Do Trees Feel Pain?

We had an ice and snow storm this week. It cut our electricity and took out the Internet too. We're so protected in our homes that we're not always aware of what is going on outside in nature.

We live on land with lots of trees. The pine trees look beautiful with the ice all over them, the heavy snow pulls their branches down to the ground. The problem is the weight of water is so heavy it can snap their branches.

And if you're sensitive you can feel their pain

Everything has energy, everything is alive and everything has a consciousness to a degree. We just have different levels of consciousness. So you're probably not going to have a conversation about the stock market with a tree, but you can feel its stories, its wisdom and its love. Trees hold the history of the area. They connect with the other trees and plants, birds and insects, rocks and soil. 

Whenever you feel "ungrounded" go hug a tree!

Many of our trees lost their branches this week. One pine lost its top. Yesterday I went to talk to it and offer love and healing. As I touched the fallen branches I noticed the consciousness of the main tree was missing. I sensed the remainder of the tree - the part that was still standing - was in shock.

Some people will think this sounds a little strange, but if you're an intuitive, empath, clairsentient, or healer, you'll understand exactly what I'm talking about. 

If you ever need to cut a tree down, talk to it first. Honor its presence in your life, it's part of your consciousness. Trees give us oxygen, they even look like lungs. They are a major part of our existence and without them we would not be able to sustain life on our planet. Did you realize that?

NO trees = NO human life

Have you noticed that sometimes when you look at a tree there seems to be a face in it? Maybe a group of leaves reveal an image of a person. Or you just feel like there's a presence, you can feel its energy within your own being. 

Can you see the tree spirits in the photo? Look with your heart

Don't believe what you read in books or what I tell you. Experiencing the consciousness of a tree is very personal. When I'm in my office I look out onto a patch with a group of trees that constantly reveal their spirits to me. Their presence messmerizes me and I can find myself between worlds, a bit like daydreaming except there's an out of body experience on top of it. I have to consciously pull myself away.

So this week, try communicating with a tree. Treat the tree like you would a person you're meeting for the first time. Talk with your heart and mind and not necessarily with your voice. Ask it if you can connect and once you get the OK ask to sit with the tree. Close your eyes and feel its energy, communicate with it, ask it who it is, ask it to share its stories with you, or simply just be with the tree. You can share healing energy, share your love. When you leave the conversation make an intention to "disconnect." And of course always thank the tree for being with you.

Let me know how you get on.



Terrence I have a high a regard for all life. If its alive it has my respect... Even though I may kill a roach, after, I mourn it and am ashamed of doing it. I wanted to ask if its ok to chop trees apart? My neighbor just cut all her trees to pieces. She cut all their branches off, have their lengths, I mean there was NO reason to do this at all. I see it as a cruel and senseless act. I believe that trees do feel pain. Trees give us oxygen, shade, shield us from the rain, and give the birds a place to chill. Is this ok that she does this? Maybe I am wrong... †
Amy Elizabeth, when I took one of your classes, you loaned me a book about Vicky Wahl. At one point she said as she was walking along a path, she blessed every tree as she passed, and was blessed by them. That's one of my favorite lines ever from a book and I think of it often.

Tomorrow we are having some trees taken down. Two are hazardous, one leaning toward our chimney and one previously struck by lightning that could fall where my kids play. A few others are living but too close to the house. Maybe those who see this can help me thank them. I'm in bed with a migraine but hopefully early in the morning will feel well enough to bring the kids out to hold hands around them and do a prayer circle.
martha schermann I have always loved Trees and have always tried to help people understand that Trees have feelings. It makes me sad when I see children and adults hitting and throwing things at Trees. I often ask them what did the Tree do to you, why are you hitting it? They look at me kind of funny but they stop what they are doing. I work at an area that has many huge Trees and we are right along a creek. I love to have the children that I work with sit on the gravel bar and just look at the root system that has been exposed by numerous floods. You can see the heart and veins of the Trees. They are our life and we should respect them.   When we have had to cut a tree down or when they fall down, I will usually write some story or poem to its memory. Thank you for all that you do to help enlighten us to our natural world.
Donna love your post... I've always talked to trees and they wave their branches back at me as if to say hello.   Thought maybe I was the only nutty person who felt their energy. Glad to know others feel it too and so are the trees!
sunny Thanks for the reminder. I somehow got away from my connection but just last week, my hundred or so year old maple has a small piece of bark that was lying at the base and there was a face on it. I think he was trying to get my attention. I call him grandfather and have not talked to him for a while. When I first moved to this house I was told by several that I should cut it down because it has a hole all the way under the tree and a big open area. All I saw was beauty and told the when the tree was ready it would fall down. That was about 20 yrs. ago. Love your messages, thanks so much.
Robyn I can't say I have felt the pain of the trees, but I have heard trees crying. In 2011 we had a major flood in this area and afterwards my late husband I and went to have a look at the devestation at a popular picnic area. There were gum trees which had been uprooted by the flood waters that had been pushed into piles. I was walking around and as I walked up to each of the piles of these beautiful trees I could hear them crying. The first time I thought I was imagining it so took a step back and I couldn't hear them, but as soon as I stepped forward again I could once more hear the crying. There were about 4 or 5 of these piles scattered around the area and I experienced it with every pile. It was heartbreaking as I love those beautiful trees.
Ginger I put my hands on my Rose of Sharon & felt the thumping energy like a crystal. I felt like it was for my feet & I plucked some flowers & made an elixir. I surrounded my peach tree with peach light. I think it is doing better but I feel like it needs help. My dog loves the cherry tree & sits under it. My red oak really wants a hair cut but my husband is afraid it will look funny. It will die if it doesn't get attention soon. The maple tree out back is like a young teenage male, "look at me, my branches are growing." Thanks for your teaching, peace & blessings Ginger
Norma Loved this post Elizabeth, I often feel their pain and even hear them crying. I have also felt their joy, pride, strength and have listened intently to their knowledge and wisdom.   Just like in your photo I see faces of animals, humans, elementals and gorgeous hearts in the trees, flowers, and rocks in my own garden and in nature. Thank you. xxx   
Brigitte Several years ago, after a hurricane went through Florida, I was taking a detour and driving through an unpopulated area where many, many huge old oak trees had been uprooted by the storm.   I was driving through the area at night, and I didn't know why my body started feeling extremely heavy and was being overtaken by a tremendous amount of grief and sadness...until I got closer and my headlights shined on them.
Smriti Loved the post, it's so relevant and true. I commune with nature spirits all the time. Recently two palm trees were cut down in my neighborhood. Part of the trunk was still intact, intuitively know that they will grow back. What's more my cats kept running to the left over tree trunk and hung around it for a long time. It still had life and it was communicating. Signs of life are all around us and sometime I feel they are watching over us.Trees are indeed special, the transference of energy is from earth to heaven and heaven back to earth. It's like they are a medium, they hold a secret and that secret is the dynamic of life. Fountains and trees Symbolize the key to life energy. Saddens me deeply when I see nature and ecosystems destroyed by humans
carol Thanks you it just confirms what I have always thought and done , I speak to trees ans they are so wise, the voice I hear is normally old and sounds so very wise. I love trees.
Diane I've been a tree hugger since I was a small child. I grew up in the country and played in the woods every day. My mother had favorite trees and I guess that's where I learned to love them so much. The woods near where I live now was cut down a couple years ago. It was very upsetting that we couldn't stop it and I spent time there thanking and honoring them. It's nice to know there are others who feel the same connection.????
Deborrah Foreman Trees are sacred to me. I too get lost in their strength and beauty, and their story. I especially love to watch the birds and squirrels fine peace and comfort within their outstretched branches.
Sandra Marie Beautiful TREES!!! I remember a very large Oak in my parents back yard as a young child,oh I almost forgot the Buckeye
Along the side yard.I spent hours with these souls...when we moved to a larger home I mourned my friend the trees.
   My community is taking Redwoods down to accomidate traffic ... I just saw on the News Santa Rosa is removing
Very old Redwoods In the old downtown Square to update and integrate the new Trains that are coming to Calif... I am again mourning these beautiful souls...   Yes Elizabeth Trees feel pain...and we feel there's.✨✨✨
Gisele It was August 2001, I had left a relationship, a house a job and my pets. I was in a new community starting a painting and drawing course (this was the dangling carrot in front of me to move forward and out of this relationship). My new place was a forest Haven. It was a cottage countryside
I remember driving along the 2 lane highway with trres following alongside. The leaves were blowing in the wind as if clapping for me, i felt like i was receiving a standing ovation. I was so surprised and joyful!! I'll never forget that experience!! :)
D.D. I love trees. My name in Celtic means Oak. I see faces, animals and people in the bark of trees, as well as in rocks and other things in nature. We have a large walnut tree in our backyard that I have really connected with. My husband thinks I'm a little nuts because I felt the tree tell me to call him Jonathan. I too worried about the ice on the trees this week. I have a long commute to work. Along the way there is a grove of large trees. I have always felt reverence and magic from this group of trees. Thank you for this post it made my day!!
Mary Nancy Ann Oh my gosh yes. I see them! ? I see them always....especially in trees...and rocks...I clearly see their faces...I am so happy to be communicating with these elementals ?thank you Elizabeth for this post, validation . I see them in live videos as well as in pictures like he one you have in the wintery scene ? thanks so much this really got my attention.
Donna I love trees too. I am near one of the Great Lakes which often has waves. The trees around me seem to amplify that sound. The willow here on this property is huge. I love her. I also think she laughs at me when I am out picking up her sticks and branches. She has a great sense of humor. I've never caught her but I'm sure she tosses a few more down when my back is turned. I'm sure I get a section cleaned up and think I'm done, I see several I've missed!!!

I saw this book mentioned in another blog. It has not been released yet but it appears the German author has gathered research for what we already intuitively know.

The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate—Discoveries From a Secret World by Peter Wohlleben
Theresa Elizabeth, I whole-heartedly believe this and not only the trees but rocks, water, soil and our dear mother earth. When I was younger I would feel it very strongly, but that has faded, unfortunately. I knew when newly planted trees were thirsty on my street. People thought I was crazy, but I carried buckets of water to it. I couldn't ignore it's pain. Writing this now makes me emotional. I dislike when people yank on branches/leaves and disrespect them. I love them all but willows are my favourite old ladies. :)
Beth I am happy to know that trees have feelings ....
I hope the trees in front of my house are happy when I decorate them for the different
seasons !!??????
Adriel Thank you Elizabeth! This is beautiful! Exactly how I am with my wonderful pine tree friends here. It is with the trees we breathe! They are hoping more people will reconnect and remember and respect the great bond we share. I am too! Love for all the trees!
Joe Randazzo Each of Elizabeth's weekly columns are insightful and interesting. I particularly enjoyed this one as I am a shamanic practitioner, and accustomed to communicating with trees, plants, and animals. It is as easy as Elizabeth explains, and requires nothing more than an open heart and mind and a little practice to see and talk to most anything in Nature. Virtually every part of our everyday landscapes is filled with creatures, objects, and things that have a story to tell, for they, like us, are made of pure energy. This energy connects us to everything. We are no greater than a tiny ant or stone, and no less than a twinkling star...just related and connected. How different each day becomes, no matter how mundane it may seem, when one realizes this, and then experiences it. Even with all its knocks, bumps, and hic-cups life is quite a wonderful deal.   Just for the record this is what I saw when I viewed Elizabeth's winter scene above: five (5) "human figure/face spirits," at least three (3) animal (horse, cat, small bear faces) and a beautiful heart outline (low center of photo in the snow covered branches.) The ones I missed are chuckling for sure. Thank you Elizabeth for reminding me what a gift our tree friends are!   xoxo
Edwina Hello Elizabeth

I am not very good, as yet, connecting with nature but sometimes I give my pot plants a few drops of Bach Rescue Remedy if I have pruned them, replanted them etc. Perhaps this may help your Pine tree which is in shock.

I do notice when the trees are moving in the wind, it's as if they are talking to me. If I do what you suggest perhaps I shall "hear" what they are communicating. i'll give it a go.

Thank you & blessings
Johanna This is beautiful, Elizabeth. I've always needed to be near trees for years throughout stages in my life before I ever understood why. Then when my daughter was two, we were at an outdoor mall with many material distractions. She ran to a tree and hugged it tightly. There was so much love for that tree from a little girl   I'm grateful you share your story. I believe in the love we share energetically to all manifestations of divine consciousness . How beautiful life is when this is realized. 
Zenobia Yes but how can not feel pain
Connie Hudson beautiful story.   Recently an electrical crew came through whacking down lots and lots of trees, I actually felt pain, pain in my body and heart, and I cried and cried.   My leg was broke so I couldn't get out to the scene, but I am still feeling just totally sadned over this. I just kept saying, I am sorry,   sooo soooo sorry.



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