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We celebrated the end of summer on Canandaigua Lake a few weeks ago, by honoring a local Native American tradition, Genundowah, Festival of Lights, or Ring of Fire as we know it.

The Seneca would burn tobacco and fires around the lake to give thanks for their bountiful harvest during the summer. They still hold a ceremony and light a fire atop the hill where I live, signaling everyone on the lake to join in the celebration by lighting a flare or a fire.

It's a lovely way to honor the seasons and offer gratitude to nature.

It's easy to forget how blessed we are.

Every night as I lay in bed, just before sleep, I give thanks for the blessings in my life. I always feel it's good to go to sleep with gratitude in my heart.

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Lots of Angel blessings to you,

Love, Elizabeth XOXO


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