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Spring Cleaning!

Feng Shui – The Chakra Guide to Coming Clean With Clutter

In my work as a psychic and color intuitive, I find a lot of my clients surrounded energetically by a mess of confusion, often reflected in their homes as clutter.

Imagine each room in your home represents chakra energy – the mechanism of the subtle bodies - what does your home say about your chakras?

Any clutter creates confusion. It reflects an inability or unwillingness to clear debris and heal the source of an issue. In other words, clutter covers issues. So, untidiness may well be preventing you from recognizing and healing specific chakras and their associated energies. 

For instance, the root chakra is associated with all things physical – the career, home, money, relationships, food, etc.  Clutter in a room associated with the root chakra would be covering up one or more challenges you may be having in these areas of your life. If you are having problems with abundance, your accounts are in disarray, and more is going out than coming in, then look to which area of your home you associate with the root chakra.  Eating badly, people using and abusing your relationship with them, problems at work, too much going on in your life, and too little time to deal with it, are all root chakra concerns.

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You can check which chakra relates to each room in your home by meditating and centering yourself and then asking your inner guide which area of your home represents the root chakra. If meditation doesn’t work for you then try a pendulum or try using your body as a pendulum.


In order to distinguish your body’s yes and no

Stand up, legs about one foot apart, relax the arms, close your eyes, and take a few deep cleansing breaths. When you are ready ask yourself questions that you know the answer to and only have a yes or no answer then notice which way your body sways. This is a subtle movement and can be missed, but it is a good way of connecting with your inner wisdom.

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Being conscious of the external reflections of your internal world will give you greater awareness of what is happening in your life at any given moment. This way when there are issues and challenges in your life you can look to your home for guidance.

For example, when I lived in London I had a one-bedroom flat in a bohemian and expensive area called Notting Hill. A large number of pigeons would congregate on my balcony. They would eat, drink, and go to the toilet in front of my kitchen. One day I discovered the kitchen sink was blocked. I unblocked the sink and thought nothing more about it until the next day when I found the gutter outside the kitchen also blocked, this time with the excrement from the pigeons. What was this telling me?

The blockage in both cases meant that water could not flow out of my home. Water represents emotions, so I deduced that my emotions were blocked. I started to think about which chakras the kitchen and balcony represented. The kitchen immediately showed me my solar plexus, the area of my power. I felt powerless living in this flat because it was owned by a women’s co-operative and sublet to me by a friend who from month to month couldn’t be sure if she would return to reclaim it.

The balcony showed me the root chakra energy and the state of my abundance in connection with my powerlessness. It was saying that my blocked emotions were preventing me from owning my power and stopping me from being abundant. The interesting thing is that in the kitchen was a pile of my friend’s belongings essentially cluttering my solar plexus.

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Awareness of an issue helps to heal it.

Without this awareness, we are blind to the reasons and causes of a problem. Healing the effect doesn’t work, we have to heal the cause. In the case of my kitchen and balcony, I tidied up the clutter, cleaned the balcony, and visualized light moving through my home. This created more abundance in my life and manifested wonderful opportunities for career growth.

Once you realize the relationship of your chakras with the rooms in your home you can use color to enhance the chakra energy characteristics. For example, my kitchen would have benefited from having some yellow in it. Yellow is cleansing as well as indicative of power. Red placed in a root chakra room would promote abundance and movement.

Use the color associations of the chakras to help empower your space, but first remove the clutter.

One last piece of advice - in Feng Shui it is said that throwing something out that has not been used in a year will open doors to new energy to replace it. Bear this in mind as you sift through your clutter. Instead of relocating it, think about when you last used something and whether or not it could be transferred out of your home for someone else to use.

Doing this will open a space for new opportunities to enter your life.

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