How to Use the Lilac Flame of Transmutation

cleansing healing Mar 31, 2016

Mercury goes retrograde at the end of April, that's when traditionally communication and technology goes a little haywire. Well, for the last 48 hours I've experienced my very own personal pre-Mercury retrograde action one month early.

Remember our external world reflects what's going on in our inner world.

Having problems with computers is nothing new for me. When I was in my 20's I signed up for a computer course - this was way before personal computers. It was a weekly class, but I only managed to go the one time, here's why.

The first computer I sat in front of shut down almost as soon as I touched it. The instructor thought there was a problem with the computer - let's blame the tools right - but it happened again with the next one. He moved me to a third computer and watched me very closely, but sadly this piece of machinery didn't stand a chance, it was no match for my energy. When it duly packed up he simply said "I don't think you should be working with computers." HUH!!!

What I everntually discovered was that when I didn't meditate everything around me - technology and all - would go a lttle loop the loop. I realized just this morning that I hadn't meditated regularly for the last couple of weeks.

As a psychic it's important to meditate and if you're a psychic or healer then you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

So why are computers so prone to get upset around us? Well you are not just a physical body, you also have this wonderful glowing electromagnetic field around and within you too. Its energy is a measure of your emotional, mental and physical state as well as your spiritual well being and consciousness. 

Psychics and gurus have lots of electromagnetic energy buzzing through them. We train ourselves to increase this energy, the problem is if it's not controlled it can wreak havoc. And what does a computer put out? That's right, electromagnetic energy. No wonder many of us don't get along with technology. 

So, how do we as "high vibrational" souls manage in this world of technology? We can't go burning out computers and televisions right, left and center now can we. Here are a few ideas:

Start with meditating every day. Use the same space and preferably the same time each day. This get's you into a routine, it also helps build the energy. When you sit somewhere you leave energy behind, so if you meditate in the same place you can settle right back into the energy you left yourself the day before.
Ground yourself - this is realy important. You can do this during meditation, but its also good to have some other practices like walking barefoot and hugging a tree.
Use the Lilac Flame of Transmutation. I think one of the reasons computers don't get on with our energy is because we're clashing but also because we're carrying around so much static energy and that static can be caused by every day life challenges. The lilac flame burns away dross in your energy field. Simply imagine a flame like a gas lighter flame that is colored lilac moving all around your energy field. As it moves it burns away the dark parts you've held onto.   until all that is left is a clear space.

Do electrical things go a bit wonky around you? Do you have any tips to change that energy? Please share in the comments below.  


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Roseanna ☆Awesome info you shared, I really needed it because I had not made the connections to some of the techical and electrical problems I was having being to my own energy. One biggest hint I had was through my hair~ now don't laugh but the static electricity was unmanageable! I began to gain a deeper understanding of the oroblems and began by using arm and hammer baking doda solutions that are recommended on A big change came for me at the end of 2015-2016 I began a new program with a daily energy routine that helps get your energies unstuck! It is super! It is called Eden Energy Medicine and I found it at
Suzana Similar has been happening to me too few days ago. Then I become aware that one big hidden pattern has been imerged on the surface with my inner healing power and was presented to me in external world. When the pattern was disolved, then the weard stuff with computer and phone has stopped immediately. Amazing. Thank you for sharing your powerful informations. I love to read your experiences and stories. Love, Suzana
elaine Thanks for the Lilac flame... I'm definitely going to try it. I always figured it might be something. Mine was watches and lights. I finally went to purchasing cheap watches as it didn't matter ... they all went loopy.
Karen The exact same thing happened to me on my very first job after I had left school. As soon as I sat down in front of the computer with my trainer and touched it the whole system went down. )And I was'nt let back on it).
I regularly affect electrical equipment and in different ways over the years. In my twenties to thirties car alarms would go off as I walked past, my watch also stopped regularly but as soon as my Mum put it on her wrist it would start again and then immediately stop when back on mine. My cards ie library etc would never swipe properly. In later years when Ive been under a lot of stress various equipment blew when I turned them on , the tv, the microwave and a halogen lamp one after the other. In this same period I was writing my book where I was picking up psychic info and I was standing at a market stall in my home town talking to the stall holder about the electrics blowing and this complete stranger standing next to me (a lady) said to me "are you channelling unawares?". She told me to put her hand underneath hers with about an inch gap and she said "can you feel that energy?". I said "yes, is that you?" and she said" no, it's you! " I was gobsmacked. She told me to put a bowl of water near myself in my bedroom in case I was picking up negative energy (psychic attack etc). Also in my twenties my friend Ian had some kind of electrical meter thing where you held a crocodile clip, or something like that I cant remember, in each hand to measure your bodily conductivity on the dial and various friends had had a go and when I did it the needle flew off the end of the dial much to his total amazement. I've blown my mobile phone countless times when texting and wiped 3 years of recordings on my humax freeview recorder when the machine cut out whilst deleting a couple of programmes, after a stressful court meeting last sept and the whole lot went in one go. If I'm upset or angry the lightbulbs go when I switch them on. Its so frustrating. The computer is always playing up and I've noticed now that if I get up and walk away from it/leave the room it rights itself. When I used to stand between our old washing machine and the old gas hob some years back the ignition would start clicking. What's even more frustrating is knowing that I affect electrics but everyone else thinks I'm nuts so I am glad you have just posted this!
Lee So glad I've found your website Elizabeth! Every post really brightens my day. You always have inspirational stories, ideas, topic, which I can so relate! All the very best to you and thanks so much for posting! You're totally awesome!
Dawn Hi Elizabeth, Happy Spring! Whenever I have electronic problems I ask Archangel Michael for help. I love how fast he swoops in & helps. Thank you for your letters & your videos. You make me feel safe to shine & you have my eternal gratitude, many blessings xoxo
Audrey Oh Elizabeth! You are an angel! It seems your posts always somehow align with what is going on in my life. I have had problems with computers from day 1 of working with them, too! And my phone and internet connections seem to go down frequently when I am going through some high-level stress, and have gone without meditating for a while as well! Thank you for your wisdom and sharing what so many of us feel or go through, but might feel awkward bringing-up. I feel blessed and very connected now, and more in-tune with my energies than I ever have, yet still have a lot of work to do I know... Thanks again for all the Love you put out to the world. It is felt and appreciated. You are one of a kind!
Celyne Oh yes!   I have been having problems with my Android cell phone, for 2 years, but the most funny one that happens a lot is everytime I take a walk at night I shut down street lights, not everyone of them but a few when I pass under, and then they reignite when away from them that has been so weird but now I'm use to it, and I just learned not to long ago that was one of the sign that you have telekinetic powers, but I do not know for the moment what to do with that talent!
Any ideas anyone?
Gel This is an eye-opening post! Thank you for the information. I am sharing this post... <3
EM Thank you so much for this article Elizabeth! All of my life I have had problems with watches, computers, phones, and appliances. I haven't been able to find much online about this phenomena either. I still cannot wear a watch unless it is an anti-magnetic one. The hands on my watches would either stop, or even more odd, run backwards in time. Several others have witnessed this happening. Multiple work and home computers have presented with problems and others have witnessed this. When they tried the same functions everything worked just perfectly for them. I have two phones now because there are such a multitude of communications anomalies that I figure if one won't work maybe the secondary one will. Even microwaves and electronic washers/dryers shut off at times then somehow resume and/or beep and have the lights go on even when I am only standing nearby. These anomalies never happen when others are near or use the equipment. Anyway, I am so grateful to you for writing this article as I am going to use the violet flame to resolve these energy issues. Its funny that you mention bypassing your daily habit of meditation lately and attribute the problems to that. I too have been sliding a bit for the last couple of weeks, and guess what? Things have been acting up worse than ever.. I never made the connection before now. I am grateful for you and all your wonderful contributions to the rest of us.
JENNIFER thank you for your letters every week this weeks info regaurding technology and we psychics and healers, is great
i have found when that electromegnetic disturbance can be stifled by a circle of salt around myself and the equipment i am using and smudging with sage to cleanse the space of any and all negativity. these have worked reliably for me.
Edwina Hello Gina
I had the same watch problem when I was a little girl. My father cut a small piece of rubber and glued it to the back and hey presto it worked! It seemed to be something to do with electricity or magnetic field of my skin.
Hope that helps.
Suzanne Boucher Oh ok so that is what is wrong, why my computer deos odd stuff, my tv...oh wow, thank you! I too will try the Lilac flame!
Esther Since I was a teenager the computers always went crazy when I was around,, the more nervous I was, the easy they fail. So now I have various methods to fix this up.
1) I hit or play a singing bowl a few times. Singing bowls are made of crystal or metal materials and when they are struck with a wood stick they sound beautifully. They have the power to armonize and align all energy.
2) I began to relax myself mentally & phisiically by breathing slowlly and profoundly for a while.
Example: inhale air by your nose slowly, hold the respiration 5 seconds and exhale by your mouth
3)Light a candle and gaze at the flame for a few minutes, this will focus, relax and align your mind very nicely.

Wishing you a nice weekend
Nicky I have damaged my share of computers and other electrical appliances. The scariest incident was when I was travelling on a Boeing aircraft on an overseas flight. I was really upset, at the time my mom was in the ER. I didn't know if I would make on time to see her. All the devices around my seat and the surrounding passengers stopped functioning. The passenger next to me was very upset and was complaining to the stewardess. I recall telling her how grateful we should be that the pilot's cockpit is functioning. At that point she she stopped complaining. She was really grateful that at least the rest of the plane was alright. Unfortunately, nothing worked until we reached our destination. Elizabeth, it would have helped if I had read this sooner...Lol
Elizabeth Nagaraj, it feels like you're connecting with the energy of the computer and yes affecting you certainly. Try an amethyst bracelet or smoky quartz bracelet and see if that has any effect, ask the crystals to absorb the energy for you. XOXO e
Shelley Thank you Elizabeth! Since my days in college in the '70's, the programming cards for the computer would spit out of the doom
Size computer & fly around the room.... Hasn't gotten any better. Very informative about the meditation.
Anonomous please In the supermarkets, at Gas pumps, at ATM's, anywhere I have to push buttons some days nothing works and I have to do things over 2 or 3 or more times to get them right!!! I often wonder if I am supercharged with all the meditation and prayer that I practice daily. I can push the buttons on my car DVD player and nothing at all will happen yet if I wait a few minutes and remove myself from the car, everything will start without a hitch.   I recently purchased an Android phone and you wouldn't believe the problems I have with it. I can swipe 50 times and nothing will happen yet the clerk in the store will swipe once and it works. Sometimes on my TV, I can select a channel but it will not go to that channel even after trying 10 or 15 times. I get so frustrated and just wonder what's happening and why is it happening?????
Blaze Varone I was in tears of frustration this morning because my work computer, PC, tablet and mobile phone wouldn't work! My girlfriend called me to tell me about this Love Letter. Thank goodness the landline is working and thank you for the tips!
Ana Elizabeth, I've had my new phone for about a month now and three days ago it started shutting off on its own a bunch of times a day and sometimes it restarts on its own as well. I was just telling a friend how it must be 'going through a phase':). I'll try the Lilac Flame. Much love to you!
Gina This is so totally true. Although for me it is watches! They always seem to stop on me and till date I cant seem to wear one. Is it based on the same principle as above?
nagaraj Sometime earlier whenever i would sit on my laptop and use my fingers instead of the mouse i would have pricking sensation there rightaway. This would leave me very uncomfortable and later on contribute to swelling and stiffness in my fingers compelling me to spend no time infront of the gadget for any reason. i wonder if the gadget was siphonng off my energy . Would you clarfy on this?
Carol Oh my gosh - so true! If I'm stressed or tense my car gets temperamental! Everyone says it's a computer problem but they can't find anything wrong! If I'm calm and happy- doesn't stalk or all- I am going to try the Lilac flame!!

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