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manifestation success Mar 23, 2016

My husband Win has been learning to sing the last few years. It's been a passion of his since he was a child, but he didn't pursue it. Instead it seemed to get put to the back of his heart while he did other things that were also heart's desires.

Then one day his soul knew it was time.

This morning he sent me a message that he'd received, this is what it said

"What if, your greatest success in this lifetime is to come from a completely unexpected field, and it will be made possible because you followed your heart in all of the expected fields?"

A little light went on in my head when I read this and I knew I needed to share it with you.

Following your heart can often bring you back to a childhood dream - in a roundabout way - and something that is destined to be your greatest success.

Don't give up on your heart's desires no matter what age you are, your financial situation, where you live, how your health is, etc. What's in your heart propels you forward and keeps you on track.

The universe is your best ally and will conspire to help you achieve your dreams. Why? Because YOU ARE the universe. You're not separate. So when you have a desire the universe has that too.

The only thing getting in the way of your dream, of your success is YOU!
Every time you say "I can't do this because...." or "this can never happen because..." you'll be right, because you're already setting yourself up to fail. 

I can't tell you how many people tell me they can't come to one of my events because it's too expensive, and yet they're often telling me 6 months ahead of time so they're already setting themselves up to be right and the universe will conspire to make that true.  

When you want something with all of your heart, open yourself to receive and let go of how it's going to manifest, that's when the miracles happen.  

What miracle do you want to manifest today?

Let me know in the comments below.




Yvette Thank you for this Elizabeth - your message is right on time for me as usual! The miracles I want to manifest today are: to become financially free; to set up the successful healing practice that will fulfil my Divine purpose as a healer; to have a home near the ocean where I can live, and practice my healing arts; to live out my life with the man who is Divinely right for me, in a relationship of pure love.
Karly Herrington I want to manifest the miracle for everyone to see the world through loving eyes and spread their innate light through following their heart , in turn raising the frequency of Earth and all its inhabitants. Miraculous occurrence of unconditional love all around the world, for self and all others . <3
Dale i love this meditation with Deepak:
As my emotions flow freely, my life is lightened.
Om Shanti Om, " I radiate peace".
To all those who are struggling, releasing negative thoughts, controlled breathing, anything is possible !
Maryann My heart sings when I envision myself standing in front of a packed wine tasting room, and leading Happier Hour!!   I am reminding people that there is more to life and let's raise a glass of wine and toast to our magnificence!   I am facilitating Self Love and Oneness!!! Now that is my dream, and they LOVE ME!!!!
Pauline Thank You for your story. I have manifestid several things in my life, so I belive it can happen, when your heart is with.But now I feel, I am stack. My dream today is to have abundance to travel with my grandchildren and help my childrens family to have easier and happy life.
Vicki Thank you for sharing your story Elizabeth. The miracle I want to manifest is receiving my fair share of my inheritance that's being kept from me. A better relationship with my husband.
Michele I am 100% understanding this sign
Thank YOU!!!❤
Peace Love&LIGHT 444
benedikte My miracle. Going on a trip to Island. Meeting the elfs, meeting spiritual inspired people. Feeling the energy. That's my dream. 
Kim m I want to help adults like my daughter with autism and open a center for socialization and help in their futures for the world also I want to write a book
Lisa Thank you for the beautiful story.   I had the privilege to take The Natural Singer at Kripalu and it was such a wonderful way to connect with my voice. The miracle I want to manifest today is to find passion in my life.
Patty Thank you for the story and for lifting spirits up! I want to manifest a reconciliation with my husband after 24 years we are separating. It hurts so much. Thank you
Debbie I want to discover my true vocation,to be able to support myself, my dream home. and REAL romantic for the first time ever!
Patty Beautiful!
Today I shall be patient and Kind to all,   I shall inspire others to do the same.   I shall take care of my body and soul physically, spiritually and mentally.   I shall laugh a lot.   I shall receive financial abundance, as well as donate what i have with others.     I shall write a book, learn to playbthe piano and speak French. On 4/14 I shall dance with Bruce Springsteen.   I shall pray for the healing of our souls and our planet.   
Rob I have been unemployed for 22 months and my savings are dwindling. I wake up in fear during the night and every morning not knowing what the future holds. I'm doing everything I think I need to do to find a job but have not manifested it. I am living on the edge of an abyss.
Tarin Live my life being the best Healer, Psychic and Medium that I was born to be and help people see the BEST versions of themselves.And thank you for all the inspiration.
Niki I would like peace for those who need it and negativity and judgement to disperse from those who need it to so balance can happen in this world allowing the light to shine through
Judy Elizabeth loved your story as always.   I would like to manifest today, joy, happiness, lightness of spirit for myself and All. I would like to manifest today the perfect living situation for my special needs son. Blessings
Debbie staying on the path of being the healer that i was born to be, the lightworker that i am destined to be.
Shirley Need my IRS refund deposited to my account today!
Dee Thanks for your story. For me I need to be financially able to get out of a mentally abusive marriage and be on my own. I pray this somehow comes about soon it's very stressful. A man that did not show his true colors until after we were married. 
Ginger Mcdevitt My heart sings when I do anything metaphysical, when I learn from you & all the great teachers I connect with. I'd like to manifest taking these wonderful energies to help people & animals & the world be a better place.
Dottine I want to manifest prosperity , and the opening of my heart chakra to bring in more love & light.
Thank you for sharing a very inspiring story.God Bless you and Win.
Victoria Me too, Ramona! Although, now I am allowing for a get out of guilty as charged free card and moving with my heart's desires!
Diana I want to be a author and a speaker. Thank you for the inspiring words!
Ramona Guilty!
Natasha Yes thank you so much! Always love your insight. Today I want to manifest much more income, especially to get out of school debt. I've had it for about 10 years and it just keeps growing from interest because I can not pay it, due to other bills I need to live and survive. Also my current job that I very much enjoy does not pay enough & I even pick up extra shifts. I would also like to manifest true everlasting love into my life. I would love to be in love with a man, he with me and start a family in the near future.
Pamela Baptiste What a wonderful story. I want to be a story teller however the miracle I want to manifest today is to go to Canada and spend a month with Rick Simpson.   On my return home I want to dispense what I have learnt.
Jen I can't tell you how much this resonated with me! This was exactly what I needed to read in exactly the right moment. Completely synchronized.

Thank you,

Caissa Thank you for the inspiring story. The miracle I want to manifest today is a good paying job that will make me grow financially and personally. Next to that I want a nice affordable house for me and my kids so that they can have their room and more space. And marry a man I love and that loves me.

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