πŸ’– Choose Your Angel Message for the Week

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πŸ’– Choose Your Angel Message for the Week
Your angels have a message from their hearts to yours. Today, we're using our faerie cards to interpret the messages. Place your hands over your heart and invite your angels to guide you to select either Message 1, 2, or 3. Watch the video for your message, you can also move to your specific choice:

⭐️ Message 1 - 2:12
⭐️ Message 2 - 4:44
⭐️ Message 3 - 7:33

Did the messages speak to you? Let me know with a comment, a πŸ’– or a YES! Share your insights, intuitions, wisdom, what came up for you?

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Thank you so much for watching. I will see you next week

Lots of angel blessings to you,
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Wow. I'm thrilled that you're here. I'm Elizabeth Harper. I am here with this week's angel messages. So before we get started, I want to make sure that you have a guiding angel meditation. It's just four minutes, 44 seconds long. There's an 11 minute 11 version as well, to help you to connect with your angels every day.

I've had amazing feedback that it is supportive healing, loving, so generous. So I do want to be sure that you have that meditation. Click the link in my bio or in the description, wherever you are, wherever you're watching this. And you'll be able to find your way to getting that meditation. It's from my heart to yours.

Okay. So we're going to get started. We're using the faerie cards I realized today. I think I go with a color each time don't I, with what I'm wearing. Place your hands over your heart, first, just say, angel wings, invite your angels to guide you to message one, two or three. A message that comes from their heart to yours. What you can also do is move your cursor along once you've watched the video.

Once you've watched your message, then go back to the beginning, move the cursor along, invite your angels to guide you as you do that. And then once you intuitively feel, it's time to stop right there as an extra message for you from your angels. It could be the same message. It might be a different one. It might be that you're guided to a color or a word or the image that you're seeing or something else. It might even be something in my space, in my room, whatever it is. It's another message for you. Okay? Alright then. So let's get started. Let's shuffle these cards three times so we can clear the energy, bring in the most beautiful vibration of the angelic ground.

So let's invite our angels to guide us to number one, right there. Number one. Purity. Oh my goodness. Look at that card. Isn't that pretty? Yeah. I love all the sparkles and the colors. Of course. So it says always trust in the purity of your heart. Look inside your heart and within it, you will find the answer to your question.

That's so beautiful. So there is a sense here that your angels are just saying, you know, if there's a question you have at this moment and to go inside yourself to find the answer that it's always going to be the best place you can look outside of yourself. You can always look outside of yourself for answers, but the best place, the best place for support, the best place for intuitive guidance is always going to be within your heart. It's always going to come from you provided you are clear of all other energy, cause you know how stuff can get in the way, can't it. We can get ourselves in the way we can get our thoughts in the way, our emotions in the way.

So your angels are just saying purity, that purity. So that's a cleansed energy that is coming back to that place of innocence. It's going right to the core of your being. And it's also truth as well, because sometimes I know for myself, you know, ask a question and I want a particular answer and that can get in the way of that truth because I want to hear or know or receive a particular answer. And I can create that as well. We found that you can create that answer, but if you let go of all of that, if you allow yourself to be an open book, if you allow yourself to be a blank slate, whatever you want to call that, then you open yourself up to the purity of the answer and that answer can often be simple. And when you receive it, you intuitively know, you intuitively know when it's right.

Right. Okay. I feel that's it. That's it. Let me know how that answered your question or how that felt for you at this moment.

Number two, Find Balance. I love that. What a beautiful image, especially with these wings, it's like the dragon fly wings, right? Find Balance. Find the balance between your work rest and play time. And you will have more energy, harmony and productivity in your life. Take a power nap. Now I'm always big on saying that we teach what we most need to learn. And I feel when I see this, that this is a message for me to, to take a nap, to take a rest. And that's the thing we have so much to do, especially on this earth plane, right.

There is so much going on. We have people to see, our friends to connect with, our family to help and to love. We have meals to make. We have entertainment. We have work. We have go out into nature. We have things to buy and things to learn. There is so much going on.

So maybe when we just take a little time, then we create space. And when you create that space, then you allow your soul to connect with you. You allow your angels to connect with you. You allow your guides, your highest self, source to come into your life. So just that space. When you think about it, between breathing in and breathing out, there's a space right there. Cause we don't breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out, breathe in. And then there's a space we breathe out and then there's a space. So even our body is showing us where that space needs to be. So I feel your angels are saying, find some space, create some space.

There is so much to do, but if you create the space, then inspiration can come in. Support can come in. Your imagination can come in. Healing can come in. Love can come in. What is it you want to bring into your life, create the space for it. All right. I feel that's it, create space. So the message is finding balance, having balance. But I feel that part of that is about creating the space for that.

Okay. Number three. Let's see what comes up for you. Number three, I'm feeling like it's this first card, right here. Let's see what it is, Flourish. Oh, how beautiful. I love those colors, flourish. So it says the Lotus flower fairy tells you to learn from experience and shed your inner light on any unclear areas of your life or those of others. Flourish.

So what I take from this, when I look at this card, do you see she's holding the Lotus flower? And it's almost as if she is part of that experience of the Lotus flower, the Lotus flower is buried in the mud and then it rises to the surface of the mud and it keeps rising up to the light. It's moving toward the light.

So I feel that this is saying that you are moving toward the light, that you are opening up, that there might be some difficult experiences. And that's the thing, isn't it. When we live on this earth plane, we invite those experiences so we can learn from them. But sometimes it can be overwhelming. Sometimes it can be too much. And you wonder why on earth, you would have chosen to have these experiences, but I feel that your angels are saying, keep focusing on the light, keep growing toward the light because there's going to come a time when you are just totally open to the light. And you are in this place that is filled with so many blessings. It's not a lifetime of struggle. It's not a lifetime of trying to get there.

There is a sense that you are there in spirit. It's just maybe the reality on this physical level needs to match that or meet that or connect with that. So I feel that there's a light that is here right now. Your angels are saying, they're surrounding you in love. They're helping you to grow. They're helping you to move up, they're helping you to reach the light.

But there is a sense that that light is already there. The, it's almost like the destination, the goal, the success is already there within you. And once you recognize that there is a feeling of it's like, what is that board game? When you go around the board game and it's like, you, you pass go, you get, get out of jail, free card and you keep moving around that board game. And there's a sense with this, that you're on that board game and you get this free gift that sends you all the way around and helps you to win, helps you to succeed. And I feel that your angels are saying that that is within you, that you don't have to look outside of yourself for it.

But it's right there within you. It's like, it's like the golden ticket from Willy Wonka. You have this golden ticket within you. And it's just recognizing that. And once you recognize it, then there is a sense that these challenges and difficulties and anything in your life that is causing problems can start moving away because it's like, that's the mud. And then you can start reaching up for the light.

The light is already there. And once you match that, that energy, once you realize it, once you understand it and embrace it, then you match it. And consequently, as you match it. So you open to the light at the same time. And there's just a feeling of everything else falling away doesn't mean that it leaves you. It just means that it it's no longer difficult or it's no longer a major part of your life that the blessings and become a major part of your life.

Well, I love that message. I love that message. Wow. I hope that these messages have supported you this week. Your angels are always with you always just call on them for support and you can do that. You can call on them. They're there. It can be challenging sometimes to connect with them when there's stuff going on in your life. But if you create that space for them, then you'll realize that they're there. You realize that love you'll realize their support. You'll hear them. You see them, you'll feel their embrace, their guidance, their wisdom, because they are always there guiding you.

I will see you next week. Thank you so much for being here with me. I love you guys sending you love and angel blessings, bye for now.




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