Speed Painting a Soul Rainbow Silk

Uncategorized Mar 03, 2016

Soul Rainbow silks are my unique signature creation. I see the energy of the soul but for this technique I get myself and my psychic gifts out of the way as I dowse the colors. When I paint those colors onto the silk it really is a lesson in trust.

This is the latest silk painting. See if you can intuit the colors before I add them to the silk. Let me know in the comments below if you intuited one or more of the colors.




Shirley Sims I have believed for many long years that I was intuitive. For a few years I served in ministry as part of a prophetic team imparting words of encouragement and love from Spirit.   The people made many dark and hateful remarks and I have not used my intuitive gifts until the past year when I finally found where I am happy and at peace.

I closed my eyes and focused really hard, and then. Voice told me to just relax and let it flow through me. I did see the variant colors of red, yellow/ gold, lavender/purple , but behind it I felt a dark green or even black.

I work a job where I assist in bringing healthcare options to those in the 51-138%poverty level.   I am unhappy. I would love to be at home writing books, growing herbs, creating creamed, lotions, essential oils and doin Reiki and using my light energy to meet people who need help.

I am Fearful of two things- failure and $

please pray for me as I am working to remove these blocks as I know my Angels and the spirit have told me I am about to come into great physical and financial abundance and I want to manage it all appropriately the way God wants.
Alea I loved your process...I am an artist, also, the art just comes through me. Very rarely do I have idea ahead of time and if I let it flow, it turns out amazing on the first try. When I don't relax and listen, it is blocked. Thank you for sharing you process so beautifully. I did not intuit any colors as I was too intrigued with you!
Arnie Hi Elizabeth,

AMAZING!!! I intuited all three colors...purple (lilac), red and yellow...in that order. I am particularly drawn to this silk. Thank you.
Jean I couldn't believe I intuited purple, red and yelllow !!
Jean I couldn't believe I intuited purple, red and yelllow !!
Leona Your intent is so pure and beautiful, and the process with which you created this rainbow silk throw is truly inspiring. The end result is simply stunning with layers of dimensional colours that seem alive and vibrant, definitely representing the energy of the soul who commissioned you to paint this for her. Love and light, Leona.
Sarah Beautiful Elizabeth. I intuited blue, pink and yellow. I love the way you always let us exercise our intuition and I love your videos. Thank you so much for sharing. I am looking forward to hearing about the new healing system. Much love and hugs. X
Veronica alicea I'm thinking purple, orange, pink and blue and touches of green.
sunny red, maroon, yellow, orange and blue
have watched a few of these done, always beautiful
your energy of peacefulness always comes through :)
Yvette It was beautiful to watch you make this gorgeous silk. Thanks for the privilege! I intuited one correct colour which was pink.
Kelly I heard yellow but that was all...it's beautiful!
YVETTE I picked green and purple. Its so beautiful
Stacey Everything about this is beautiful! Your voice is so calming. I picked purple and yellow right away! You are a true Angel!??????
Sofia The first color that popped in my mind   was violet. But then I pushed it aside and saw red and green. Not very intuitive , I guess!
Your work looks lovely! All the best for you and your special weekend!!
Maria Simone Elizabeth, how interesting and so beautiful to watch you doing the soul painting process. I imagined you painting blue, yellow, pink and a touch of violet . So surprising to watch the colours turn orange ! Could almost be my colours, loved the energy - yours and the painting ?
Vicki Lovely! The colors I picked were red, blue green.
Eileen I got the color orange. At first, while watching the tape, I started to doubt myself, but then you said the combined colors made orange!
That was fun!
Kristi Green Elizabeth this is Amazingly BEAUTIFUL.I need one for myself.
Love U
Kristi Green
Patricia Barbee I pulled the yellow. Purple shades are my base colors. I did not pull it. I'm off my axis today. Do take care. "2ue to you". Smiles
Jeanine It was like directly addressed to me... asked for a sign from the Angels...could not decide whether to take the pink or orange red cup this morning...since days I keep seeing burgundy purple lilac shades when closing my eyes...then I just poured the coffee into my cup (dark rosè) an amazing thing occurred: without the use of a spoon a beautiful spiral started to appear turning leftwards, calmly expanding, regularly, almost like the dance of a Sufi Derwish....going through my drawings I found a pink Poenia pic I wanted to send to You, but somehow do not know how...then I checked my email and saw your painting...yes, thanks for being a messenger, Elizabeth... I finally started an environmental protection action group with a friend who is a microbiologist, we will also get further experts aboard, also using my drawings of plants and animals.... Like You I love colours and am very creative, but have denied myself this creativity for so long...the same with my clearvoyance...my mum is preparing to go to the Otherworld...and yes it is making me sad, also some harsh environment, but I must surrender to change, I know...Thanks again for your kind ways, support and encouragement, Elizabeth.
Marla Wow! That was so beautiful to watch. Thank you for sharing Elizabeth! I intuited purples and pinks. And I love that you say a prayer for the silk worms prior to creating:)))
michael Hello Elizabeth,thank you for sharing this.What a beautiful exercise,I love it.I also picked all the colors,WOW. What a beautiful way to start my day!.You are amazing,thanks again for sharing this with me.
sincerely Michael
Jenny Wow! Beautiful silk! I intuited deep magenta, light blue/purple & gold
wal Lamentablemente no hablo ingles y no puedo comprender lo que dice...
Seria fabuloso...
Pero "siento" lo que expresa...
Muchas gracis


Anita Folliott Thank you for this beautiful painting and showing your process. I intuited yellow orange and pink and thought I was completely wrong when the violet and magenta colors appeared first. I am deeply touched because your video seems like the confirmation I wanted that I am to express love and truth creatively - so thank you so very much Elizabeth.
Evie That was gorgeous Elizabeth! Thank you for sharing. When I read your email I was immediately told lavender and yellow!
Much love
Evie xox
maggie I picked blue, yellow, red, purple.. Wow beautiful!
Eva That was really lovely to watch, Elizabeth. I picked the purple and the pink.
Vicki Elizabeth, that was so beautiful to watch you create the colourful soul overthrow. Loved it. The only colour I picked was pink.



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