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This weekend we’re in for a treat! The 3rd eclipse in the space of just a few weeks is happening on Saturday. Eclipses aren’t unusual and this is the season for them.

It’s also a New Moon in fiery Leo, the sign of passion and leadership, and what do we do on New Moons? We set an intention and watch it grow.

Intentions guide a goal or desire toward its ultimate fulfillment.

I received a lovely message from one of my One Soul members. Every day she recites all of the 3 Archangel prayers I offer as free gifts before she heads off to work. My prayers are inspired words that flowed through me when I tuned into each of the Archangels. Words have power, but add in your passion and you have a recipe for change.

This is an incredible time of change for many - maybe even all of us. We're stepping into our truth as we let go of the unhealed energy we've been carrying around lifetime after lifetime. We're turning our backs on negativity, and instead listening to the whispers of the wise and loving voice of our souls.

With this powerful and fiery New Moon you have an opportunity to lay the foundation for an intention that you're passionate about. 19 years ago the Moon was in the same position as it wil be with this eclipse. What does that mean? It heralds the end of a cycle you began 19 years ago and the beginning of a new phase.

My life completely changed 19 years ago. I met my husband and moved to the USA. 

What happened for you 19 years ago and
what are you intending for the next 19 years?

Let me know in the comments below what you're intending, what you're focusing on for this New Moon. My intention for the next 19 years is to create a retreat that is also an animal sanctuary. Caring for animals is a passion of mine, as is guiding and supporting you. Putting them both together feels like part of my purpose.

Remember to check your Angel messages for the week, they come from their heart to yours!

Love to you dear, 💖
XOXO elizabeth

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