Pick a Card - Your Angels Have a Message About Being & Doing

πŸ’– Pick a card - your Angels have a message about being and doing - who are you right now, what are you being inspired to do? Place your hands over your heart like angel wings, then invite your angels to guide you to select 1, 2, or 3 for a message from their heart to yours. You can watch all the messages or go straight to your personal number:

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Welcome, I'm Elizabeth Harper I'm here with this week's angel messages. So this week our messages are about being and doing. Who are you right now? What are you doing? What are you receiving? What are you being inspired to do? Let's see what comes up.

What I'd love you to do is place both of your hands over your heart just like angel wings. Invite your angels to guide you to message 1,2 or three. And then once you have your message, what you can also do is move your cursor along in the video and then intuitively, wherever you feel, you need to stop, your intuition is guiding you to stop right there. And there's a message for you from your angels an extra message.

Okay, so we are using the inner child cards today. With these inner child cards which is number one, can you get a sense of which is number one? I'm feeling like it's this one. Number One, this is - see this little little being there, writing away on a scroll, looking outside, being inspired by nature, but also maybe thinking, you know, I really want to be outside instead of in here So this I feel, is you saying to yourself sometimes, Oh, I've got to do this work and I want to be somewhere else. I want to do something else.

But my sense with this particular card is that because there's a little cat right there, there's a friend with you. You have your guides and angels with you. You have support with you. There is something for you to do right now.

And that doing might be to make a list,make a schedule, make a wish list. A to do list. It could be that you're being inspired to write. It could be that you are being inspired to write down your goals, your wishes or maybe the inspiration that's coming through from spirit. Maybe it's channelled information. Write that down. Maybe you need to send a message to someone.

You've been thinking about it and you just haven't gone with that thinking that feeling, that intuition, you haven't moved with it. So I feel that that's about this as well. There's something for you to share to write. And the ink is purple, you should see that, do you see that the ink is purple. It's violet. So to me that is a higher vibration.

It's also about change and transformation. And when I look at this, I just get this sense of you - you want change. There's a feeling of wanting change you know when you look at all the colors in here.There's this Violet and this green around there, and he's wearing green and more violet etcetera. This is very much about change, and it could be that you want to bring change into your life.

The way to bring change into your life is to think about what it is you most want. What you want to bring in, what you want to shift? What do you want to change? Your guides and angels, they're all there with you, your spirit team are with you. They are helping and supporting you by your side. When you think it - it's one of my things - when you think it, it is. So think it, start thinking it. This is what I want. This is what I want to create.

Other stuff can get in the way, whatever that might be within you. Make an intention now that you're going to move that out so that you can step into whatever it is you've been dreaming about. I love that. I feel that that is the message.

Okay, Number two. Let's see what you have. Let's move these around. What do you think? Number two. What's your intuition telling you? It's feeling like it's this. Get that. Okay, this is the guardian angel. Look at that beautiful being there. And the guardian angel is always with you.

Now, when I look at this, my senses - Look, there's another scroll right there. You're receiving information all the time for your angels. They're sending you guidance, support messages, inspiration, words, symbols, colors, healing, love. They're sending you blessings all the time.

And look at this enormous angel, like you're completely surrounded by this energy of love and support. And not only that. But there is somebody here with you on the physical plane supporting you as well. Now look here. There's a theme, isn't there? If you looked at number one this is about reading. So in the 1st one it was writing.

Now it's reading. So here you may be inspired to go to a book. Ask your angels today which book has a message for me and then allow yourself to be guided by your intuition to a book on your bookshelf or in the library or even online.

Ask your angels to guide you to receive a message from a book. And then when you get to that book, hold it. Invite the angels to support you as you open the book on. When you intuitively feel you've landed on the page, just scan the words on the page until something pops. You'll know something, pops, and it's like right there, there's that message for you. I feel that that's an aspect of this particular message for you at this moment.

And then when I look at this, I feel that there is so much abundance in here. There's an enormous amount of abundance, so I feel that your angels are saying that you have asked, just now be open to receive. Let go of thinking about it.

Be open to receive. You've already put that request out there. Oh, my goodness. There is another cat in here, and the cat is playing my sense again with this is that, notice around you, the vibration of play.

If somebody asks you to go out and have a cup of coffee, or go to the cinema or go somewhere to play and you're thinking I have to work, have to do this. Have to clean my space. I have to - you know, there's something else that's getting in the way of you playing. Then just come back to your center. Ask your guardian angel, help me support me to make this decision.

Is it better and more in alignment with my soul if I stay and clean my space or work, or is it more beneficial for me to maybe go out and play? Ask your guardian angel for that support because when I look at this, I see there's these little stars on the Angels robe and then the cat is playing with the star.

I feel that the angel and the cat are connected together, so feel the angel and the play are connected together. And with that play it may help you to open up to all the wonderful things you've been asking for. And the final thing. When I look at this, there's study. There may be something for you to study right now. Something for you to learn and your angels are guiding you just gently holding that space for you to learn. Oh, it'll be a connection to them as well.

Okay, Number three. This is these beautiful four little gnomes right or elves or whatever they may be.

They're building, they're building a structure. They're building something that we don't know what it is but they're all together. They're working together. And I feel this is what this is about. It's about better together as you connect to others as you ask for support from others.

You could do this by yourself. Imagine you're building this structure and you're doing it by yourself. How long would that take? How about asking people for help? I feel that is what this is saying for you. Ask for help. Asked for support. And that's the structure. Structure is about support. Ask for help. Ask for support.

Ask the guidance. Ask for assistance. Ask for whatever it is your heart most needs at this moment. Share it, share it with others. If you are yearning for something, maybe they can help you with that.

Maybe they have exactly what you need to get you from that yearning place to that receiving place. Ask! When I look at this as well there's a little bit of geometry in it as well, isn't there, sacred geometry. There's a circle and the circle is coming full circle.

Even though this looks like it's not complete yet. I feel that you are racing towards completion of something. Welcome that into your life. It's a four. It's a four energy. What's 4? April! It's the fourth month.

It could be four weeks time. It could be four days time for hours or the fourth month. And this is a four year right? So there's a four linked into this completion for you. And I feel the final thing with this. When I look at this particular gnome right here, this particular little light being. It looks almost like a heart, and I feel that the heart is being put into the structure.

The heart is being put into this space where you're all working together so that heart is really important. So whatever you are doing, put your heart into it. And with that heart you're connected to the hearts of all those who are supporting and helping you as well, and then you receive even more support, even more help.

And I feel we were talking about the angel in the previous card, the guardian angel. I feel there's so much love around you. So much support, So much help. If this is not just support on the physical realm, its support from the spirit realm as well. Ask for support from your spirit team. They are right there. They're ready to guide you.

Guard you, protect you, love you, send you abundance. And they're also ready to create a structure in your life. And I feel that that's what you need right now. Is structure and they're helping to build that with you,for you.

Thank you so much for watching. I will see you next week

Lots of angel blessings to you,
Love, elizabeth XOXO

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