Breaking the Manifestation Code


Tomorrow is a beautiful SUPERMOON in Gemini at 22 degrees 44 minutes. It tickled me pink when I realized the transiting lunar numbers for this celestial event.

Double digits are known as MASTER numbers. 2 is a lunar vibration anyway and 4 is Uranus. I talked about both of these energies recently with my ONE SOUL members. Uranus is on a 7-year cycle of aligning our hearts with our soul's desires, awakening our gifts and really showing us how as creators we can have an impact on global consciousness.

Have you been getting gentle nudges from your spirit team?

My spirit team - my angels and guides - have been nudging me to begin work on a program that popped into my awareness a few years ago. The New Moon energy is the perfect time to start. 

Once I made the decision to step into creation mode, new opportunities suddenly emerged in alignment with my chosen path.

Coincidence? I think not! 

This is what happens when you wholeheartedly say YES to not just your heart's desires, but to your soul's calling too.

What does all this mean?

It means that being open to receive your heart's desires is one thing, it's an important rule of manifestation. But that rule alone isn't necessarily going to create the space for your wishes and desires to manifest. First, you need to know what you want and then be in ALIGNMENT with your desires.

What does ALIGNMENT mean?

It's like a group of singers that are in harmony. Alignment is an absolute state of harmony or attunement with your desire. It means that nothing in your consciousness will get in the way of its manifestation, stuff like "I'm not worthy to receive it" or "It's never going to happen for me," are the gremlins that can put a big damper on your desires manifesting into your reality.

Are you in alignment with what you want to manifest in your life now? 

Just close your eyes for a moment and ask, "Am I in alignment with... (fill space with your desire)"

The Power of Positive Affirmations

If the answer is NO, then begin by affirming this - "I am open to receive the manifestation of my desires now!" or better still, "I am open to receive the manifestation of (fill space with your desire) now!" It's a good place to start.

Affirmations have their place and can be enormously powerful to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. They send messages to your subconscious and unconscious minds - you know, the 97% of the vote that's controlling your life, that part - and help to re-program old patterns and navigation systems that your consciousness uses to steer you through life by. 

Affirming that you're worthy of receiving your heart's desires is also important. You might be open to receive, but actually embracing the manifestation of your desires could boil down to how worthy you feel of them. 

What's Next?

Manifestation is a big topic, it's not just a recipe with a few ingredients - what you want, being open to receive, being worthy of receiving, having a vision, plus some affirmations sprinkled on top - there's way more to it. But alignment starts with these ingredients and can get you into the manifestation mindset. 

Make sure you're subscribed to receive my LOVE LETTER that way you'll be the first to know when my new program is birthed, PLUS you'll get a wonderful FREE GIFT. Click on the image below to download my Archangel Gabriel Prayer. Gabriel embraces the beautiful golden energy of creation. 

And, let me know in the comments below what you want to manifest right now.

Keep shining your light!

Love to you my dear
elizabeth XOOX πŸ’–


Mary EllenYes Ms Harper i want to manifest right now. Thank you
CarolYou are amazing Elizabeth! I just love your energy! Thank you!
Lynn Thank you, Elizabeth. I am open to receive the manifestation of my desires now for good friends and a loving family.
CarolOh Wow...what a funny coincidence! I have been receiving the numbers 22:44 quite a few times recently...followed by 22:55  ;-)
Thank you Elizabeth. Looking forward to the synchronicities. Xx
Chey 44 is my number along with 444 i see it all day everyday. These numbers follow me so much it doesn't surprise me anymore. I say Thank you when I see it. 
RhondaThank you for your clarity and your beautiful energy.
I loved your message on being in alignment with what we desire because what we want is already there
Elenka NikolovaDear Elizabeth!
Yours messages make me happy!
You bring lite in my life! I love you!
SherryYou have always been a beacon of light and voice for me I was in alignment when I crossed your Facebook page. And I am in alignment now for abundance. Thank you for your grace and beauty πŸ¦‹
Alexis Elizabeth, I resonate with "alignment"
joanThank you Elizabeth for a wonderful message
it resonates so much with me at this time
also listening to your voice alone is so calming and peaceful
Love and light to you
tonyI LIKE IT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Lesley Thank you for this video Elizabeth. I have noticed I've been changing my mantras and wording on many of the things I write. Of course I am out here living my biggest dream at present so it's all so amazing with wonderful synchronistues everywhere. I'm here in Ireland at the moment staying with a woman I meet in New Orleans after I had been to your workshop. We met for only 1 Day, instantly connected and 2 years later here I am sitting in her kitchen and we are about to go visit some druid sites. How exciting!!

I love your change of wording and perfect for today xx
AnneI love your videos Elizabeth and also the one where you got very real like a month ago, that was really toyching. Yourwork is evety time spot on and your words are great guidance. May you be blessed in all you do!!!
Anne MeredithThank you Elizabeth.  It is like you have a preview of what I have been thinking about every time.  This is such a wonderful and helpful message.  Thank you for the nudge.
Tina LuuElizabeth Harper, your messages always resonate with where I am when I receive them. It's magic. :) Thank you for being a bright ray of guidance-light. Mahalo for sharing your beautiful gifts with us. Blessings to you on this upcoming New Moon. xOx Tina
HeatherI am glad you mentioned the time it took for you to get your book published. I recently saw on my FB page pictures that I posted of my first trip to EU, the Netherlands 7 or 8 yrs ago. I remember when I was still a young girl making jokes that the stork had dropped me off in the wrong county. For some reason I just knew I always belonged there, without any reason to think so.When I left I was determined to go back and stay. The only problem was that I had no exceptional talent, despite what my mother says :- ) In that time span I have revisited the Netherlands and a few other countries, as well as made some obstacles for myself her in America. Despite all that I started to learn about me and I found something that touched my heart and my mind. I think I have found that gift that I can learn and share with the world, on either side of the Atlantic. I realize now that I've been gaining knowledge on how to deal with the immigration system as well. I had to have all of this before I could start putting it into action. Thank you for giving me a place to voice this
marcoyes Elizabhet and you know when it is easier for me? when i feel gratitude and happiness loving my self 100% this warm feeling inside my heart support the energy of easyly manifesting from the very bottom of my heart
Sherry DeJongElizabeth, thank you so much for this inspiring video. I have been saying to the universe that I am open to receive,and,clearly about what I want. Yet like you mentioned I was looking at it as outside  of.myself. I am excited about this new way to feel it. What a wonderful shift this is for me. Thank you with love and gratitude!!
DianneSo well put! Thank you. I will take these thoughts with me as I journey through tomorrow and beyond πŸ’– you are super EH! πŸ’–
Lisa Hello Elizabeth, I was working on my new website/project that has been a very long time coming. It too is a compilation  of all I've studied , experienced through this life . I was taking a break from writing checking my email and stumbled upon your message. HOW TIMELY , and HOW BEAUTIFUL IT WAS. Thank You, I have to say I LOVE ALL YOUR MESSAGES. Many many blessings to you . 
BettyI am open to receive the manifestation of prosperity and abundance now. Thank you Kisses and hugs ;-)
DARADear Elizabeth,

Thank you so much for your wonderful message regarding being in "alignment". I am one of those individuals who always say to the universe that "I am open to receive", but when you spoke about coming into "alignment", that really stood out to me, because I never really thought about it that way before. I truly embrace the affirmation that you gave, and I will incorporate it into my manifestation rituals for this New Moon, as well as into my daily affirmations. <3
Bonnie Rabbit StillwaterThank you so much, Elizabeth, for sharing this important information and explaining it the way you have.  I am doing all I can to learn about this subject and develop my skills in manifesting the abundance and positive things I want in my life.  Your knowledge and awareness that you share help me to learn.
SusanI have done this, open to receive, and the abundance.  I have a plan, visualize my living in the place I like.  And doing thinks I like there.  This confirms what I have been doing.  I have printed out the home I like, and such. I have a dream and direction.  And the timing is what I have felt also, when it is time it will happen.
Aspasia HolleyI love this and I completely agree. Recently I joined a certification program. There was a question that really got me going. As I delve into it I saw a program called the God code. I had heard many stories about this type of thing. A life of little breadcrumbs that when followed leads to your life making perfect sense. It reminded me of the scripture " he will bring good from all things to those who believe". Anyway I exclaimed "that's what I want!" Which led me to the law of resonance. Which led me to allowing, which led me to alignment. Anyway, now I'm in the flow just seeing where the next breadcrumb will be. This was perfect! Thank you Elizabeth!
AngelikaYou are a wonderful person.Thank you for your positive messages.I wish for relationship for a very very long time.But maybe I was not aligned to.Now  I try to be aligned with this amazing energy.Thank you beatiful soul.
Love Angelika
MariaHi Elizabeth,

Your message always illuminate my heart. I felt that these words are special and my Angel is in alignment with me.
Thank you and many blessings,

MariaHi Elizabeth,

Your message always illuminate my heart. I felt that these words are special and my Angel is in alignment with me.
Thank you and many blessings,

TeresaThank you Elizabeth ft. Or this short and yet inspirational video about manifesting and being in alignment with ourselves and the universe!  Your message comes at a time in my life where I am ready to take steps to activate the changes in my life for positive growth. You have such CV h a nice way of delivering your messages to us all as and I want to say thank you! Namaste!
Veronica Thank you for this beautiful and meaningful message Elizabeth. We have to move to a new apt by the end of this month, and we haven't found anything yet. I believe you when you said about the right "timing."  Also,I need to be more trusting that we will find one that's meant for us. Elizabeth I feel more peaceful now. Thank you for your sincerity and your calming voice. πŸ’Ÿ

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