Calling All Lightworkers! Join Me For Healing Fountain Day

This week's Healing Venue

If this is your first time here & you don't know what this is about CLICK HERE to read this post first

Today and for the Christmas period we are sending healing to the fountain in Saba'a Baḥrāt Square in Damascus, SYRIA where I am sure there are many souls in need of love and healing. As this is a war zone and there has been so much pain please use the meditation to first protect yourself and then to send energy. At the end of your work remember to cleanse your energy through, anything you have picked up that doesn't belong to you shake it off and come back to your own center.  Click on the link below to help you send healing energy to the planet. I will be sending energy at 4.44PM EST on Thursday 24th December, 2015, but remember that you don't have to stick with a time - there is no time in the ethers. Simply join me at any time in your time zone to send healing to the planet and to all who live on her.

* Thank you to everyone for letting me know you couldn't use the plug in for the meditation. You can either right click on the meditation to download it or click on it to go to a page where you can listen to it on your device. 

Meditation to bring healing to the planet today.

Use this meditaton to guide you to send healing. 

CLICK HERE to go to a page with the meditation OR right click to download the meditation

Please share this post, meditation or/and the idea with your friends, family and community. Also I would LOVE to know what you experience as you work with the energy, please share with us in the comments below, thank you!  I look forward to building the energy up every week.

Love to you
elizabeth XOXO


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