NEW Archangel Jewelry and Message From Your Angels

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2017

😇 💝 Join me for an impromptu chat about what I've been doing plus I share an Archangel oracle, so it's an opportunity for you to get a little extra message from your Angels today 💖 

Let me know in the comments below which number you chose and if the messages resonate for you. Remember to pick up the Archangel Raphael Heal All Prayer, just click on the box below to get started.


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Demario Estelle Hi how much
Sofia Just Love all your braceletes.
bracelete 3
Kelly I chose #3 - I saw this video May 2nd around 1pm and I jotted down that I was supposed to get a book name within the next 44 hours. So, I'm going about my day today...I turned on Hay House radio and was listening to Sonia Coquette...she began talking to a caller and said "I really want you to have this book - The Psychic Pathway" and I stopped and thought I need to jot that down...then I saw the note to self from yesterday and I'm thinking - this is it! Holy cow - incredible!!
Kim No 3
Shelly I chose bracelet one! It was perfect! Also, I want to buy one of each of the bracelets & I want one of the Divine Light malas! So beautiful!! ❤❤❤




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