Facebook Live Painting a Soul Rainbow Silk with Elizabeth Harper Sealed With Love

Uncategorized Sep 08, 2016

** This was a FACEBOOK LIVE event ** Join Elizabeth's FB Page HERE

Can you intuit the shapes, symbols and meanings as I tune in and paint on the silk? Let me know in the comments below what you pick up.

It's incredibly powerful to know and embrace your SOUL COLORS. Wrapping yourself in your Soul Silk can inspire and heal you. It can help you realize your purpose and open your heart to the abundance you deserve.  

If you want to connect with and surround yourself with the amazing colors of your own Soul Rainbow then you can find out more HERE

LOVE + Blessings
elizabeth XOXO
Thank you for sharing this video


Shirley Sims Dear Elizabeth, I was watching this as a recording and the symbols you drew in the beginning were almost the symbol for Reiki Chokaray. As a master level Reiki, this symbol is always used in our practice.   I also had seen the yellow, ( or Gold) as the first color. I truly appreciate spirit allowing you to be a confirmation for me as I strengthen my abilities as a light worker!
Casey Hello: Love seeing your work. I am an artist too.
However, I do not do Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and the myriad of other social entities out there.
It curdles my brain. :)
Carrollyn Elizebth it were so magnificent watch you work you have such and Amazing artist ability you talent is so beautiful I love watching you work the colors are so beautiful I truly enjoy the video for my anniversary you have to do one for me yellow blue green are wonderful colors as I watch you work I were blown away at the beauty you are truly a gift soul thankyou so much for sharing and giving me the pleasure to be part of something so beautiful as I write this I see flash of bright lights thanks again Carrollyn
Aida Thanks for sharing your talent. God bless you.



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