Does Your Garbage Have a Consciousness?

Many years ago I went through a phase of extreme sensitivity to the communication of living and inanimate objects. I was used to hearing flowers and tress and would often sense the vibrations of cut flowers on a stand situated at the entrance to the Underground/Subway near my home in London. The flowers wanted to see the light, to be in the sunshine instead of in a tunnel of darkness. It touched my heart and saddened my soul to hear their pleas. It stopped me from going to that Underground station and it was the nearest one to my home.

Have you ever heard something inanimate speaking to you and thought you'd lost your marbles?

I remember one day toasting my morning crumpets and looking in the fridge for butter – crumpets always taste best with oodles of butter. Just as I picked up the carton of butter I heard a small voice say, “What about me?” It came from inside the fridge. I carefully rearranged the shelves and right at the back found another carton with a small amount of butter inside.

I thought it interesting that I was picking up the communication of a butter carton. I am sure had this been a few decades ago I would have been carted off to the local insane asylum. But it doesn’t stop there. Once I finished the butter I had such conflict about putting the carton in the garbage.

How could I put something that I had communicated with into the waste, what would happen to it?

This put a new slant on recycling for me. I always recycle. Its painful to me not to recycle, I feel we have an obligation to the earth to keep her healthy.

Some years ago I watched a show on the History channel about garbage. They said that in New York City nearly 30 million tons of garbage is collected each year. That’s a lot of waste. If we imagine that this is 30 million tons of consciousness, then maybe we would be more willing to reassign it elsewhere. It's really similar to being born again, butter cartons being reincarnated as what, a handbag maybe? 

Whenever I work I make a point of connecting with the space I'm in. I look at the energy and feel my connection with it, it's a little bit like saying hello to the building. Well, one time at the Omega Institute where I teach my 5-Day Intuition Playshop I was given the Sanctuary as my space. The Sanctuary is on a hill overlooking Omega, its a very peaceful place for meditation and contemplation.

I got into the space and did my thing, I said hello to it, but it was particularly standoffish, it didn’t have much to say for itself. I hadn't experienced this before. Then I realized that it was because the intention while creating this building was to build a haven for meditation and of course we don’t usually talk during this pursuit. The building while containing some form of consciousness took on the molded consciousness of intention. In other words it became what we wanted it to be.

Animals take on the consciousness of their owners it makes for a special connection. It’s the same with buildings, clothes, furniture, cars, computers, and of course butter cartons, they all assume the consciousness and intention of their creator. This intentional energy can be changed.

Intention guides an action it is the anticipated outcome and a way of programming energy. Use your intention to connect with the fruit and vegetables the next time you're in a grocery store, or try connecting with a room you're sitting in, or with a tree. Your intention is to connect with and understand its consciousness. When we pray over food or hold our hands over it to give it energy we are using our intention. There are different ways of using this quality.

What you do need to be conscious of is that you are not intending for someone else. For instance, when I begin my classes I usually have everyone in the group cleanse the room and set the space. If I enter a space that I am to work in and it needs a lot of cleansing then I will do this myself before the class, but the intention is set with and by the class participants. There is a fine between creating your own intention and projecting it onto others. Use your awareness to know where that line is drawn.

Everything has a consciousness and it revolves around your intention. We don't always know where that intention will lead.

We just adopted a cat, we're calling her Will-o'-the-wisp. She's a fiery little fairy spirit, sweet and a little tinker all at the same time. I saw her when I was scouring the shelters online. She was at the Animal Services department in Rochester. I called to ask about her but they wouldn't give me any information other than I had to go in to see her. Rochester is an hour's drive away and I couldn't figure out a time to get us there to see her, so I put it to the back of my mind.

We visited the local shelters instead and left it that we'd adopt a cat as soon as we found one that fit the bill - affectionate with us and happy to love and play with Grit out other rescue cat. Well, on Monday morning I was eating my breakfast and suddenly came across a stone in my mouth. Turned out one of my crowns had come loose. My dentist is in Rochester so on the drive there I realized I could go see the cat - if she was still available - and she was. One of the helpers thanked me for taking her telling me that she was on the list to go to the shelter. It didn't sound like a good option for her so I am thrilled that my tooth took control of the situation.

We are in communication with everything around us all the time, we just need to be open enough to hear.

Did you experience a problem that created an amazing opportunity to fulfill an intention? Please share your thoughts with me in the comment below.




Mary I was supposed to get a puppy from a breeder, but the dog didn't end up pregnant.   My daughter was so sad. So we went to the shelter. Instead I got a full grown adult male boxer age 6 from the shelter. We took a very sad, depressed boy home and gave him his new forever home. He was the best dog I've ever had and we miss him still. 
CarolAnn I tend to see everything as I given my by my angels:) All our animals aka children came to us. I totally understand this. When a soul wants to seeks you out this is what happens. XXOO
Christinamaia Thank you for telling us about your experiences, it makes me want to share the fact that I have a conflict with myself every time I want to buy flowers for my home because I know it eventually will make me feel sad to see them die. It makes me feel even worse when the time comes and I have to throw them in the garbage, and I often find myself apologizing to them. This is not a joke. Should I stop buying flowers although I do buy them for their beauty, colors, and energy? (:
maria My husband and I are kinda like retired, although we are very busy and not really retired in an "American" way- golf, volunteer work, money, etc. I have also been a self employed person for many years , creating services for people. I had two clients, one for over a year and the other for 3 months. The relationships never felt right, but I wanted to give it a try and needed the income. I tried and tried and nothing I did ever seemed right. After a long good though I decided to quit these jobs, a little worried about the money, but I could no longer be around their negative and critical energy. I prayed about it, went back to school full time and trusted that things would work out. I am happy I left, have more time for my own family and garden, I am less stressed and now I am being offered a position for only 3 days a week and three times the income of the old jobs. It has been tight money wise since Jan 16, but things are turning around. I have enjoyed the peace and I am glad that I listened to what my heart was saying. Thank you.
Deb When my daughter went through this difficult period, we tried various things to try and give her some relief. She found relief when we started Reiki classes. It offered healing and peace of course, but also taught her about energy and how to turn on and off how strongly it affects her. She wasn't closing it down, just managing it better. She learned how to better live with the extraordinary gift of sensitivity. Best wishes to you and your amazing gift.
Cathy Elizabeth ~ You have exactly described what has been happening to me for the last few weeks. I am experiencing extreme sensitivity to living and inanimate things. It has me in tears sometimes. Like you, I was even thinking about garbage and that I hated creating all this stuff that has to be thrown out. I can't use my garbage disposal anymore. I'm sensitive to the smallest thing. I don't know yet how to handle this. It sometimes makes me very sad depending on the situation. I feel tuned into just about everything right now. I would love suggestions on how to handle this so that my heart isn't always breaking.

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