πŸ’– Pick an Angel Message for What You Need to Know

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πŸ’– Pick an Angel Message for What You Need to Know

Your angels have a message from their hearts to yours. And, we're connecting with the Inner Child deck to interpret the messages. Place your hands over your heart and invite your angels to guide you to select either Message 1, 2, or 3. Watch the video for your message, you can also move to your specific choice:

⭐️ Message 1 - 2:02

⭐️ Message 2 - 4:44

⭐️ Message 3 - 9:22

Did the messages speak to you? Let me know with a comment, a πŸ’– or a YES! Share your insights, intuitions, wisdom, what came up for you?

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Thank you so much for watching. I will see you next week

Lots of angel blessings to you,
Love, elizabeth XOXO


Welcome. I'm Elizabeth Harper. I'm thrilled that you've joined me for this week's Angel messages. What we're going to do in a moment is we're going to pick cards. I'm going to invite you to ask your angels for a message. What I'd like you to do first is make sure that you have my guiding angel meditation, because this is something that will really support you connecting with your angels.

There's a four-minute 44 second one. We'd have four, four, four. Don't we for connecting with angels, but there's also an 11 minute, 11 second one as well, to help you to connect. It's the same. Meditation it's a little bit longer. If you want to relax into it and really deepen that connection, that's going to support you.

So make sure to click the link in the description. Okay. So next, What I would love for you to do is place one or both of your hands over your heart, invite your angels in guide them, invite them, Invoke them To connect with you and ask them to guide you to either message one, two or three, a message that comes from their heart to yours.

Once you Have that message, watch the video, watch the message, and then go back to the beginning of the video and move your cursor along. Invite your angels. And again, to help you as you do this and ask them to help you to guide you to stop right there, where there's another message for you from your angels, your intuition will guide you as well.

Okay! So we have Inner child cards this week, I'm going to use this inner child energy because this has been coming up a lot this week, the inner child, play fun, healing. So let's see what wants to come in from our angels. Number one, it's right there. Oh my goodness. It's the first card child of crystals.

So look at that beautiful card. I believe that's huckleberry fin. So when I look at this card, I see that there's a child that is daydreaming, contemplating wondering, maybe what's going to happen. What's going to happen next? What, what should I be doing at this moment?

And it's that place of peace. So when you're fishing, not that I fish, but when you're in that place of waiting, you're in a waiting time and what do you do? You just wait and you just allow this waiting period to be there. You don't worry about it. You just let it flow. And you're in that flow. And that's what I see in this card. It's being in the flow and just waiting. It's allowing nature to take its course.

It's allowing the universe to support you when it's the right time. So if you've been asking for something and it hasn't materialized, and you're wondering why, why has this not happened for me? Yet? The Universe is saying, wait, it's coming the right time will be right there. It will manifest at the exact time that it's meant to not before. It's like a flower,isn't it?

When a flower blossoms you can't force it to open its petals because when you do it loses its power. Have you ever done that? When you've taken flowers and you've opened their petals up, when it happens, naturally, they are so much stronger and you can see their power. Whereas when you do it, you're not allowing them to develop in their own time.

You're taking control. And I feel this card is saying, let go of control. Everything is at its right time for you. And that feels good. It feels like it's peaceful. It just felt like that's the message for you right now, bide your time. It's not quite the right time. It's coming. Just go with the flow of the energy when it's right.

Everything you've desired. What you need will manifest. It's not always the way we want it. Is it?

Okay! Number two. Let's see. What can you feel sense, be aware of? It's right here. Didn't even have to be my fingers over there. My goodness. This is the Midas touch.

Do you remember that with King Midas,he wanted to have incredible wealth and everything he touched would turn to gold and he wished for that saying, be careful what you wish for. Right? So with this, he's turning everything and everyone to gold. And he's worried about that. This card is a major arcana card see it's the number 11 and 11 in the tarot, depending on which deck you look at can be strength or it could be justice.

And if you think of those two together, because they connect to either the number 11 or the number eight. So as above, so below, when you put that energy out there for what you want, you create a ripple effect in your life. And when you have that number 11, it's like there has to be balance. Same with number eight, there has to be balanced.

So either card is about balance. And a part of that again is making sure that you consider the consequences of what you're asking for. So when we ask for positive things, yay, that's great. You know, positive things, put positive energy out there. You open your heart to receive et cetera. You're doing everything from a place of love, but maybe sometimes you put negative things out there.

We don't always realize that we're doing it And it could be something so simple. I've been listening to songs just lately and many songs have really negative language. We don't always realize it. I was singing along with these songs, catchy, catchy words.

But those songs, those words, that inference, that energy is going into our system and it creates It manifests Because we're taking that energy in it becomes part of our, our network, our blueprint, our being and whatever is within us. We create externally as well. We manifest externally as well. It may not be the exact mirror reflection what's going on within us, but it has a theme. It has a connection.

I feel with this card, when I look at it and the Midas touch,he's looking really shocked that he's just looked like he, he touched this princess or he touched the queen and she turned into gold. And now he's probably wondering what can I do to reverse this?

So my sense with this is just being careful, what you ask for being mindful of what you ask for being mindful of the words that you use of the energy that you bring in to your life and how that can impact not just your everyday life, but it can impact your environment and the people around you as well.

And I feel that with this too, with the Midas touch, that golden energy, it's saying that you can have the most amazing wisdom. You can have these most amazing golden nuggets and you can have incredible abundance, but again, it's being mindful of what's going on within you, what you are asking for the words that you use and the positive impact that it has moving away from anything that might be negative.

Okay. I feel that's it. I feel that's the message. Let me know how that resonates for you. It's kind of interesting. I keep seeing the golden energy now around there everywhere.

Okay. Number three. Get that card out, these areso big! Oh, this is beautiful. ACE of Wands. Isn't that beautiful. The Wands of course are fiery, fiery energy, creative, it's spiritual. It's passionate.

So when you get that butterfly and there are fairies that are there, you see that they are working this energy moving upward. It's almost like a caduceus where there is that male and female vibration that is moving up through your system, through your energy system. And then we have this beautiful butterfly we're working with energy inside of this soul circle.

So this butterfly is transformation opened up. It's completely opened up. It's like here I am! Ace of Wands is the beginning, the ACE is the beginning. So this is saying that something creative is beginning, something fertile is beginning. Something is being born. You are opening up. There is transformation. That's there and you're getting help along the way.

And that transformation is within your DNA. It's within your energy it's within your system. It's a part of you. So you've done something amazing to get you to this point of transformation and change. And when you look at that butterfly, the butterfly has the most beautiful turquoise blue, doesn't it? And then there's golden energy that's there, there's a little bit of green too.

So that is opening your heart up and taking you - that gold that was coming in from Midas. It's taking all those golden opportunities that are coming for you now. So this is you starting something new and saying, I'm ready. I'm ready to get going. I'm ready to get started. And you're getting lots of help with this.

I'm feeling with the fairies, with these beautiful fairy energies around it saying ask for support from nature, ask for support from your guides, from your angels, from your spirit team. And you know, even if that's something that doesn't resonate with you then ask for support from the universe, from the divine, because it's all the same energy. We're all part of that energy ask for help.

And there is this sense of you will receive exactly what you need with the support that will be beneficial, that will help you to expand and transform and create and really fly. There's just that feeling of flying so quickly. So with this particular card, it's amazing. It's like being born again and now is your opportunity for this new beginning. I love that.

I love that. So I hope this has been supportive. I hope that you've received the guidance that you most need at this moment. Your angels are always there. You know that they're always with you again, remember to get my guiding angel meditation. It's really going to support you to connect to your angels. And I will see you next week. Thank you so much for being here.

I love you guys. Take care of yourselves angel blessings, bye for now.



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