πŸ’– Pick an Angel Message for The Upcoming Week

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πŸ’– Pick an Angel Message for The Upcoming Week

Your angels have a message from their hearts to yours. And, we're connecting with the Aura Soma deck to interpret the messages. Place your hands over your heart and invite your angels to guide you to select either Message 1, 2, or 3. Watch the video for your message, you can also move to your specific choice:

⭐️ Message 1 - 2:02

⭐️ Message 2 - 5:33

⭐️ Message 3 - 11:11

Did the messages speak to you? Let me know with a comment, a πŸ’– or a YES! Share your insights, intuitions, wisdom, what came up for you?

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Thank you so much for watching. I will see you next week

Lots of angel blessings to you,
Love, elizabeth XOXO


Welcome. I'm Elizabeth Harper. I'm thrilled that you've joined me for this week's angel messages before we get started. What I'd love for you to do is make sure that you get my guiding angel meditation. It's just four minutes, 44 seconds long is going to support you every day to connect with your angels in just a short period of time. There's also an 11 minute 11 second version, 11, 11, it's that walking through a doorway to connect with your guides and your angels to connect with your guardian angel, your archangels, your personal angels, whoever is working with you at this time, that guiding force will be able to connect with you through these meditations. So make sure to click the link in the description to get that guiding angel meditation, and we're going to get started with our angel messages.

So what I'd love for you to do is place your hands over your heart, just like angel wings, invite your angels to guide you to message one, two, or three, a message that comes from their heart to yours. What you can also do is when you've completed the video, when you've watched your message, then you can go back to the beginning, move your cursor back to the beginning, move along, invite your angels to guide you as you move your cursor along. And as soon as you intuitively feel, it's the right time to stop, right there, is an extra message for you from your angels. All right. Might be a word, might be a sentence, might be the same message that you've already received. It could be a different message, whatever it is. It's an extra look at the vibration from your angels. All right.

Okay. Let's get started. We're using my Aura Soma Cards this week. Let's see what the angels want to share with us through the color, through that beautiful frequency of color. I love color.

Okay. Number one, a lot of cards here to get sorted out. Number one. Let's see. Ooh, it's right there. Oh my goodness. It's Kuthumi . This is perfect. Kuthumi in Aura Soma is this beautiful? It's yellow, but it's almost has a golden tinge to it. Even though it's a pale yellow has this beautiful sort of golden feeling with it.

And, and that's what I see in people's energy fields, same color in people's energy fields when they are connected with the angels, when the angel messengers, when the angels are with them. So it's not about angels with wings or the way that we depict them. It's more about the essence, the energy and the color that is there. So if you look at Kuthumi has this beautiful butterfly that is here, the wings of the butterfly and that opening up and transformation and change. And there's so much light that is in this card. And you see from him, he's smiling. And there's a sense of newness. That's there as well.

Kuthumi brings this energy of as above so below, there is a sense of, of course you can connect you with angels. Of course, you can do this. You can do anything that you set your mind to. Kuthumi is this beautiful golden, yellow color, that yellow energy is your mind. It's your mental state. It's clearing away your mind for anything that your heart desires at this moment, but getting your mind out of the way, because your mind can say, Hey, you can't have that. That's not true. You've never been able to get it, all of this load rather. She can't have that. But Kuthumi says, you can have a clear mind. You can have this super clarity. You can have this incredible mindset that creates for you.

So when I look at this, I see these little butterflies and I see the big butterfly, and there's almost a sense of waking up. There's almost a feeling of waking up and realizing just as I say that my phone's about to wake up, you know, with Siri's about to talk to us. So this is sense of perfect message, right? This sense of, as you communicate with the universe, right? The universe is going to communicate back with you as well.

So as you put a request out there, the universe says, of course, of course, I will bless you with this. So there is a sense of Kuthumi saying to you, open your mind, the yellow energy, open your mind, open your heart, allow yourself to have this clear space, be a clear vessel, to be able to receive whatever it is. You've desired, whatever it is you've put out there and with Kuthumi as well, there is such a strong connection with the angels. So it's saying that your angels are with you start raising your vibration to that angelic level to that angelic frequency. All right. Ooh. I love that.

Okay. Let's see. A second card slot comes up. Number two, let me--remember to share with me how the messages resonate with you as well, or how you interpret them. You know, intuitively how you interpret them rather than looking online. Number two, I always like to look online too, but you know, your intuition, it's like going with what your intuition tells you. I had a feeling, we were going to have another master energy, this is Djwal Khul and Hilarion. Isn't that interesting? So we just had Kuthumi, Kuthumi is a master vibration and now Djwal Khul and Hilarion this particular bottle in Aura Soma is a dark green on top and then a light green underneath it's two masters together. It's I am the truth. I am the way I am the light.

So it's following the energy of your heart, the green following the energy of your heart and really finding the truth, finding the way that is right for you. Finding the light. The light is information, but light is you. You are the light. The light is source. The light is God. The light is the goddess. The light is the universe. It's everything that love and light that beautiful, pure source energy. It's everything within here. So I feel that this is saying you see, it's almost as if you can imagine that you are one of these beings and that the other side, who would that be? Would that be the divine? Would that be your guides and angels? Would that be your higher self, your universal self, your divine self?

So there is a sense here. You see this spiral in the sense in the center, this is sense of some movement that's coming into your life. Now, green is a color of identity of identifying yourself, a finding maybe a new identity. So it could be that you are clearing the way of that old self. It might be that you're clearing out your closet. Or, you know, on a physical level and clearing out the space and tidying things up or creating a little bit of feng shui in your home and your office in your environment, so that then you can create this new identity that then you can manifest this new energy for you. But the screen is also about a new beginning as well. So it's saying that something is coming to an end and then something new is being born.

So if you think of that green, the darker green is like the old leaves on the tree. The light green is the new leaves, the new growth on the tree. So there's a feeling with this, that there is a being of light or somebody there that is an ancient being maybe who is supporting you, who is guiding every step for you, helping you to move forward, saying this is the way to go. So when I feel into this personally, it feels like the highest self, that divine self, that aspect of you, that is all knowing all seeing.

So when I look at this, I feel as if now is the time for you to start tapping in to that beautiful vibration. That is you, you know, we always talk about our guides and angels and your angels are completely there. They're all there, but so is an aspect of you that is your angelic self. So now it's time for you to tap in to your angelic self. That's what I see right there. And I almost feel as if you're meeting this angelic part of you and it just feels like you're coming into a place of wholeness.

So again, when we look at that green, green is healing. So there is wholeness for you over this week, that connection of wholeness or feeling whole feeling complete. So some part of you or some part of your life is completing. And then this new journey is about to begin, but you're not doing it alone. You're not going to be by yourself. You're going to be calling in that part of you. That will be right next to you. As you take this next step on your adventure, on your journey.

This is the two of swords in the regular tarot. So there's a balance that's there. You often see with the two of swords, two people that are there and that those two people are an aspect of the self. So there's a balancing energy. That's here as well. So again, we come to this place of you and this divine aspect of you. So you coming into a place of balance and that's healing, wholeness, completion. I love that a lot of movement. There's a lot of movement over this week for you and growth. See that those flowers, that energy of the flowers growing and opening up, I feel like these are forget me nots. So there's something that, you know, you're remembering over this weekend. Again, remembering that aspect of you, that part of you, that is so full of goodness and knowledge and wisdom and love and light. And you're bringing that part in to your everyday life, living your highest self. I love that.

Okay. What am I going to get for number three? Oh my goodness. See, move the cards and get them so that they're a little bit more fanned out, right? Don't want to go over here. They want to drop down, Oh, Judgment. I love this card now in Aura Soma, this is blue and this is pink. And this is when you bring them together. It creates a beautiful lilac color. This is called Judgment because it's connected with the tarot. It's connected with the major arcana aspect of the tarot. This particular bottle or in some it's called the star child bottle. And it's a healing. It's a healing for the child within. So this is saying, if you can see that there is a child, there is an angel. And there we can imagine they are the parents of this child. There's a trinity that's there. And the angel is protective. The angel holds them in this beautiful vibration and an energy of love and light.

And then there's this Lotus flower that is opening up. So something is being born, but in order for it to be born, maybe something has died. Maybe something, when we took a death, it's about transformation. So maybe something has transformed in order for that new life to be born. And that new life is born. It's almost like they are petals of the Lotus flower. And the chakras of the Lotus flower.

So something new is being born from here. And we see the balance of the male and the female. And then the sense of being born from that male and female and the blessing of the angels, that's right there. And we were talking before about that connection with that divine self. If you imagine that this is the divine self and that this baby is connecting now to the divine self, and there's such a blessing in this whole card.

So there is this sense for you that you are coming into this place of being born again. And it doesn't mean that you're passing into spirit. It just means that they're taking a fresh new step, maybe in a direction you've been in before. But now you're looking at it from a different perspective. There's been so much growth, enormous growth in your life, and you are being blessed by the angelic realm, blessed by the angels. This blue and pink is communicating from the core of your heart, from that place that has been vulnerable.

So it may be that you're bringing something up or expressing something that you haven't expressed before. And yet, you know, it's been there. You maybe looked at it and connected with it, but you haven't shared with others. You know, as I'm talking about this, it there's constant flashes of light around the camera or around the atmosphere as I'm talking about this. And it just makes me feel very emotional. So feel that again, that the angels are with you as they hold you in their embrace of so much love so that you can release something that's maybe been pushed down for a long time. And now it wants to be expressed. It's a vulnerable, vulnerable part of you. It's a part of you that is raw.

It could be really raw, but at the same time, the pink is so full of love. So much love, unconditional love. Because as a child, you are innocent as a child, there is a purity of energy that is there of light. So the blue is the expression. When you bring those two colors together and create this lilac, this violet lilac it's transformation, but it's understanding that that transformation isn't forced. So that it's something you desire is something that you want. So that change again is blessed. And it's blessed by your soul is blessed by you. And there's such a beautiful energy, especially when it says judgment. It's like, there's a lack of judgment. That's there. So about being judged, it's really about releasing that judgment and coming into a place of divine light.

And with the blue, there is a top there it's about your purpose. So there's something that you are releasing this week, that it's time for you to express and let go of, and that is an aspect of your purpose as well. Your mission in this lifetime, I love that, Oh my goodness. So much light. And there's almost a sense of the angel saying, hallelujah, you know, right here, I don't know if you can see there's a rainbow behind this child and makes me think of rainbow children and this feeling of, you know, as they come to the planet, we are awakened more and more and more, and it's not that we have to be the rainbow children. It's just that essence lifts our vibration up and helps us to see more of our true essence of who we truly are. Ooh, I love that.

I hope you've enjoyed, this week's angel messages, please let me know how the messages resonated for you. And you know, when you're looking at the comments, you might see what others have said about the messages, and there may be a little trigger for you, maybe a realization that there's a truth there for you as well.

So it can really help. Make sure again, to get my guiding angel meditation. This is really going to support you. And of course, it's two meditations in one, four minutes, 44 seconds and 11 minutes 11. I do love numbers. Okay. See you next week. I love you guys. Lots of love to you have an incredible week angel blessings for you,

Bye for now, bye.




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