This Week's Healing Venue January 7: North Korea

healing lightworker Jan 06, 2016

Today we're sending healing to this fountain in North Korea - Laika ac Fountains in Pyongyang. I didn't get time to make a meditation, so I may make a meditation we can use for every fountain for next week. For now, remember there is a lot of unrest and negativity around this country, so protect yourself with white light. 

Meditation to bring healing to the planet today.

Use this meditaton to guide you to send healing. 

Ground your energy, connect with Gaia, and call in the light from the Divine into the water. imagine the water is filld with healing love and light and that the fountains are sending that love and light outward. Connect with the energy through your heart and image you are the water, you are the earth, you are the heavens, then send this energy out through the waters to the people, land, animals, birds, plants, everything that is living on this planet. 

Continue to do this until you feel you have reached everyone, remember to allow the energy to heal you too. When you have finished cleanse your energy through and disconnect from the fountain and the healing light you're sending outward. Know that this healing will continue. Thank your guides and angels for working with you. Put a cloak of protection around you and if it feels right shake off your hands. 

I will be sending healing at 4.44PM EST but you can send healing at any time and for any length of time. You intention sends reverberations through the universe and this really helps raise the vibration.

If this is your first time here & you don't know what this is about Click HERE to read this post first

Please share this post, meditation or/and the idea with your friends, family and community. Also I would LOVE to know what you experience as you work with the energy, please share with us in the comments below, thank you!  I look forward to building the energy up every week.

Love to you
elizabeth XOXO


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