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Uncategorized Apr 02, 2017

Your Psychic Gifts Questions Answered

💞 Hello Angels 😇 Check below for the color meditation link I mentioned. I've answered some of the questions you asked me about your psychic gifts, plus there's a lovely meditation to help you connect with a special being of light and receive a gift 💖 Thanks for joining me live, we'll do it again same time same place next week, please spread the word 😘

Posted by Elizabeth Harper Sealed With Love on Tuesday, March 28, 2017



Hung Morin Hi Elizabeth, very nice to talk with you. I have just lost my job for a stupid reason. But, this is not matter. The main problem is that I have no desire to find new job. I don't know the reason although I having nothing to spend without job. What happened to me?
Sofia I was able to connect to my mum in spirit, she was gone when I turn 15 years old.
She gave me the gif of Abudance, whatever that really means I do not know.
The angels where waving their hands and it came a Song to my mind, which I Don't even remember he Singer name and the liric goes like this "Go, Always believe in yourselve, vou are undestructable...."
Really, when all I do and feel is the opposite.
Thank you for all your Guidance, I Love it!
It helps to bring Joy to my Live!!
Lisa Smith That was interesting.
Thank you
Carrie Bless you,
You are so very inspiring to me.
My energy colour was gold, bringing a beautiful healing.
I want to say it was my father bringing the healing but as I type it think in fact it was but also my grandmother and my new guide.
Many blessings and love to you Elizabeth.x
Ajara Thank you Elizabeth for your wonderful Q&A about developing our psychic gifts! I just loved hearing all of your wisdom & expertise in all of these areas. I also loved the meditation at the end...on how to work with your angels & special guides...& so appreciative & grateful for my divine gift, received!
Thank you so much,
Love & Blessings,
Ajara ???
yvonne Hi Elizabeth , I dont know why I Always think of Arizona Sedona
yvonne hi elizabeth
its yvonne from the netherlands
KaKae Hi, Lilac and white light was my color gift and my dog Shatae came to say hi waving her right paw. She passed in 2001. I miss her. She was the best doggie friend. I was sensing I am ready for a new furry friend which means I would have to move to a place where I could have a pet. First thought of that was I can't afford to move!
Maybe a new people friend!

Thank you for your beauty and loving guidance. You are much appreciated.
Shannan Medina I dont have FB. But need your help   with my gift & abilities.
Valerie I had my brother and father who have passed. It was mainly my brother who had a big smile for me. The gift was a long beaded necklace out of rose coloured quarts but the rose colours were a subltle red color one would see in a bouquet of red roses. Thank you for the meditation and this session.

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