LIGHTWORKERS This Week's Healing Venue: Breslauer Platz in Cologne, Germany

healing lightworker Jan 12, 2016

Today we're sending healing to this fountain in Breslauer Platz in Cologne, Germany. You can use the meditation I created or go with your own guidance.As always be sure to protect yourself with white light. If you pick any energy up that is uncomfortable ask your guides and angels to remove it from your energy field and cleanse your field with white light.

Meditation to bring healing to the planet today.

Use this meditaton to guide you to send healing. Click on the link to take you to a page to listen to it or you can download the meditation.

I will be sending healing at 4.44PM EST but you can send healing at any time and for any length of time on any day. We're all connected so it doesn't make any difference, there is no time really. Your intention sends reverberations through the universe and this really helps raise the vibration.

**If this is your first time here & you don't know what this is about CLICK HERE to read this post first

Please share this post, meditation or/and the idea with your friends, family and community. Also I would LOVE to know what you experience as you work with the energy, please share with us in the comments below, thank you!  I look forward to building the energy up every week.

Love to you
elizabeth XOXO


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