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* Can you sense energy?

* Do you walk into a room and feel a vibe straight away?

* Do you meet someone for the first time and immediately know about that person?

I want to share my experience of energy with you and a quick way to sense and interpret it. Let me know in the comments below what you pick up during this exercise.

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I look forward to seeing you there
XOXO elizabeth




georgina sudron there was a warmth in my energy the colour what came up was pink which i think that is a love colour after rubbing hands the energy seemed to be warmer and more heavier
marylin Felt great warmth between my hands and saw a pink to crimson colour, which reminded me of warmth and depth and
an image of my mother who used that colour quite a lot.
Alexandra Huddleston I felt yellow and it respresented childlike happiness :-) Thanks Elizabeth!!
Brenda I saw red and felt love.No Marion..I often get a tv screen during meditation.For the longest time I only got the screen, now once in a while something appears on the screen, like numbers, flashes or streams of light.Thank you Elizabeth, beautiful exercise..loved it.Thanks for sharing, blessed to be in this gathering.Sending much love and gratitude?
Christina I felt the energy the first time and even more after we rubbed our hands together! The color came to me was Yellow!
What that meant for me was Light, Happiness and Cheerfulness! Thank you Elizabeth! For everything that you do!
wendy my hands where harder at the beginning and the closer they came together they got hotter then the second time they were warm but had no problem with getting them together closer. When I asked what color is between them it showed me a black box and when I asked what it meant it showed me a letter C then a letter A can you help me understand what this meant
Cecille Wow, amazing energy I felt. From light to denser feeling of magnetism as my hands move along. I saw light yellow in between, and I don not the meaning yet., please illumine me.thank you
Ivana I felt tingling on my palm and lighter feeling in body then before.Color was yellow and then pink,I'm not sure.I felt happy because I could intuitively know the color
Deborah Hi Elizabeth,
I am unable to come to your intuition workshop at the moment, but am strongly pulled to look at working closer with you to find my true soul purpose and release some dense blockages I feel.
When I undertook the exercise I felt a vibrant yellow like the sun, for me it represents joy and happiness.
This is the 1st time I have connected with anything - thank you so very much.
Vanessa Heywood I felt a huge ball of energy building up and the colour was magenta and it was for self love.
I work with Crystals and energy and my hands radiate extreme heat, it's a bit of a joke amongst my other healer friends if it's a cold day that my fiery hands will warm us up ?
Thank you for the fun experiment Elizabeth xxx
Leslie Wow, I felt a powerful energy my hands were tingling with intensity and the colour was pink.
Lynda Gergen I just finished doing this exercise, very exciting. At first the energy was strong and dense, definitely had a heaviness to it and the more I moved my hands the stronger and heavier it became. WOW! Then after shaking it off, and doing it the second time around, the energy became lighter and easier but my hands had a strong vibration in them which I could feel slowly moving outward through my fingers to my fingertips where it stayed for a moment with a heavy tingling and then it left and I saw and sensed deep purple and when I asked what this color means for me I clearly heard the word, "stillness" twice. That was amazing! Thank you for this exercise, I will try it often. You truly are a God send. Love your videos. 
Aida Thank you Elizabeth for the exercises. I felt a very strong tingling sensation, and I saw a light green color in between my hands. For me this means rebirth and renewal.
God bless you,
sommer I saw light milky lavender, it felt very light but heavily magnetic. I don't know what it actually means but i got the message that it was the light of healing. It made me feel happy and confident of my gifts
Marion I saw a black TV screen which caught me by surprise, I expected a I shook my hands out and tried again but got the same thing so I stayed a little longer, the TV screen was rimmed in burgundy and some pink so again I shook out my hands and didn't try I doing something wrong?
Peace and Love, M
Kasee munden That was really amazing. The energy felt big and the color was green and made me think of nature and outside. It felt heavy then light and cool. After I sat still for a moment felt a light heart palpitation high in my chest close to my throat that lasted for a few seconds. It didn't scare me at all, just don't know what it means but felt the energy for sure. Also I think you're amazing!!!! I look forward to listening to you all the time.
Thank you,
Kasee Munden
marco paganelli i had a clear golden color between my hands and the answer was personal power
Angela Hi , felt the energy right away was seeing blue to me blue is calming just what I need thank you ?
Tero Thank you Elizabeth ❤ I just love what you do ? I felt the energy and I saw purple/ violet. I meant my inner love. Thank you so much ❤ Much love!
Liss Definitely felt the warmth, the tension between my hands as the motion of the in and out increased. After rubbing my hands together and then repeating the exercise, there was a strong tingling sensation and more tension, yes, denser. I envisioned a bubblegum pink hue and for me, the feeling was change, rebirth, forward motion.
Katrina I've just been writing my second book about energy. Just finished typing some of it up today. This pracice us awesome. I've been using discrement with everything and everyone. It's really helping me read other people's emotions and thoughts about me. It's a gift.
Ainhoa I felt white sparkling energy, it was very light! For me that was purity, cleaning, enlightenment.
Thank you Elisabeth, I really enjoy!! It was a great feeling!
Lost of pure love for here!
Tasha Elizabeth I think I saw your aura in this video!! It's turquoiseish, blueish, purple. Lol Did I see it correctly do you think? I'm so excited! I've been practicing some of your techniques for about a month now. I saw this video when it first was put up. Now a month later, I'm seeing it again and I saw your aura for the first time. Or so I Believe. Thank you for your Beautiful energy and Wisdom! You are a rare Blessing??? Much Love and Light your way. Hope it Brightens your day!!?
Nataliya Wow I feel the energy very well. I see violet color and it means peace for me. As well as growth. I would love to develop this skills! :) Thank you for this simple exercise, Elizabeth! I am exited to find out what my talents and gifts are.
Yvette At the beginning of the exercise my energy was very subtle, but after rubbing my hands together the palms of my hands felt tingly and the energy felt stronger yet not heavy. The colour was yellow and to me that signifies joy of living. I enjoyed this exercise and was surprised at how quickly the colour came to me. Thank you Elizabeth.
Lucie Ramsay The energy was very dense and then very light, very tingly. I got a very clear bright green and gold although 2 colours it seemed like one. Growth and abundance. Thanks for the exercise.
Yvonne Thank you for sharing that very interesting exercise, you have a very supportive, warm teaching stye. If I were able I would definitely attend your course and increase my knowledge on this fascinating subject, unfortunately I'm on a whole nother continent.
I got yellow energy and it meant direction.
Thanks again, many joys. Yvonne.
Teresa This was a really good exercise. I want to learn so much more. My first thought for color was a bright blue but then I kept getting flashes of red. I felt my hands vibrating and then the second time I was moving them together the energy did change. I felt a vibration in my hands but the space between my hands was pulsating or blocky. Thank you, I really need exercises like this.
Margaret Both My hands and fingers were tingly the whole time. The colour was a deep rose pink. The meanings for me were love, peace and tranquility.
anu what a lovely exercise! the energy changed from dense to light flow and the colour I intuited was pink. Thank you.light and peace
Cynthia I'm new to all of this. I have had gifts all of my 55 years of life but never realized I was different than others until I talked about it. That was an eye opener. Now that I'm investigating things I'm open to learning all I can. The color I saw was red then heart and love both came to mind.
Thank You for this opportunity to learn more about my gift.
CJ Thanks for a fun exercise!   My color was a burnt orange (surprising) and it meant warmth! 
Nancy There was tingling that was very noticable right to the top of my fingers then the energy was
moving fast through my upper body and into my head. The colour that I saw was red the message for me was two things first was to slow down second twin flame
Cindy I loved this exercise ? I was able to feel the energy! The color I saw was blue and the first meaning that came to me was peace ? Thank for sharing with us!
Ariana Fun exercise to do! My energy felt very light like cotton, and the first color I saw was orange. I just felt warmth! Thank you, I love receiving your emails!
Melinda I am not new to this exercise, but it's been a while since I've done it. This time the energy between my hands was more palpable and tangible than ever. It grew larger with each pulse. Green: healing and fortitude, is what I sensed. Thank you.
Renee I did have a sense of increased density between my hands the more i drew my hands together then apart, but when I rubbed them together and repeated the process, I felt nerve type tingles in the center of my hands, the image I got was a soft brownish red disk floating back and forth,it appeared to be the life force,blood, The transfer of energy from one to another. Nice exercise
Peter Yep, very interesting very easy to distinctly feel just as you described it. Red was my color which i take as grounding as it's often considered the base chakra color.
Johna I forgot to say what the color meant for me, it felt of love and peace and contentment...i been working on balancing my chakras,...and well i suppose thats a very good sign that I am heading in the right all honesty since i discovered your videos and web site things have been becoming clearer and i have more trust in myself to continue what it is the universe it trying to let me know of what my purpose it here in this life....THANK YOU for all that you have done for me and others as are a blessing for me:)
Johna Definitely felt the energy, always have. It all started when i began my life as a Licensee.Massage Therapist, I feel it activated what was inside me all along. The color i saw was violet usually its gold or yellow. Was a fun exercise cant wait for more☺
Kim Elizabeth, thank you for this wonderful exercise...yes I certainly felt the presence of energy when I first began and sensed it was growing the more I moved my hands and then after rubbing my hands together, this energy was definitely much lighter...after closing my eyes, I initially saw a flash of yellow and thought happiness...

I have been wondering why I can sometimes feel actual vibration in my body, it only seems to happen when I am going off to sleep and in a very relaxed state.... I can sometimes feel vibration coming from my husband as well when we hug before going to sleep.  

I thought it was very strange and have been looking for a physical cause for this sensation I experience...

If you have time Elizabeth, I would be interested in your thoughts?

Thank you for a wonderful website...I only wished I lived in the states to attend your workshops...that would be truly inspiring.

Wishing you happy days always...

Christel I also felt it getting denser in-between my hands and it was harder for the palms to get closer to each other. My fingers tingled
After the rubbing the energy felt light and flowing.
The colour I saw after a while was deep red with streaks of blue. This made me feel heavy...turbulence?
Theresa Brennan Thank you, Elizabeth. Yes, I felt it, warm the first time and it did get denser. Round and green the second time. It meant Earth, nature, life and money to me - it made me smile. I had a flash of rainbow and red for a split second. I have been feeling very down, depressed and unwell lately. I wonder how that would affect my energy field. I had a Cardinal fly right past my face when I was out for a walk on Sunday. He/she flew from one tree to another. I felt very blessed for that experience. It is ironic that you mention the Cardinal today - synchronicity. I am very grateful for the work you do and you always make me feel better. Thank you!
Brenda I felt and then energy between my hands... It seemed like a cloud like form and it was clumpy, or it had areas that were more dense than others and white. When you asked the question about what color it was... I thought white, but then it turned a bit blue with sparks coming from my fingers.   Awesome! Thank you. Love and gratitude to you.
Norma Davies-Griffith Hi Elizabeth.
This is an exercise that I have done before and in different situations (intuitive workshops, reiki and quantum healing, tai chi and yoga practice) however, I have never tried putting a colour to the energy I have felt between my hands until today. I love how you see all energies as colours. When I did the exercise today I saw a rich red, for me that represents strong passion, growth and a deep grounding connection to Gaia's core.   Thank you for expanding and making this exercise extremely informative by the addition of colour and what it means to me.
CarolAnn Wonderful! Very dense at the beginning then lighter and still a sense of density. Started out greens to blue (blue fluorite)then the colour of rosy garnet, rhodolite! I am often asked to give back rubs and I have always rubbed my hands then dangled them at my sides:) I did a lot of deep breathing more then just a breath, a release. Wonderful and will share this. Thank you and many blessings to you.
Lavinia Oh wow, coolie, really liked that. I felt a strong vibration, my colour was a deep burgundy, wine red type colour. For me it signified strength,   solidity, and a nobleness of spirit. My shadow too was being acknowledged as it is part of me. Thanks so much.
Mary Kelly that was amazing....and just what I needed right now....I'm going through some major life changes moving again at 58...but to where I know I can experience the very depth of love and back to where my boys are.....and when doing this exercise just now ,before you said what color do you see and all I was seeing is this red between my hands and made my whole being smile...I want to do more of this for are a jewel
Donna Lovely exercise. I love seeing you and what new things you have to tell us. Thank you for this! I saw a deep bright blue not sure about it but did see a color.
Suzanne Loved the exercise. It was bright orange, felt nice and warm, mentioned it was all about family. I enjoy your videos always, thank you so much for all you give to help us on this planet. Bless you! Elizabeth.
Vicki I felt the energy was dense at first but after rubbing my hands together it was light. My colour was pink and it meant love to me. Thank you that was a really lovely exercise.
Veronica Thank you for this exercise Eluzabeth. First I saw a shape forming like gray then it became sort of light green. I felt my hair stand on my nape area and both of my arms. After I shook my hands then put them together there was like a suction, a magnetized sensation. I felt the stiffness from my spine lifted. Thank you so much for this experience.
martha schermann Wow, You really connected with me, I looked out my office window at a Red Bud tree and noticed that there were girdled sections that I had not noticed before. When I did the exercise I got a feeling of warmth and a very red energy, which I am taking to be change coming into my being. Tomorrow, June 1st, will be my 10th anniversary of being Cancer Free. When I watched your crystal color scope video I intuited a red stone which was Garnet and that is the stone of my high school ring. I was looking through boxes yesterday and found a picture of some of my graduating class at one of our reunions. I also found some photos that I had taken of an old Cherry tree with Owl babies in it. Again that sense of red of the cherry wood. I feel that things are looking up for me and thank you so much for your insight. I love your videos and you especially. Thanks for being my life coach and friend.
Amayraa Hey thank you so much , just loved this exercise , fabulous it was.
After rubbing my hands I felt the energy was more intense the graveity was high. And I saw two colours purple and green and I felt they mean to me is that I m a highly spritiual person and a healer too.

Love and light
amy Elizabeth, I did intuit yellow right away, and for me, it felt like happiness. I tend to feel/sense things in my tummy area, and am learning to trust the first response I receive. I am learning so much, all the time! I just love your peace filled presence here on my computer! Thank you for all you do.
Lisa I love how everyone's colors were fluid and flowing and not just one. I felt pink and yellow and felt it meant love and healing.
Lourdes Elizabeth, I love love love you!   You are the voice of my angels!   I give thanks for your presence in my life. I was shocked and delighted that the only color I saw was YELLOW! You are helping me to connect to and listen to my intuition, my angels.
Sending you hugs and blessings,
Pat That was a great little exercise and I hadn't done that in a long while. Thanks for bringing me back to be able to know I do have energy!! I felt a gentle warmth and slight vibration as my hands approached each other...there was a definite resistance in putting them totally together. The color I saw was pink and my immediate thought was that of joy. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing this little exercise with me. I will look forward to more. Blessings abound, Pat
maryann I felt my hands become very heavy and tingly. the color I saw was pale beige with pink boarders ?     I will try the exercise again when iam not tiered tks maryann
Sandra THank You for making energy easy and Fun not so intimidating,great tool!!! I felt a warm density and saw the colors red,orange.and them yellow with a strike of metallic blue silver. METALIC blue silver☄Flash,and insights I felt Alittle uneasy...
HI!!! Been a while.You Look GREAT!!!✨✨✨
Vicky Howell I loved that excercise.. I am a massage therapist and have done it before but was stronger this time.. My intuition and energy is stronger now.. I saw green first then a blue -green, then mixed with yellow.. It felt calm and warm.... Loved it..... Thank you for reminding me.
Andrea I love your little exercises.. I did feel the energy. Was dense and warm. After rubbing my hands together, in doing the exercise again, was very light, which makes sense seeing as healers rub their hands together before they do their work.. Almost as if you're self healing you your energy. As for color. I think yellow was first, however I also at the same time was getting mint green.. I haven't intuited the color yet though. :)
Thank you.
Love and Blessings,


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