Aries Solar Eclipse New Moon Pick a Card Angel Messages

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This second New Moon in Aries is right at the end of the sign at a critical degree and intuitively feels like an opportunity to quickly move beyond our limitations. With the celestial vibrations strongly nudging us to be liberated and free from restrictions, we have the opportunity to move beyond an old identity and step into a new abundantly creative one.

This Aries New Moon Angel messages offer guidance to help you navigate these celestial changes.

Place your hands over your heart and invite the Angels to guide you to select from messages 1, 2, or 3. You can choose more than one message. Watch the video for the New Moon message and then you can go straight to your message.

✨Celestial forecast for everyone is at the beginning
✨ Message 1: Into the unknown 4:24
✨ Message 2: Being compassionate with self 6:07
✨ Message 3: Embracing gratitude 9:52
✨Card for everyone is at the end 15:36

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