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This week the messages are about being open to your angel's love. Select messages 1, 2, or 3. You can listen to all the inspiration or move to your message

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Welcome, I'm Elizabeth Harper and I'm here with this week's angel messages. So this week, your angels are asking you to open up their love to their care to their support to their guidance. So what I'd love you to do is place one or both of your hands over your angel heart over your heart. Invite your angels to guide you to message 1,2 or three, a message that comes from their heart to yours. Isn't that interesting, Angel, heart? So that wants to come in right now? So just imagine that your heart is just like an angel heart.

That will help with communication with the Angels, too. Then what I'd love you to do is move your cursor along to a particular place in the video where you intuitively feel it's time to stop and right there is an extra message for you from your angels. All right. Okay. We have three cards. Angel cards. Which card is for number one? Okay, we have. You are supported. Your angels are saying you're supported, there's a lovely unicorn right there and an angel. It say's allow heaven to carry you as well as any burdens you may have allow heaven to carry you as well as any burdens you may have. Right here is a unicorn,

a horse, a power symbol. And the angel is sitting on the unicorn and sitting on that power symbol.

So it's saying that we will carry away anything that no longer serves you. That we are there helping you were there to support you.

That's the power that they have the power to support you. This is violet and blue. I always see that as your guardian angel.

So your guardian angel is saying to you, You are supported. We're right there. We have so much power.

We're helping you. Just give us whatever it is that is weighing you down right now. Whatever it is that is,

may be feeling hurtful or painful or burdensome or stuck. Or that you're not getting what your heart most desires.

Your angels are saying Just give everything up to us. We'll sort it out We're looking after you that they have this beautiful power that is right there and they're just saying,

Just give it, Give it to us. We will take it and we will bring so much more power to you because then it's almost as if - you know if you're organizing a party and you've got other people that are helping you to organize that party with you,

it means you're not doing everything yourself, and it makes it so much easier. You can enjoy it.

Whereas when you're doing everything yourself, ever noticed that with a party when you're doing everything yourself, you just don't enjoy it as much.

It's too much. It's burdensome. It's hard work. Your angels are saying. Let us help you.

We are there to support you and especially your guardian angel Seems to be there to help protect you as well and support you.

Your guardian angel is there with all the other angels and Even if angels aren't your thing and its energy,

that is your thing, it's guides that's your thing. Then again, it's all the same energy.

Just ask for that support they're right there When you ask, you receive. Just put it out there and you receive.

I love that! Number two. Let's see what do we have - which one is number two, feeling like it's this one.

This is self appreciation, self appreciation. So it stays here, see the angel within and love yourself more. Now when you look at that card self appreciation.

You see that it's almost as if she's looking into a mirror, right holding a candle, one of the angels is holding a candle and you are holding a candle.

So the angel is seeing you. The truth of you and the beauty of you is appreciating you, loving you.

Now it's time for you to see that. So it may be that you are looking at the angels and thinking they are so beautiful they're so full of love.

They are so supportive. They have everything that is just loving and kind and beautiful and what they want you to see is that what you see in them is within you.

They want you to like that light within yourself, because they see the truth of you. They see who you truly are.

They see warts and all, they see everything. They love you so much. And what they're asking you to do is to appreciate yourself.

But if you see in somebody else something that is beautiful and wonderful, and you, you think of yourself as less than, they are saying,

that's not true that you are the most beautiful divine light that they see within you a reflection of themselves.

So see that within yourself. Start appreciating yourself and appreciate the life that you have as well the wonderful energy that you bring to this planet.

To the people around you, to family, to friends. Just think about that. You are right here with these angel messages.

You're receiving this angelic energy. You're sending that to everybody else around you. You are a conduit for that.

It's not that you're just listening to this for yourself. You're also opening something up like a channel to others around you.

So they are receiving through you. So appreciate all the wonderful attributes, qualities, gifts that you have because your angels see them and they appreciate them.

 Love that! Our final card Romance Angels. Oh, I love this. So even if you're in a romance,

we'll talk about this in a second. But look at that lovely angel image at the center there with an arrow, it's like,

let's point this arrow towards the heart. So you're opening the heart up it's not something that's negative. So the angels are sending you divine love.

And on the end of that, I love this. On the end of that arrow, do you see that?

There's a little heart as well. Divine love. So your angels right now are just saying to you that they are in partnership with you.

They're in love with you. They are, They are so, they have so much love to give you unconditional love.

And they want you to open up to receive that Your angels are just saying we love you we're surrounding you with the most beautiful vibration of love and When you open up to that love,

you go into partnership with your angels and that partnership is the romance. So you'll feel that you'll sense that you'll know it you'll hear it.

You'll realize it and you'll have confirmation of it as well so your angels are sending you love. They love you so much That's the message accept it.

Open your heart to receive it and right now maybe tap on this area and say I am open to receive the energy and love and light and magical vibration that my angels have to send me right now because I deserve it.

And I'm open to receive it. That's it for this week's angel messages. I have a wonderful five minute guiding Angel meditation.

Make sure to pick that up the link is in the description. I'm sure it's going to support you as you connect your angels every day.

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Lots of angel blessings to you,
Love, elizabeth XOXO




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