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I was 10 years old when my brother Philip died in a car accident. But I was lucky, I was able to communicate with him even at such an early age.

Love never dies, neither does your spirit.

It can be heartbreaking to lose a loved one and you need to know that they are only a thought away. When you think of them, they're thinking of you too.

This profound realization aligns with an interesting incident that happened to me recently. I want to share more about that and 3 ways you can use to reach out and communicate with your loved ones. 

I've made a short video with my thoughts. Remember to share your thoughts and insights in the comments below the video. And, if it inspires you, please share the video with those you know would benefit from it, thank you!

LOVE + blessings
XOXO elizabeth


Teresa My daughter and I see Angel sparkles all the time. We believe that it's a positive message from the angels validating a particular belief or situation that we're having, letting us know that we are on the right path. It's a blessing to see these sparkles!😇
Frances I always thought they were spirit's,after my son passed,I was thinking of him and missing him so much I was crying ,and wipe my face I was looking down and between my feet was a angel mouth,and I know it was from my son,it was not there before,
Stephanie C. When my grandmother passed away a few years ago, I had a very vivid dream of her just hugging me while I was comforted by her. For a few weeks, no other dreams of her. Then one night she clean back in a dream and said to me, “I’m sorry I’ve been gone so long. I had to visit your cousins, too.” She’s never visited me since, though I’ve dreamt about her many times. I miss her so much still, and if it’s true that every time I think of her she’s thinking of me then wow, she’s thinking of me a lot.
Elena.   Nikolova I sow this sparkle lite very offen!   For me is a massage from the angels!
Love you Elizabeth!
Nancy K Brooks That was awesome! As you were talking, I was thinking about my baby sister who died while I was still a toddler and yes, I do remember it all very well. What I refer to as 'fairie lights' lit up all around my computer screen for maybe just 2 seconds but it was just fabulous!!! I've never had that happen right in front of me like that! Thanks for another amazing video!
Eunice Thanks Elizabeth,when I have dreams about my late husband, he never actually talks but I know what he is saying or if I give the answer to a question, he just gives me one of his big smiles & shrugs his shoulders as if to say I told you so.
Sylvia Robbins Perfect timing! Today was my Grandmother's birthday. She was born on Good Friday and passed away on Good Friday. She was like a second Mother to me. I will honor her today. Thank you Elizabeth!
Sara Hi Elizabeth, I agree with your video.   I lost my older brother, Jeremy, when he was 28 suddenly in 1981, I was 26. I grieved and cried heaps. I still miss him but often think about him and wonder how we'd be today if he was still here. I believe he is one of my guides so comfort myself knowing he is nearby and I feel protected by him. Again, when my Dad passed in 2010 I felt a wrenching loss. This was a different sadness with a great emptiness left behind. I knew it was time for him and I always remember him on his birthday.   Thank you for your words.
Ivana Hodak I had dream visitation of my friend,cousin and grandmother after they passed over.It was most liberating feeling when I woke up!
Ingrid Hello Elizabeth,

When my father passed away 39 years ago now, my sisters and I felt his presence around us for several months.   We thought we heard his voice, sometimes think we saw him, dreamed about him and one of my sisters saw his face in a cloud formation one evening when driving home from an outing.   Although this was quite comforting to us at times, it contributed to our grief as well, because he was no longer physically with us. Two months ago, our 93 year old mother passed away - and she has just gone!   Neither one of my two sisters or I, have felt her presence, dreamed about her, or think we have seen or heard her.   We feel   abandoned. Where could she be??? Will she show up later? Is this uncommon? You are very fortunate in being able to connect with friends and family in spirit.     Kindest regards, Ingrid
Kari Samuels So beautiful Elizabeth, thank you!


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