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I've found myself out of sorts today. The election is going on in the US and the energy around it is seeping into my consciousness. 

We are light and energy beings, and even though we live by our intuitive guidance and spiritual laws, we are also subject to the rules and boundaries of the physical world and the place we call home. 

Not that this is a bad thing, but it can interrupt the flow of being in your own beautiful, peaceful, sparkly space.

When I don't know what to do, I ask my guides for help with a question:

What do I need to do to get myself back into alignment​​? 

When you ask you receive, but it's not necessarily a big booming voice...

What came to me was an urge to grab a piece of amethsyt, then another, and another, until I'd picked up four pieces in various forms. 

I felt the need to place these around me, like a grid, or protective boundary. It felt good, but I wasn't finished.

I found myself slipping a chunk of Selenite into the band of my trousers laid gently over my Sacral center. Hmmm, a shaft of light came in.

A clear Quartz point called to me, I slipped it into my bra, nestled over my Heart Chakra. That felt gooooood....

Something was missing...

Water! Yes, that felt right. I filled up my Cup of Love, drank, felt a little better, but it still wasn't complete.

The crystal in my bra called my attention, time to move into the cup to create gem water. 

Usually, gem infused water takes a little time to become potent, but this was immediate. No sooner had I popped the crystal into the water, I was guided to drink, and it felt like I was absorbing a cleansing potion, with a little light on the side for good measure.

What is in alignment with my soul and what might be in alignment with yours could be completely different.

We're all different. My intuition guided me to ask for help, and it came in a series of what I like to call "cosmic clues."

Does this message resonate?

If you're feeling out of alignment, then ask for guidance. You may well get an answer that leads you to exactly what you need, or like me, you might need to follow the cosmic clues.

It's important to ask when you need support. Your guides and angels are always there for support, but unless you ask they can't intervene.

If you don't know how to connect with your guides and angels then in this article I share with you 7 Tips to Connect with your Spirit Guides

Let me know what comes up.

Keep shining your light!
Love to you dear,
Elizabeth, XOXO.


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