Q & A: What you most want to know about your Psychic Gifts - Week 1

intuition psychic answers Mar 18, 2017

This is a recording of the first set of questions I received based on what you most want to know about your psychic gifts.

I received so many questions that I'm splitting them up and will chat with you again next week live on Facebook and will post the recordings after the sessions here on my website. Hope you enjoy the session!

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Love you 
elizabeth XOXO


Renata Hello Elizabeth,

I participated in your color meditation video today... Jesus Christ came to me during the meditation with a beautiful pink ray light beam... I had a real vision of it and it was beautiful...

Thank you for your videos...

Christina Thank you Elizabeth! Thank you so much! I love how I feel when I hear your voice. I am so open to learning more! I felt the white light around me and I felt it going into my lower tummy area! I ask and it said it was for healing! I liked how you told us to practice! Never thought of it like that, but it is so true!   Practice everything and you will improve always! Smile!
I learned so much and felt so good listening to you! I can hardly wait for the next one! You are a wonderful teacher!
Ramona The sparkles made me smile. I give thanks for this community. While I do not practice, I'm interested in improving my connection with Spirit and my guides and angels. Once, long ago, a trusted friend/psychic, after holding my hands, shared her belief that I am a healer. The use of I am instead of I was is intentional. The thought of healing and light work brings me pleasure.   Thank you, Elizabeth. It is my opinion that we can only raise the vibration, encourage enlightenment, one soul at a time. You have the platform to touch many. Thank you.
Belinda I feel refreshing, of poistive energy.
elizabeth ann I can feel the energy coming in then going out. Energy going out feels like air coming out.. how can I get to the point read future and past.. thank you Elizabeth, PS I see a few little orbs and white light flashes here and there, if I'm looking at you on your left.. your rite. they stop rite before you say hi Kim.. thank you thank you...
Carol Hi again Elizabeth , I enjoyed this so much , Thank You for doing this every week ,   Many Blessings to you .
Carol Hi   Elizabeth , I'm enjoying this but when you touch on one subject of anything , all of a sudden i get covered with Goose Bumps for a few minutes ,then the Bumps will go away . after you said the point of the question . That tells me that its so true on what your saying . 

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