Is 777 an ANGEL Number?

I have always been fascinated by numbers. The universe is mathematical. We use numbers in astrology to determine the distances and angles between planets in our charts. We measure frequencies of the chakras in numbers and the age we are of course is a number. They have a magical quality particularly when the same number keeps on coming up.

Have you noticed that? Do you see the same number again and again?

Most people know about 444, it's considered an angel number and I always thank my angels when I see it. 888 is another well-known number with a triple whammy, this one is for abundance. But how about 777. We don't hear much about that one and it's just as special. 

I still have one of my first numerology books. It's a rather moth-eaten edition of the 1864 classic, The Kabala of Numbers. I took great pleasure as a child playing with the concepts in the book. One of them helps to answer questions using numbers, the answers though are in a 19th-century style and hard to interpret, kind of Nostradamus-esque!  Another favorite section helped me find lost objects. I would hide something and then try to find it using the method in the book. This could keep me amused for hours. This same book is where I first learned about the association of numbers with the Major Arcana in the Tarot and the three stages of initiation into the mysteries and its relationship with the Chaldean numerology system.

Most numerology you read about comes from the Pythagorean system, I've studied that too, but somewhere along the line I learned about Chaldean numerology and its this style that feels more true for me, it really resonated with my soul. The interpretations can be a little doom and gloom, but I tend to go with how a number feels instead of what I'm told about it in books. What may have attracted my attention to this system when I was younger are the letters under the number 7.

Take a look, what do you see?

You might notice there is no number 9, the Chaldeans felt 9 to be a sacred number but it was OK if your name added up to 9. Did you get my reference to the letters under 7? I remember feeling elated because I figured I'd hit on the hidden truth behind the Wizard of OZ.

So back to number 7. It's made of the feminine 3 and masculine 4 so part of its magic comes from this balance of male and female.


3 is an abundance number, it's ruled by Jupiter the planet of abundance. Don't you think its shape looks like a pregnant woman? It's open, unlike the 8, so I feel it has more room for expansion.


4 is ruled by Uranus the planet of surprises so its always been kind of odd to me in Pythagorean numerology that 4 is the number of solidity, strength, and power. I suppose the 4 corners of a block create stability. But Uranus feels so much more in tune with number 4, it's ahead of its time and does things differently. So when you add these two numbers together you get 7, the number of magic ruled by Neptune the planet of dreams. So that would be abundance, surprises, and dreams all rolled into one. Hmmm, now doesn't that sound like a lucky number vibration to you?

I LOVE to go deep into the meaning behind things, but an easier way to do it is simply to ask my guides. So that's what I did.


This was our conversation.

GUIDE: it's the number of abundance.

ME: But I thought 888 was the number of abundance?

GUIDE: That's different, that's universal abundance. As above so below.

ME: So what's different about 777

GUIDE: It's electrical abundance and creates a crack in the fabric of the universe, 888 is already present, 777 is waiting for an opportunity to be present, it's always there, you just need to align with its energy and plug in

ME: So if I want abundance which number do I use

GUIDE: 888 has more stability, 777 is immediate action and can blow open the fabric of your universe, it will take you to places you have only "dreamed" of

ME: Cute! So when would I use 888 and when would I use 777. 

GUIDE: That's the difference, you use 888 on the physical plane to bring heaven to earth, but 777 comes through your dreams, it's directly related to your spirit

ME: OK so if I want abundance in my physical life I would surround myself with 888, if I want to manifest expansive abundance then I need to tap into the energy of 777 through my dream state.

GUIDE: Yes, except your dream state is the true you. When you are aligned with the true you then 777 is the number to use, when you're aligned with your physical state then 888 would work best.

Well, there you have it. Figure it out for yourself.

The reason I began this article is because I noticed 777 on my Facebook page and then Lindsay who assists me noticed 444 on my Instagram page, I figured the universe had something to say. 

Oh by the way. In Doreen Virtue's book Angel Numbers 101 she says 777 means, "You are definitely on the right path in every area of your life. Stay balanced and spiritually aware so that you can continue moving forward on this illuminated path." Not exactly the same as the interpretation from my crew, but then we all have different perspectives, don't we?

Do specific numbers come up for you regularly? Do you know what they mean? Please share your comments below.


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Ardis I see 1111,222,333,444,777 .all the time. I also have learned that I am an empath. I often wondered why I could feel and know things others missed now I know.
Jess I've noticed recently that I've been seeing a lot of 1111s and most recently a lot of 7s and 8s. I know 8 is the number of manifestation on the physical plane, but it's also the number of Archangel Ariel, who I feel wants to be in contact with me. I was doing an oracle reading with a new deck and noticed when I pulled it out that I instantly resonated with the card: Independence.
The message read:

"Never be afraid to go it alone. With your drive and ambition, you will succeed to greater heights."

The picture on that card was a tree on a cliff face, next to a white waterfall. The sun shone through the middle of the card, and 8 birds flew in the sky. As you got to the bottom of the card, the colour went from yellow to blue. I think Archangel Michael had something to say too.

Thinking about this now, I've been seeing a lot of number combinations recently, so I know my guides are around. But I feel like this card is a sign. A sign to move into a new part of my life.
Suzanne Taylor Hello there Elizabeth and everyone. I see 777 all the time but in cycles and I always callout "jackpot!" I see all the numbers from 1111/111-999. I try to be aware of what I'm thinking or what's going through my mind or what I'm doing or trying to accomplish at that moment in my life. Lately it's been 33/333, 222, and 777 while a few weeks ago it was 444, 22, 555... I also see 429 a lot and 1131. My birthday is 7/22/1984 and I see combos of that.. Either 744 or 7:22.. I catch my time of birth 3:16 everyday. Getting lost in all of these is easy but I always look out for them. The magic for me is that, Elizabeth, you sent this email out right when I was seeing a bunch of 777. Everywhere. To me this means this message is for me, not only obviously but I was supposed to see it!! Hee Hee Hee!!! 🦄💫☄💓💗💖🕯🎶
Tatiana Robichau Firstly I'd like to thank you sending you this email. I think there's something to be said for my birthdate it's 7 22 to 1959. And not only that when I was a child I used to write myself because I was lonely special fan club letters when I realized that I knew there was something to be said for that. That being said I've been aware that when I am doing selfless Act and I'm following my intuition that all I see is combinations of sevens sometimes double 7 sometimes triple sometimes five of them in a row and to me that speaks volumes. I am becoming more and more aware of what it is that I am in I am absolutely in awe of this journey. I never realized just how incredibly grateful I am for who I am and what I am and it's blossoming into something more than I ever could have imagined. I've fallen in love with myself through the power of divine love and grace and I never like myself as a child or even in my earlier years. I'm so grateful so humbled so I don't really consumed by the power of this amazing Divine Light that resides in me I Cry tears of joy all the time just because of this amazing gift. Thank you so much for the beauty of your heart and your soul and how you convey your messages to us I love you infinitely. Much love to you Elizabeth Harper
Corey For the past 2 Straight months every day I have been seeing the time 111 and 1111 whether it’s a.m. or p.m. I have no idea what they’re trying to tell me. I have a lot going on in my life right now and things are tough but I’m just constantly seeing ones all the time. I’d love for you to help me understand what this means!
Laurel When I asked my guides about using 777 and 888, I got the word "peak" for 777 and the word "constant" for 888. Further explanation came as when your are asking for constant consistent connection with Source/Universe bring 888 into focus. When there is some immediacy required go with 777 as that will bring a more specific manifestation.
Lisa Interesting that 777s came up. I’ve alaways had a deep intimacy with the number 7. My only child was born at 7 lbs 7 oz. Her first, middle and last names each contain 7 letters; although, it wasn’t a conscious intention ( I thought she would be boy. We had a couple of first and middle girl’s names sketched in. I picked her first name after I’d met her, and her dad picked her middle name. She was born @ 12:31 (=7) in 1987 (= 7), which was the year of the Harmonic Convergence, which my husband and I celebrated with others before her birth. Her life path number is a one. She’s certainly an indigo child and highly intuitive. God love her, she’s a Pisces with Cancer in her moon and ascendant. We had lots of addresses with 333s and then the numbers 9 started started to show.   My last name, which I returned to using in 2002 = 7. What she and I see the most is 1:11 or 11:11, which gives me pause to remember “We are all one.” I adored your live communication via FB where you described the full moon and the two 11s as columns into a new portal. I see 4:44 a lot, too. An ex told me that was when angels   surrounded him. I’d never heard this before. Now I see it quite often. But 7s are all around me and have been for a very long time. I naturally gravitate to 777 or simply 7s. It’s a always been a sacred, holy number for me.
Lucie 11 is always showing up for me. My first name adds up to 11. My current house is 11 and my car reg is double 11. Also recently I am seeing my full year of birth a lot - that's a little strange to me! Other number sequences are also showing up more frequently.
Patricia Connelly I learned a little over a year ago that I am and have aTwin Flame. So for me triple numbers mean something a little different. But yes since last May I started noticing numbers 222 is the one I see the most. I’ve seen 2 Swans, rainbows even thou it hasn’t rained, feathers, songs. I even had a car pull in front of me and on the back were   set of Angels Wings??
Aida I forgot to tell you also, that the numbers on my first name add to the number 7, and my middle name adds to 17 according to your chart.
Thanks so much Elizabeth.
Aida The number 7 has continuously been following me all my life but one summer during my college studies was extremely clear that my angels were trying desperately to communicate with me. Strangely enough, the numbers started or ended with the number 7, in my college room number, in the ticket for my meals, in the amount I had to pay for my college class, in my seat number in the airplane, in the number of my flight ticket. All this was very unusual but I can understand now that they were trying to cheer me on, and showing me their unconditional support.
God bless you Elizabeth, for your positive energy and for the light you bring.
Karin Magnuson Since I was a wee one, 44 was my favorite number! I have always felt that when I see a double number, I am blessed by the angels- when it's triple I say a huge thank you!   444- love my angels even more!   555- embrace the changes, we're right by your side! I always know it's angels when I see my numbers! (all doubles/triples)! Very powerful! Everyday, there is one or more for me! TODAY- 777, 8888 on lic. plate! Yes! Thank you for your work with the angels and all that you do!!!   Love you!
Cheryl Hi Elizabeth, my house number is 34 - I've always felt it to be fairly balanced so I guess I was right all along! They even add up to 7 which is my favourite if course!
Jeannette I been seeing a lot 11:11 n the 911 n the 411 but mostly 11:11, I know it means something) I know my angels n guides , uniivverse is talking to me, I can feel it! Iam getting more n more connected!
Betty Wow, this is a whole new experience for me. I have really not paid too much attention to numbers until this last year when I had my first numerology report done. I was amazed to see my report, since this I have been seeing the number 7 and 8 along with 9 and the number 1 and 11. Strange. I am a 9 for a life path and 6 for achievement but I believe I also have a 7 along the way in my numerology also.   I will have to pay more attention to the numbers coming into my life and take it from there. Thanks for sharing your views on this. Numbers have always interested me and I have always felt connect to them. I believe that the universe is built on the energy of numbers....... so this was great for me to see from you..... It once again, lets me know I am on the right path for self awareness and improvement.... Thanks Betty
Eileen Being discalculus, I am not very keen on numbers, they get muddled up in my head. And I very rarely spot recurring numbers but luckily my angels communicate with me in other ways. I read your article though which was very interesting. When I thought about numbers I realised that if the number 4 is written this way, you can write all single digits without taking you pen off the paper.
Love and Light Elizabeth and Season's greetings to you.
Jane When my mother pasted over 10 yrs ago, we had her service on 3/7 and during that week of preparation every receipt had 7's 77.77, 7.07
for the past 10 yrs everytime my attention is brought to the time it's 7:07 and more recently 7:17 My heart feels happy whenever this happens and I pause for a moment and say "Thank you for being with me, I am truely grateful "
Kavita Chalhotra I am writing 47th comment after seeing 777 in a video.. and trying to figure out meaning of 7&4's the number associated with my company code and I m seeing 4&7 everywhere combined with other numbers.. I know that I m focusing on my work and therefore attracting these to me!!
padmini tirupati 45 responses..4+5 +9... time is 2:57 reduced to 3 and going to be 3:00 soon... love the magic of older one loved numbers as a baby and he hardly uses words.. started taliking late...if we could communicate in numbers instead of words...what would that be like...:) btw his fav # was 100 when he was five he declared that! :)
Linda Oh, no! I hate to bump off the 44 and post the 45th response, but I loved this. I read every word and I never read every word of anything. 117 is special to me and I've always loved 7's, so this really resonated with me. Thank you!
Tonya Kay Dalton Today alone...1-10-2017. The numbers 223 at least 4x...also 11st three to my social security number.   Then the 3s.   In any way, 3:33.. 1933 birth year... 33 address. Ohhh, 13 is my address(15610) 56 hits me often too. And twice I saw 13 today.... Help???
Tina Jones Hi, I've been on a spiritual path for nearly 2 years now. It's been a rough but amazing journey. My life path number is 7 and I've been seeing all the triple numbers so much in the last year and a half. And latley I've been seeing 777. I've read all of Doreen virtues meanings. But I defiantly feel and agree that you have much more understanding and your meanings is much more relevant and real. Thank you for your spiritual guidance, I really appreciate reading your post it really helped me understand things a lot better
Shruti Hello,
Please guide me somehow as I am seeing the time 12:21 from 2-3 years. Does it signify something??
Avril Yay, Elizabeth! Finally someone who agrees with me on the subject of Chaldean numerology. I've been studying it for almost 20 years now and use it as spiritual numerology (had a great teacher). Love your work sweet soul.

BTWay... I am once again living in at an address that has 11/11 - last time I did that I went on one epic journey of discovery.

Love and light
Bev Very interesting in deed.

For me the number that keeps appearing for the past I have no idea how many years is the number 19.
Whether it be deaths, good news, bad news, anything it is always that number and it annoys me so much that I started disliking the number. I know that if you add it up it will be 1, the leader, but for me I still feel that there is something important to know about it. I mean numbers come up everyday whether its 1 or 4 or 7 but 19? What an odd number to keep appearing. Is there more? Sometimes I feel 'my guides' have to hit me with it then only I will listen lol...even though I ask and receive answers, I always want more.
benedikte Every day the past week I saw 3 ducks flying over. I know they have a message for me. 3 is the number that coms a lot in my life.
Mira Hi, Elizabeth. How about this: my birth date is 7 7 7 (the last seven is from year 1942) I wonder how to interpret this 777 in my case. Again, in numerology it comes down to final number 3 (abundance, as you mentioned), however in my life there was not much in a way of physical abundance. Unless it applies to being abundant with intelligence, two great boys and health. However, struggle was my companion in finances, jobs, and most of all really oppressive marriage which I ended 10 years ago. Even now, in retirement, there could be better times than there really are. Thank you for all the postings and writing you do. Always looking forward to listening to your weekly readings and for reading your blog
Rev. Allorrah Be I forgot to mention in the post above:     There is a new taxi in town with the number:   777-7777!!   And my friend from church is "a Seven!!"   whatever does all this mean?   Thanks, Elizabeth!
Rev. Allorrah Be I Live at 7777 on a highway where an Ascended Master worked with plants and some of his specimens are still here.
I was initiated into 11:11 mysteries long ago, I believe in 1990 or so, and then Solara "brought" the 11:11 ceremonies that were held all over the planet. She assisted me in "hearing" my Angelic name, Allorrah. I have #1 Expression, #9 Life Path, and Master #22 Soul Urge. My eyes do not see the same way they did, but I Am beginning to "see" some very brief visions and having some brief intuitive "knowings" ~ all about one person who has been instrumental in my life for 6 years. Something amazing happened to us in February that we're still wondering about and not able to really discern what is going on with us. When this amazing Awakening happened it opened me up to realms I hadn't played in before. I lost my nighttime dreams long ago but now I'm having visions...   of him....   What can it mean? It feels like past-life "bleed-thru" or something I haven't experienced before. I know we have harmonic frequencies, but we tend to believe that is because we both bring in so much Spirit through our prayers and practices. Could this be Kundalini Fire I heard about... bursting out in a "church" where we were gathered for Communion with our Lord?
Thanks so much for your absolutely Angelic site and all you do to spread joy.   Rev. Allorrah Be, CAHt., Mobile Minister, Sebastopol, California USA
Circles of Light Ministries
Edith Hi, yes...... the num 47 follows me feels like is following me that sometimes becomes irritating....I try to
understand what is telling me, but I have no clue....sometimes is 487.......I know that 7's have something to do with me, because my birthday is 7/ 7......anyway...wanted to let you know. I love your website, is very good..Thanks for all your
interesting videos and notes.....x0x0x0x0x00xx0
                                   -Edith Feliciano -
Eileen Interesting comments I was born on the 7/7/19 my recent dream yesterday I am not sure were I was their was a male there with me someone was shooting at us I heard a voice shout get down I was okay my dream book says shooting is a aggressive act I kind of know it has something to do with my past but what I am not clear on that I also have a astrology reading with a pyramid with number 7 on each corner so thank you and have a great day blessings.
Kate Hi Elizabeth! I see 143 or just 43 a lot and I believe it is my angels saying love you (4 letters in love, 3 in you)!
Vicki I have two sets of numbers I see a lot. They are 1915 and 185. The 1915 is the year my grandmother was born and my birthday is 915. We were very close, could she be one of my angels? The only connection I have to 185 is I grew up in a house with the address 185. Have no idea what it means. Love and light to you Elizabeth.
Jeanie I'm always seeing 11:11 day after day morning and night. At those times I thank my mother for being with me in spirit.
Suzana Beautiful. Thank you for learning more from your way of seeing/feeling numbers <3
Tracey My Aunt and I have a special connection with 11:11. It's her favourite number & time and I love double numbers. Whenever I'm working away something always makes me look up at the clock at 11:11 and I always think of her and send her some loving energy. I enjoy this special connection between us.

Thanks for sharing about 777 and the two different 'number systems' - something interesting to go away and read over the weekend :-)
Ann I also have intuition about numbers but what amazed me more are ALL those sinchronocity in my life. My father died on 7,th August the day my sister was born AND I married also not thé SAME year but thé same DAY ALL three . AND my guide talked about rédemption for 7.
Lynne Hallett I loved this article. Two or three years ago I kept seeing 1234 everywhere I went from clocks to mileometer readings to paying for parking and the ticket saying 1234!. At first it made me think about my husband as it's his favourite number. However, I have been seeing it for such an extended period of time - and still am - that I reckoned it must have more meaning, especially, as I have got other sequences subsequently, such as 123, 234, 345, 456. I certainly thank my angels when I do see it, as I'm sure it's way of them saying they are around and maybe that I am taking the right steps in the right order. I also see mirrored numbers, especially 1221 and the angelic 444. More recently, since just before Christmas I kept seeing strings of 1s and even last night it was 11:11 when I went to bed. 2s seem to have joined in during the last month, which I think is connected with life purpose. My favourite numbers, though, have always been 8 and 4. I have also looked up the Doreen Virtue meanings and those from Sacred Sribe Angel Numbers but would love to have an alternative reading for the meaning of them. I think I became more aware of numbers as I started to (a) consider writing in a more serious light and (b) as my spirituality grew. Love: Lynne x
Sezin Aksoy Hello Elizabeth,
Thanks for sharing your beautiful angelic messages for number 777. I have my own guidance number which I call coamic number as 333 but recently I have been seeing 777 a lot. My own interpretation for the number is miracles are on its way. Last night before I went to sleep I lit a candle made my wish for joy and miracles and looked at my Merlin statue but by mistake I said Please Oz gave me a guidance. Than in the morning I saw your email with the title 777. I started reading it and had a sweet smile on my face when I came to see its letters as OZ.
I would like to thank you and send you and all to your readers and followers love and şight fpr this beautiful share.
Whatever we all dream and wish for will hopefully come true blissfully in abundance as you said and hopefully with joy in miracolous ways.
Sending you Ho'oponopono energy with lots of love!!!
Elaine As I finish reading your article I look up to change pages and there it is it
Kst I've been seeing 11:11 every day, a few times a day for quite some time. I work for a company & have been in different locations, but recently I went back to one where I worked quite some time ago. When I originally worked there, a co worker & his wife were killed in a fire at a night club. Well in randomly talking to a current co worker about the occurrence of 11:11 in my life, he told me that the deceased's wedding anniversary was November 11th. Instantly we both got chills & it became awfully cold in the room for a while. While I struggling with some issues in my life, we are hoping this is a sign of him telling me I made the right choices!
Janet The number has always been present in my life and is my favourite number, the number I have been seeing repeatedly for over a year now is 911 and it always me smile ?❤️Xx
Robyn I started reading what you had to say about 777 out of my insatiable curiosity, then I suddenly remembered a dream I used to have when I was about 11 ir 12 yrs old. It was based around the number 7, not just 3 but a whole stirng of them that would squish up. I can still feel the sensation/feeling to this day some 50 yrs later that it invoked. It frightened me and it still has this weird affect on me when I think of it. There was nothing else to the dreams that I remember other than these 7's. Reading the above made me wonder what role it had in my spirituality as Mum always said I was highly spiritual although over the years about all I did was trust and use my intuition. It wasn't until I was in my late 30's I started to look more at it and began experiencing incidences. I only had the dream a few times and it always left me feeling unsettled.
Kimberly I often see 07:07 on the clock but I don't know what it means :/
Maria I see all the time ; 313,515,717,616 ,414,919,212,
909, 808, 606 , 707,303 404
111 ,

What is this all meaning ?
Caro The number 7 has always featured heavily in my life. I was born on the 27th and my daughter's father on the 7th. We got married on the 17th. Our daughter was born at 7.27 on the 17th! We also lived at house number 7. :)
Liz I get and use the numbers a lot and constantly see 1111, 222, 333, 555 (not my favourite, it always comes with a challenge) and 777. Sometimes I get 444 and every now and then 888 and 666 a bit more rarely. I've also had long strings of numbers like 22222, 55555, or repeating sequences of mixed numbers.

222 and 777 appeared a lot during my recent search for a new home. Also 555 would appear and I knew the house was not for us and it wouldn't work out. Interestingly, in one of your videos there was a comment that a message would come through a pet or animal. I have given our dog the knickname "BOB" and after you mentioned this I saw on a numberplate BOB 253. When I looked up the number it talked about being on the right path and keeping the faith and being positive, that everything was about to change for the better and a change of residence was occurring that will support new opportunities - which is true, I can feel that the place we finally bought is going to bring so many blessings and is more in line with our family values!

I love that angels use this method to communicate with me. Its works so well and I am so grateful for the encouragement and guidance.
Yvette I have been seeing repeated number patterns for many months now, but lately I have been seeing specific ones such as 7777, 5555, 8888, 9999, 3333 usually on the number plates of cars as I drive along. One day recently, I saw the number plate 7777 twice in the same day! Can you please guide me as to what the Universe might be telling me? Thank you.
Kai Oceans It's soooo funny that you decided to post this article about 777 because for about two years, while going through a huge transition, I've been shown 777 as a sign that I'm on track. Lately, in the last few months especially I've been seeing 777 so much in so many different ways I just know this is the universe saying to me that I am okay and that everything is going to be okay. Once this really rare number combination (that I wanted to see badly to know that my life was going to turn around for the better) has become so normal to me now.

But anyway, I've just gotten notice today that I'll be moving out of the shelter and into my new home on monday. I've been racked with anxiety and anger over trying to hear about the new move in date and the very day I get the good news, I again see this number in the most flamboyant way possible, via your blog!

Thank you so much for this! ;)

Kai <>
Mary As well as a couple of other things, since learning about it a few years ago, I mentally write in blue three sevens "777" on the inside cockpit window for assisting harmonious decision-making of the pilot when traveling by not following how the guides' meaning might fit in with [Grabovoi's work/use of] this;   maybe the "immediate action" piece that "takes you to places you have only 'dreamed' of", or just a different perspective, as you mention.

9 seems to be cropping up alot for me recently including last night when I returned home late from being 'on the road' all day and my odometer mileage for the day was 99.9 (I record these for business tax purposes)...thank you
PS I'm not on Facebook, if that's where this is going -
melissac ....I forgot to mention that my house's 7743 St. Mathew. My name is seven letters. My daughter was born weighing 7 pounds exactly and she was born in 2014 (equals the number 7 when added together). My husbands birthday is in the 7th month of the year....anyways, I didn't think much of that at all until I started seeing 7 absolutely everywhere starting about a year and a half ago...then I discovered all the 7's in my life. I feel like I'm going nutty because I see it that much and I can't figure out why!
Steve kirkbride Mm you see what l mean just watched the energised water video and its 8.44 minutes long   warm regards Steve
melissac I see the number 7 constantly to the point that I can almost predict it...I don't understand why I see it or if there is a message or something. Thank you for posting this. I hope one day to figure out exactly why that number is so predominant in my life.
Julie Thank you so much!!! Lots of numbers for me my entire life. Lots of 12:12's for ten years ... and of course 11:11, or 111 ... Mainly a lot of 55(5)(5)'s lately or 666, 777, 888 ...   I saw a phone number yesterday: 777-7777. I thought, "WOW!" All day, every day as it is even 2:44 as I write this. My life is a Double Digit moving into triples, quadruples and more! Can't wait to study more about the numbers!!! Thank you for the 777 because it was brought up a few places today on FB and here it is again!!! Magical Universe!!! Lots of love to you!!! Love, Julie
Celyne for years and years I have been seeing the # 11:11 and 22:22 and the last year and a half the # 3:33, I know my Life Path to be master #11, but I do not know if it has anything to do with it for sure!   And I was thinking about your number 777, it also equals to #3, Jupiter and abondance and the feminine energy.
Steve kirkbride Hi it's Steve here from Yorkshire Uk   ..the numbers 4and 8have followed me since   I. was a very young boy ... oh and thanks Elizabeth for your wonderful site   and perhaps there are not so many male followers but lm proud to say lm one spiritual regards Steve
Maria I see 443... Many times a day and daily, before I even reach for the phone to check the time I already know what it's gonna say. I see it in the car then a few minutes later I'll log into my phone and there it is again (obviously my car clock is off so I'm not running late) I'm at the nail shop I pick a color when the lady brings back the color it's labeled 443 on top! I've read about what it means thru Doreen Virtue numbers but I get the sense it's telling me something different. Can you shed some light on this please? Thank you??
Audrey Great article - thank you !

I keep seeing 777, 888, 855 frequently so I know things are lining up as they should
Carolyn Triple digit numbers come up for me all over the place all the time,though not so much 777 or 888.   Often I will see 111 or 1111 likes on a spiritual Facebook post. I love that. Actually, I just love it wherever spirit makes themselves known.
Penelope Conlan I like the different perspective the Chaldean numerology gives, I had forgotten all about it. I get 11:11 a lot and 111, less often, but other frequent ones are 222, 333, 444, 555...occasionally a 666 but that adds up to 9 which is my birthpath so it doesn't spook me. Even though I know their general meaning, I tend to check Sacred Scribes' website for the full meaning to extract a meaning pertaining to what I was doing when the number appeared. Thanks for sharing about this.
Courtney I have recently been seeing 114 or 1114 and 111 and 444. Thought it was interesting but don't know a lot about numberology
Elizabeth Harper Ah yes Jennifer, that would be a good idea. Thank you!
Jen I know it's mega popular but I go through spates of 11:11 very often, and have also had incidents of 11:11 being followed by 22:22 and 33:33 in such quick succession that it felt like the universe was yelling at me, I have 11 in my numerology reading from you, it feels like a call to arms in a sense or a wake up but when I read up stuff I always feel like something is missing and this multiples of 11 , what could that mean? Thank Elizabeth , lovely article Xx
Jennifer 11:11 speaks to me nearly every day, along with 111 or 1:11. Can you share what these mean?

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