Do You Ask And Get What You Want?


Could you feel the intense build-up of energy from the Scorpio New Super Moon?

At this time of year, we welcome the opportunity for transformation, rebirth, and awakening.

Yet no two moments are the same, that's the adventure of life isn't it, and no two luna energies are the same either.

Pluto the ruler of Scorpio, welcomes in a time of change, but it's not always pretty and can result in tempers flaring and pushed buttons that can be hurtful for yourself and others.

I experienced this today. An angry comment from someone, but I realize I attracted this negativity into my life for a reason...

...why would I have done that you might ask?  

A Super-sized Moon in Scorpio will highlight your shadow side encouraging it to rise to the surface.

It's all part of the cleansing and can be profoundly cathartic provided you recognize what this energy is about.

I created a Crystal Grid yesterday with my intention to let go and clear hidden fears and blocks on my path.  As soon as I did this the universe responded in a variety of ways, one of these was to come face to face with someone else's shadow, a reflection of doubts and fears from within me.

white ceramic heart shaped plate with stones

Do you understand?

It's not always easy to embrace this concept. It's part of the Law of Attraction.

I'm experiencing what I've asked for, that's the power of intention, it just doesn't always come nicely packaged with a pink bow and a flashing sign on it.

If there's something you need now, then ask the universe, put your intention out there. You'll get a response, and when you do if it's not how you wanted it to manifest, try not to turn your back. Understand it. Ask for clarity.

The universe believes in you, loves you, wants the best for you and will send whatever you're ready for.

You just need to be aware that when you ask, you receive, or at least, you receive the way forward.

Keep shining your light!

Love to you dear,
Elizabeth XOXO



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