   Thank you and I love your smile and your sweet voice you have a magical way and I find it comforting to listen to you. Love Rita
Alayne Elizabeth,

You have such a lovely manner. Truth resonates from you and I so welcome you sharing your own process. Yes.   I would like to develop my intuitive skills and I would love to learn these skill from you dear Elizabeth.

With warm regards,

Amber I remember feeling the peace and the enthusiasm for life- in all it's forms- that I sense when I read your words. Lately, and for some time, I have been feeling heavy and unempowered. I've also felt lost and uninspired- so I couldn't really see any way out of it. Thank you for identifying some of these things and offering the reasons for them. I can work with that. I really needed to hear it. Right now, I feel a bit less lost and a bit more hopeful. Thank you, truly.
Yvonne This is beautifully written and is exactly what I needed to know, without knowing what question to ask. Thank you for sharing!
Sheri WOW AND WOW! ''This is exactly how I've been feeling! Heavy heart too. Very tired! Pain in the pit of my stomach has be worried my thoughts are right. All I can do is go for the ride and find out.. Eb and flow.. I've been trying to talk to my guides and angels for a sign. I saw 1:11 today.. so I guess it's new beginnings.. but I don't know what it is.. I think I need to meditate, but not sure should I ask for all angels?
Ivana Hodak I'd love to learn more about how to work with my team of guides and angels.I want to have clear communication with them.Thank you for writting your ideas about that!
Aspasia Holley Hello, I have been secretly following you for awhile now. All I can say is you always know what I need when and how I need it. Your instincts are spot on! Trust that you will provide exactly what is needed. I just realized about choice. As an abused child I never had one. This continues to follow me. Until now! Choice is mine and my power. Loved this thank you!
Susan Hriljac Dear Elizabeth, I just returned home from doing errands because I felt drained and almost in tears. I was not sure why I felt so sad, but I thought I would come home and meditate and ask my angels for help. As I was connecting with your page for a meditation, your note above popped up!   Thank you for this wonderful message! Sending Angel Hugs!
Heather This article was really perfect for me! Like many of your videos, I felt called to open this -- right after I had heard that my ear infection meant that there was something I wasn't hearing!

I had asked my intuition why I'd gotten sick, and had heard, "you were avoiding hearing about a part time job you don't really want." I was also avoiding facing it fully. Even though I know it will support my business as it unfolds and flourishes, I had wondered how I'd have enough time for myself if I had my business and a part time job, and I'd been avoiding it, and putting other tasks and projects ahead of getting it. And, then, I got really, really sick.

It's like my body was saying, "You need to pay attention!"

I had been avoiding getting a job because it feels like starting over -- it is starting over -- and in my 40's, this is not where I imagined myself to be! And, yet, I chose this. And, I'm happy I did. I left a career of 20 years that no longer fit with who I am. And, I'm still discovering who I AM.

I love the part where you ask, "Why am I holding on?" This is a great question! The fear of what's underneath comes to mind -- what feelings or situations I'll face -- even though I intellectually and somewhat emotionally trust the universe, Source, and myself. Everything is always working out!

And, yet, my ego has been driving, trying to avoid what's unknown when I want to surrender to my Spirit. This is still a process.

Thank you, Elizabeth! This article came at just the right time for me. I felt drawn to it, and felt the magic of its message!
Many blessings to you and to other readers, as well! <3
Lori Elizabeth,
from the first video I watched of yours I thought "Oh my goodness she is an Angel"
Last year I had 2 unbelievable happenings as far as signs from the angels so I asked for a strong connection from them with someone here on earth and there came your video.
Your appearance, voice the sound of the harp and your soothing voice is amazing like a encounter with an angel. Thank you, keep up your great work, your messages and help like this article come just when needed.
Have a blessed day,
All the Best,
Mandy Wilkes Thank you Elizabeth.I was just meditating and trying to figure out why am I really here.I know why but to really make a difference like I want to requires more than I have.I love your messages and soo glad to have met you online.Its soo ironic the timing when I get an email from you .It's always needed at that exact moment.Blessings to you Elizabeth
Linda What a great post! Hope you're able to grab the energy and allow it to pull you up. I see you reaching up and popping through a pink and lavender cloud that's not really a barrier. I've been feeling the energy, too, but it makes me incredibly hyper and unable to settle, so "focus" has also been the key for me lately. I have to talk myself into slowing down and doing what I choose to do with love and care...instead of flinging half-baked arrows at multiple moving targets that I can't seem to hit. In fact, "target" keeps coming up as a power word for me when you ask for a weekly word on FB. :-)
Diana Oh boy, as always your timing is impeccable, dear Elizabeth. My energy was so low yesterday and others around me concured. I feel better today; gave myself Reiki and treated my stressed tomato plants to Reiki as well. I cry with thanks to you, Elizabeth. Thank you for letting We Sensitives know that we are not imagining things. And, yes, take care of YOU, my friend; do what YOU most need first. We love you. Thank you.
Elizabeth Hi Elizabeth. I am very interested in developing my intuition and an online course of this nature sounds great to me. Also, a course in learning to receive my own guidance from my heart and higher self would be helpful too, rather than having to consult other people such as psychics, which I found can give me incorrect information. Also, I am interested in the topic of self-empowerment, and how to move out of feeling like a victim. Thank you!
Kimberly Elizabeth, I wouldn't of found you to take your classes if it was not through your Facebook page. Thank you. I look forward to working with you! ,
Victoria Kaloss Such an insightful and educational letter, Elizabeth. Yes, I have had many of the experiences you spoke of such as tiredness, depression, what do I want to focus on, spot on! Thank you for affirming and educating the tribe.


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