The Divine Plan Is More Light


Our Daffodils are blossoming, such a beautiful and happy yellow. Flowers always bring a smile to my soul at this time of year as the earth changes.

You bring me enormous happiness too, especially when I know my work has touched your life in a meaningful way.

This past week I've received some wonderful messages letting me know how much the meditations I've created over the years have impacted and changed lives.

Who would've thought something so simple as meditation could have such a profound effect, but the thing is, it does.

It's an incredibly powerful tool, more so when done with others. Joint intention and focus guides the transformative energy.



Today, I had a lovely meeting with some of my Soul Circle members online. We chatted, laughed, experienced a virtual hug of love.

Families across the globe are connecting in this way, and then it occurred to me, something I've thought about for some time.

You know, the technology we're using to connect, that was dreamed up in the ethers before it was physically manifest. And what a perfect way to help us begin our journey into greater consciousness.

We've become used to the physical, and yet we are spiritual beings. We are here on earth, but we're not of the earth. The physical is, but the spirit, that is part of the greater whole. We've forgotten that.

Can you see the plan?

Can you see how what is happening now, this virtual connection, talking to someone who isn't actually present with you physically. Instead, we're communicating across radio waves. We can do this telepathically too.

And you do that often with your loved ones.

I see what is happening now as part of our awakening, as part of our journey to enlightenment. It's not going to happen overnight, but we're part of the earth changes I and other mystics have been speaking about for decades.

A couple of years ago I realized we needed to get serious about healing our personal energy system, preparing for the light to be channeled through us.

The idea for my Soul Shine course just dropped into my mind, it was a divine download and it was in response to me asking what I could do to support the light at this time.

Every day leading up to the start of this course I'm getting more and more information on why it's so important for each of us to show up!

As a lightworker, you've probably been getting the same message. You might choose a different way to make a difference, but if you're called then I'd love to invite you to check it out.

Lots of angel blessings to you,

Love, Elizabeth XOXO


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