Everything Is Energy And It All Has a Vibration


Every day I go out to feed the birds. There's always the one who says "thank you!"

We are keepers for the earth, her garden, and all who live on her.

We have this wonderful intelligence, that offers us the opportunity to make a choice about who we show up to be each day.

We can be the healer, wise woman, lover, mother, and sometimes the victim.

Patterns are being created in the heavens by celestial bodies, lining up something of a rollercoaster for our emotions.


silhouette photo of mountain during night time

Remember the saying, the wise one understands the stars, and the fool is ruled by them.

When we as a global community get all bent out of shape because of a planet's movement - or anything for that matter - then we create a combined force of inevitability.

My point is, thought creates.

If you're concerned that Mercury Retrograde will stop you from communicating with your loved ones, then you'll be right.

If you worry about the possible relationship problems you might have when planets collide, then you'll be right.

This is how powerful you are.

You're an amazing manifester.

And you're manifesting this message.

Sometimes though, it can seem like we're not in control, but that's not really the truth is it.

The day you're experiencing now may have been put into motion many moons ago, or maybe it manifested from a thought you had last week.

It's your responsibility as a lightworker to raise your energy and vibration to a higher level of consciousness.

You know that's one of the reasons you're here right?

You can start by listening, to your body, thoughts, emotions, to the world around you, nature, and the hum of the planet.

Everything is energy and it all has a vibration.

Sometimes when you listen you can hear, sense, be aware of the energy in everything.

And through this energy, you can hear the birds and animals say thank you!




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