πŸ’– Choose Your Angel Message for the Week Ahead

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πŸ’– Choose Your Angel Message for this Coming Week
Your angels have a message from their hearts to yours. Today, we're connecting with our big deck of Angel Cards to interpret the messages. Place your hands over your heart and invite your angels to guide you to select either Message 1, 2, or 3. Watch the video for your message, you can also move to your specific choice:

⭐️ A special message for us all - 1:50

⭐️ Message 1 - 2:44
⭐️ Message 2 - 5:38
⭐️ Message 3 - 8:36

Did the messages speak to you? Let me know with a comment, a πŸ’– or a YES! Share your insights, intuitions, wisdom, what came up for you?

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Thank you so much for watching. I will see you next week

Lots of angel blessings to you,
Love, elizabeth XOXO 


Welcome. I'm Elizabeth Harper. I'm thrilled that you join me for this week's angel messages. Now, before we get started, make sure that you have my guiding angel meditation. It's just four minutes, 44 seconds long. It's super fast. So if you on the go, you can connect to your angels and that will support you for the whole of your day.

There's also a longer version, 11 minutes, 11 seconds. I love numbers. And that of course will help you. If you want to relax a little bit more into your connection, you can connect by yourself with your angels. Of course you do it all the time, but meditation can really support you to go deeper. All right. Okay. So let's get started.

I have the big set of angel cards right here. So what I'd love for you to do is place your hands over your heart. Just like angel wings, invite your angels to guide you to message one, two or three, a message that comes from their heart to yours. Okay? Now of course you can also move your cursor along in the video.

I love to do this in my music, in the music app that I have on my phone. It's just move, that little cursor up and down and ask for a message and same thing here in the video, go to the beginning of the video, invite your angels to guide you as you move your cursor along in the video, until you intuitively feel it's time to stop and right there is an extra message for you from your angels might be the same one that you just received. It could be a word or a sentence, or just the card that comes up. Right? Okay.

So let's shuffle these cards. My goodness. One of them popped out already. Well, let's see. I feel like that is probably for all of us, Birth. Oh my goodness. So this is a message, not just the one, two and three. This is for all of us a birth, the energy of birth. So it's new beginnings. It's new starts new lives, such as a baby, an idea, happy news or an exciting project, blooms blossoms within and around you. So we're all having that energy of new birth. Yay. I like that. Getting a whole message for myself. Before we've even started, all right, then I'll wait for another one to pop out there.

Okay. So let's see. Number one, we will get Birth and then you get another message. So here we are. Ask for what you want. Always an important thing, right? Ask for what you want, this is from Archangel Gabriel. Clear communication with yourself, with the divine and with others helps you avoid misunderstandings and speeds up the process of answered prayers, clear communication. That's so important because we have this tendency sometimes to be a little bit, even though we think we know what we want, we can be a little bit wishy-washy with asking. Yeah, you have found that. That is kind of like, you know, I want this and I'm not sure if I really want that, but I want this and that. And I'm not sure about the other and how it's going to come. And you know, so the universe is listening to you.

What I find really useful is when I'm asking for something, if it's something that I want, I write it down because when I write it down, it helps me to gain clarity. It gives me that really clear essence of what it is I want. I did this years ago, before I started teaching at the Omega Institute, I wrote down that I wanted a place to teach and I wanted a place that had chalets for people to live in, stay in. I wanted water flowing water. I wanted a workshop space that had wooden floors and lots of cushions around.

I want you to be in nature and I wanted somebody else to organize it so that I could just turn up. And that was exactly what Omega was within the space of. I think it was a day that I found the Omega Institute. So that's the thing. It's when you write it down, you start to clarify what it is you want, and it can really help you because you write something down and you might think, well, I don't really want that and you can cross it out. And then once you get to that exact recipe, let's say of what it is you want. Then you can ask for that. And it's clear. It's like putting out an order to the universe. Isn't it. You're putting your order in. This is what I want. This is exactly what I want. And you know it and there's conviction behind it. There's energy behind it. So then it can manifest, right? Ask for what you want. I love that.

Okay. Number two. Let's see what comes up for you. Share with us in the comments, what it is you want, write that down. What is it you want? Okay. Number two, right there. This is from Archangel Gabriel again. Oh, Gratitude. You attract more blessings when you appreciate your current blessings. Oh my goodness. Isn't that the truth? So when you have an attitude of gratitude, then of course you can open your heart up.

Not just to give, not just to put energy out there, but to receive as well. Because when you're grateful for everything that you have, your energy field expands. Can you imagine that, having that vibration of love because gratitude is really love, isn't it? When you're saying thank you for something, then it's that beautiful energy of love is had such a high vibration.

So you're opening that heart up on all different levels of your being to receive more. And you're not doing it so that you can receive more. You're doing it because you want to have an open heart because that's who you are. You want to be this essence of love to channel love. So look around you, look at all the wonderful blessings that you have in your life right now.

Look at this capability of watching this video online. That's a blessing. You're able to communicate and connect no matter where we are in the world, we can still connect. Look around you in the space that you're in. Look at your physical body, this beautiful body that allows your expression on this plane of existence. Look at the foods that you are able to eat, the roof over your head. Look at nature. That is blessing you all the time with their colors and life. Look at everything. The family that you have, the friends that you have, all of these are blessings. And even though sometimes there are challenges in life. Even those can be blessings as well because they're opportunities for growth.

So when we appreciate all of these wonderful blessings in our lives, then not only does it open your heart up to this vibration of love, but it also helps you to ground into this present moment helps you to ground into your life. And then it helps you to love everything that is there. And then that brings you peace. It's like a domino effect brings you so much more peace and that of course then, brings even more love and peace and blessings into your life.

All right. Oooh, love that. Oh my goodness. Okay. So number three, let's see what number three has, what comes up for you? Number three, feels like right here. Creative project, creative project. Ooh, I love that. So it says your soul longs to express itself in creative ways, we're guiding you to infuse artistry and creativity into your life.

Creative expression makes you feel alive and excited and reignites passion toward your life. I love that these two angels are inspiring. This person here with the music with harmony. When I was younger, I remember going to a workshop. It was about color. And the teacher sat in front of us and said, okay, well, I'm going to take you through a meditation, close your eyes. And I felt inspired to open my eyes. And as I opened my eyes, I saw that there was a spirit next to her whispering in her ear. And she was speaking. She was channeling what this being was saying to her. And then there was another spirit, another being that was there that was holding the space. So she was being protected by one of her guardians.

And she was also receiving this inspirational message, this inspirational channeled meditation. It was such a beautiful image for me. It was such a beautiful experience. And I feel that's exactly the same as this image right here, that she is being inspired to play this music. There are two angels and they're both inspiring her, but maybe they're also both bringing in this energy of protection, of love, of light, as she is being inspired with her musical gift.

So I feel that the message for you is that it can be about art. It can be about creativity. It can be totally about writing a book or creating a painting or creating a floral bouquet. But it's also about the words that you use every day. So you may be inspired to share a message with someone to say something to somebody who is in need at this moment, to hear a message, to hear support, to receive support, to hear guidance, whatever it is. I feel that your angels are saying you are being inspired every step of the way, ask for inspiration. And that will channel through you. This of course is saying a creative project. So it could also be something that is creative. It could be putting paint on your house at this moment.

It doesn't have to be creating a painting. It doesn't have to be writing a book. It could be that that creativity is flowing through you as you clean your home, as you clean your space. So that creative energy is about creating something that will support you at this moment. And also maybe support others too. So lots of different messages inside of that message for you. I'm being shown one more thing with this, I'm being shown crystals. So I create with my Soul Circle, we create crystal grids every month and it could be that creativity is being channeled into creating a crystal grid, because I find that crystal grids are so powerful, incredibly, powerful. It's that intention behind them, my intentions manifest every month with my crystal grids. That's for sure.

So that creative energy could be channeled into a crystal grid as well. Okay. I love that. I hope these messages support you for your week ahead. Let me know in the comments, how you interpret the messages as well and how they are being received right now.

Remember to get your guiding angel meditation. This was channeled to four minutes, 44 seconds long and 11 minutes,11 as well. And I will see you next week with another angel message video, have an incredible week filled with angel blessings, bye for now.





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