The Best Colors to Get You What You REALLY REALLY WANT This Valentine's Day

Uncategorized Nov 28, 2015

We're getting closer to Valentine's Day so our focus on love is up front and center. This is when you'll be thinking about what's in your heart, about love, romance, a partnership, and if you're not in a relationship you might be mulling over the kind of person you want to spend more time with.  

Your heart is essentially the center of your being. When looking at the chakra system it is mid-way between the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras below, and the throat, third and crown chakras above. So the heart is very much about balance. 

When we are Ill and unhealthy we’re really experiencing an imbalance on some level within one or all of our energy bodies - physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual. If we say, we are suffering from a "dis-ease" we’re really affirming that something is out of balance. I see and sense the chakras and energy fields or auras around all living things. The healthy vibrations of the human anatomy are bright, translucent, light, free, happy energies.  When I see an unhealthy aura it's often tinged with a deep red color, one that is not in alignment with all the other colors and energies. This is interesting because on the color wheel the opposite of red is GREEN, and which chakra is green?

Which Colors Nurture My Heart?

In the chakra system the heart is colored green, but this is only on the emotional level. On other levels it changes color. The chakra system is like a rainbow begining at red at the base and violet at the crown. Green is midway at the heart. The center of the heart is pink, it almost looks like a watermelon, and in fact Watermelon Tourmaline is a wonderful heart healing crystal. Pink is a softer version of red, add white to red and you get pink. I remember as a teenager watching the energy fields of friends when they were first dating. Their auras would be filled with "pink blobs" of light, almost like cotton candy except more translucent like a balloon. When I "see" energies I feel them at the same time so I usually describe their texture as well. At the time I didn't understand what the pink blobs were, but I learned they were a personal light show embracing the energies of unconditional love.  

Using the colors the heart is most associated with is going to strengthen and boost its energy, and if need be will heal and nurture the broken pieces. This is the simple way of healing and nurturing the heart. These colors in combination serve to awaken love and open the heart to receive.

Which Crystals Attract Love?

Crystals are wonderful companions for the heart, they have amplifying effects and gently work on the spirit. I just created a Crystal Love Medicine Pouch containing green and pink crystals, Rose Quartz, Chrysoprase, Mangano Calcite, Prehnite and Clear Quartz. Each crystal works on the inner and outer layers of the heart. Wearing or surrounding yourself in green and pink will invoke balance within your heart center, but Clear Quartz contains all the colors so working with this crystal is like calling on a rainbow for support. The clear quartz cleanses an empowers PLUS it amplifies the powers of all the other crystals. 

A Little Love Spell

Write what you most want on a piece of paper, fold it up, put it on an altar or somewhere sacred with a photo of you on top plus 3 crystals - one green, one pink and a piece of clear quartz. Best time to do this is on the next NEW MOON, because new moon energy helps things grow. Every day for 28 days surround your love spell with love, gratitude and willingness to open your heart to receive. Once the 28 days are up you can take your love offering apart or re-energize it by cleansing the crystals, reading your love spell, and then either placing them in the same sacred space or a different space where they will be honored and won't be disturbed.  

Which Color Helps Me to Get What I REALLY REALLY WANT?

The heart is the center of the emotions. As humans we tend not to discuss or share our emotions, so they can get stuck here. So when you really really want something it doesn't anifest because your emotional stuckness gets in the way of receiving. One of the ways to heal this stuck-ness is to use blue - the color of the throat chakra, why? Because blue stimulates the conversation you need to have to help you “empty” your heart of stored up emotions. Wearing or surrounding yourself with blue crystals such as Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine, Sodalite, Angelite and Blue Topaz will all help support both the energy of communication and as a side effect will bring it peace. 

Crystals are powerful amplifiers of energy. Turquoise is the combination of the colors blue and green. This crystal helps to heal rejection. So if ever you feel like you're not being heard in a relationship or you're not getting the love you desire, wear some turquoise. It stimulates the area above the heart to help you to "ask for what you want."  I like to wear specific crystals as jewelry to gently coax my energy field into a vibrational shift, but you don’t have to wear the crystals to exact benefit. You can pop them in your pocket or under your pillow, make gem elixirs with certain ones and you can sweep a crystal through your energy field to cleanse and re-energize your system. Do remember that most crystals need to be cleansed, its easily done by holding the crystal under running water after each time you use it for a minute or until you feel it is cleansed. Unless you know it will not be affected NEVER soak a crystal in water or put a crystal into salt. Crystals come from the earth so focus on using the earth to cleanse them. 

Is There Anything Else That Will Help Me Heal & Empower My Heart? 

Yes, using color directly is a wonderful way to heal and invoke the power of your heart, but you can use other ways to infuse your heart with pink and green energy. Pink is the color of unconditional love so thinking pink, visualizing pink and using affirmations of love such as  the 108 Affirmations for Love will bring love and pink energy into your heart. Likewise working with the Archangel Raphael Meditation will bring green light into your energy field because Raphael is associated with the color green. The combination of green and pink brings balance to giving and receiving love - in whatever shape or form that may take.  





Jennifer Happy Valentine"s Day to you too! You are so sweet. This info is good for all of us. I feel really happy after I read it. Thank You
maryann I cant wait to try this love spell   love it love you too
joan thank you elizabeth for all your help
Yvette Thank you Elizabeth. This is lovely! 
Isabelle a few days ago..i pick up my Larimar   to wear it instead of my flower of life pendant, and after reading you it make sense ,,for helping me not letting my self down. that is a great Article. thank you !!!
Anita I enjoy most is another interpretation of love. I'm not into crystals or colors and an not very drawn to the color pink and have been trying to use a pink colored shirt and not much has happened so I have concluded that I just keep this area as well as others blocked/closed. I'm an extremely emotional being and don't express them outwardly. This article does keep me open at some level and if nothing else just another perspective when it comes to love. Thanks for your sharing.
Rose Elizabeth you are an amazing being of light! I feel your authenticity .
Thank you
Be well
Gina Barbara Awesome Post Elizabeth!!!   Always, sharing so so much inner knowing! your energy imprint!!! ??Thank you X
Silvie Dear Elisabeth, every week I look forward in receiving your mail. It gives me energy and hope and awarness of my angels around me. I am a very happy person, wonderful job, friends, house, family and at 53 still looking good. Very grateful for all I have, i only miss that special person in my live. Will follow your suggestions... And you who knows...❤️❤️❤️ Thank you for the wonderful mails and angel and colorscopes
Sherrie Thank you sooo much for the wonderful, uplifting post near Valentines Day! My heart opened more and more!
Thank you and Happy Valentines Day!!
Pooja Thank you for sharing such wonderful insight. I am sure its going to help lot of us.
Lynn So sweet and so true. Thank You!
Anne Great post. So appropriate for me right now. I had a rose quartz crystal in my pocket and my purple pen exploded all over it! I'm afraid to clean the crystal--don't know how--but am also thinking it's about love transforming in my life, so no cleaning necessary. Any suggestions, besides not putting pens and crystals together in my pocket? ;)
Alexis I think I am IN LOVE with this post!!! So much wonderfulness, thank you over and over Elizabeth! xoxo

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