Are You Ready for Change?




Last night, I watched a wonderful episode of a Netflix series focused on Queen Elizabeth's life and service to her country called The Crown. This show revealed how she was criticised for not keeping up with the times. The man who launched the attack also came under scrutiny, but his intent was not to belittle the Queen. He wanted to save the monarchy and help it to transform. As a consequence, his recommendations were put into effect and the way the Queen and the Royal Family were and are perceived changed.

Why am I discussing this today?

Change can be difficult. Louise Hay once said that, "people would rather die than change!" An ironic statement as death is yet another form of change.

Something I've noticed is our changing views on religion and how we're awakening to a new energy of belief. I'm not sure what to call this. It feels like we're taking charge of what we believe in and it doesn't always fit into the mold of one particular religious pathway. We are in essence, finding our true identities through this search for truth.

As we search we leave behind the familiar to venture into new territories. This is what I wanted to talk to you about today.

Watch the video. Please let me know in the comments below WHAT IS CHANGING IN YOUR LIFE AND WHAT YOU'RE DOING TO EMBRACE THAT CHANGE.

Keep shining your light!

LOVE + Blessings
elizabeth XOXO


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