Meditation Minute to Release Pain

healing Feb 10, 2017

Last week I shared that my soul needs more enlightenment. This week my guides and Angels inspired me to create this meditation to begin the work of releasing pain.

Focus on one thing that is causing you pain, that is getting in the way of your success, happiness and joy, then join the meditation with the intention of letting it go. This MEDITATION MINUTE might be short, but it packs a punch. 
Please share in the comments below your experience with this meditation. Thank you! 


Sharon  I felt like you were talking just me I felt so relaxed everything fell into place it was just perfect thank U thank U for all your blessings all your gifting and all your sharing the world needs it sending love right back to you πŸ™β€οΈπŸ˜Š
Sharon  I felt like you were talking just me I felt so relaxed everything fell into place it was just perfect thank U thank U for all your blessings all your gifting and all your sharing the world needs it sending love right back to you πŸ™β€οΈπŸ˜Š
Joanne I felt relaxation and a sense that all will be well and that I am on the right track.  Thank you.
Wendy  Hi Elizabeth, thank you for this meditation. It couldn't have been timed any better. The past few days I've been in a lot of pain around my right kidney and appendix. I am feeling a lot better today after a difficult night but im still a bit under the weather. I'd just lit some rose scented candles and added sage to an oil burner when your email came through Ahhhhhh .....divine timing. πŸ’—

During the meditation I felt a buzzing sensation in my lower body along with a sense of peace, so lovely....thank you, bless you. Xxx
Liz Gavin Thank you for this gift, for reminding me I am light and the universe is filling with light. I felt warmth spreading through my being. it was amazing.
Francine I felt that was wonderful.  Thank you Elizabeth
Ivana I felt warmth and ease of tension in my body,mind and spirit!
Kim-Marie  Thank -You
Anne Thank you Elizabeth for that beautiful meditation.  I could feel and see the light spreading everywhere.  I started to cry, but all your meditations make me happily cry.  Thank you for guiding me to you.
Patsy I immediately connected and felt tingling on the bottoms of my feet, and when I brought the light in my whole body tingled with energy!  I will let that energy flow into my art.  Love you, Elizabeth.  Many thanks!
Elaine Whenever I'm stressed, my left side starts hurting around my spleen/pancreas.  We are looking for a new home and that has caused me some stress.  So your meditation minute came at a great time.  I was able to release the pain  I held and was able to ask for a new home.  Thanks for your guidance.  Who knows what will follow.
Jennifer This was beautiful. I envisioned a whole and then poured my lupus into it.  I filled the whole (took a lot of energy) and then mediated about a full abled body, dancing. Thank you. Jennifer 
Monique That was beautiful! Thank you so much Elizabeth! Love and blessings to you!??
Catherine Thank you! Just exactly what I needed! I am going to share this! Love and blessings to you also!
Suzanne Thank you for sharing Elizabeth.  I have been having a very painful issue, that I am sure many people do. The all important question.... what is my purpose.  What should I be doing to help others as well as myself,  It has been an empty void. This has caused me several sleepless nights.  I love your guided meditations.  They help in so many ways.  It puts things in perspective, help me focus.  I know the answer will come through meditation with my angels. Thank you for all the work you do.
Donna Felt like one minute but it says it was 5!  Lol...TY
Barbara Jean Sorensen thank you , Dear Elizabeth, for helping us with this lovingkind meditation.  Yes, of course it was very helpful, as I could imagine the Light within and ALL, so we can find our heart desires within the Light while allowing the pain to be released into the Light.  I felt my pain come up and out released with crying (been doing that a LOT lately).  I am more able to focus on the work at hand now.   Your evolution is evident in how you address us, and the deepening level of healing work you are engaging with us!
Lia-Marie Thank you Doreen, that felt wonderful :)
Margarita  THANK YOU SO MUCH Elizabeth !
I felt the energy, I needed it so much. It reminds me also everything that we are safe no matter what happens and also that we are all one. That is just feels whole, safe, confidant to just to be.

Thank you !
Huge hug, lots of love
Dubravka Dear Elisabeth :) Thank you for this beautiful short meditation,  I saw colours- yellow / gold and orange inside me and soft pink all around me
Moraima I love this little meditation! It's perfect. Yes, I feel the energy and I will be using it often with different items. Thank you so much. Many blessings to you!
Dawn I loved this meditation!  I felt wonderful light expansion, it feels great ! I called in more unconditional love into my relationship & I thank you for taking the time to make this meditation dearest Elizabeth. Love & Light
Bridie All is brighter, thank you :-)
Kim Elizabeth you are so wonderful.  I love hearing your readings every week.  You make me feel better even if I feel great!  Much love!!!  
mariam Hello Elizabeth.. thank you for the great meditation.. it came at a time when my physical body needed it the most and i really feel light and at ease now.. thank you.. lots of gratitude and love! 
amaya fay Yes, so enjoyed the meditation minute. . .it took me beyond linear time & the expansion into the light was so beautiful & helped me not buy into any drama around a painful situation that I am in. It took me to a higher consciousness and a surrender which is so important to do...I will share it with others. . . 
Nicholas Stephen Boswell  Dearest Elizabeth, that was a wonderful meditation minute, I simply loved, I imagined the pain I was feeling and needed help this year with was my Mother, I was brought up Strictly as a J Witness and my mother hasn't spoken to me for 35 long year's, she used me the devils son because of spiritual things of which she and they're led to believe wrong, oh my goodness when I followed the Meditation completely as you said just before seeing the big black whole in my imagination as my mother's fear and indoctrination and there mistaken and misguided way's I honestly thought I was going to really weep as usual, but when I begun to fill in that enormous black and endless  whole, when l illuminated the hole with my unconditional love ❀ the feeling of pure and simply divine anointing love just emanated back at Me and straight down into Mother Earth and then strong and straight back up into the Cosmic Universal Energies of Shere devotion and amazing love ❀. I truthfully not now only hope and pray ? I honestly believe after that and if I have to before my beautiful Mother dies as she's 80 this year and she could go on to 100 + who knows but I have always loved my mum and even though she Will not open her Arm up to me. I have my loving Arms ready and open abundantly for Receiving and every Once of Love ❀ I have for her . You're an Amazing and very beautiful lady truly you are Elizabeth and I not only think you're the best, you're wonderful and furthermore I truthfully Love you loads  , that helped me and also I felt myself sending it back out to the Universe. Many blessings Nicholas x ? 
christina Thank You I needed this so much this morning.  It could not have been posted at a better time!  I will share
Gratitutde forevermore!
Reylene  You are truly a blessing to us all! Thank you for the gift! Short and sweet is all you need some times and this was a perfect meditation for me this morning!! Love&Light Reylene!!
Tracy Katrina  What a lovely and timely meditation, thank you so much. In such a short space of time it gave me a complete sense of connection and peace.
Arlene Elizabeth, I truely love your voice! You have a softness within it that allows me to go quite deep in my meditations, and enables me to extend them substantially. Thank you for opening up your spirit to all of us. I'm feeling you are definately on / in your purpose. I'm still working on mine, but know with all the guidance i am receiving, i will succeed! Love to you also! "R" ?
Angela Your are wonderful such a beautiful soul and voice is so healing thank you everything seems brighter ❀️
Cobus Absolutely wonderful gift, thank you. An exquisite sense of calm flowed through me as I imagined the beautiful bright light flowing through my crown chakra, my whole body and then outwards to the entire universe. XXX
Celyne Giroux I felt that, and it was very powerful, thank you Elizabeth !   I do that kind of meditation for the wholw world for peace, everyday, I'm a Lightworker and a lighthouse, but sometimes it feels good that someone else does it for you, thank you again, God bless you , you are also a Golden Angel!
Kim Thank you Elizabeth!! I absolutely love your's so soothing and magical!

The meditation was wonderful, it made me have hope in knowing I can help others soon.

All your meditations make me whole.
Thank you again,

Love and Light <3
Kim Kempton
Kate Sending love and gratitude!!

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