We have no FRIENDS

Uncategorized Jul 28, 2016

One of my favorite sayings is... 

We have no friends
We have no enemies
We only have teachers

What does that mean?

To me it says that we are guiding and teaching each other all the time and we have something to learn from our relationship. We of course learn love from those who love us, but even when someone says something hurtful or seems to ignore us, there is a lesson to be found in this experience and its something we can use to learn more about who we are.

When someone you don't even know triggers an emotional response in you then you know there is a lesson to be learned, because you are experiencing something about yourself in response to that connection. Get it?

Here's a couple of "for instances"

If you email someone and they ignore you - what feelings come up for you?

If you get cut off by another driver - what feelings come up for you?

If someone says "NO" to you - what feelings come up for you? 

If your ex partner or friend is now with someone else - what feelings come up for you?

Your feelings are key to understanding what's going on for you. The people triggering those feelings have on some level agreed to help you to explore your reactions and heal the cause. And even though it may seem like THEY are the cause, they're not, it goes much deeper than that. 

Healing is 50% Awareness

Think about it. You get a rash, you go to see the doctor. There's no diagnosis because the doctor doesn't know what caused the rash, so you're sent away with some skin cream. It's a bit hit and miss, maybe it'll work, maybe it won't. But what if you knew the cause, then the doctor could pinpoint the exact method needed to heal the rash. The cause isn't always physical though and that's where our western medicine often fails.


Awareness of what you need to heal is key to your well being

Maybe you need to heal an acid stomach. What triggers the acid? Your diet for sure, but how about looking at it from a different perspective. Maybe your diet is only part of the problem. What if the way to heal was through your Solar Plexus Chakra, the energy center that holds your power. What if each time you were disempowered you added a little negative energy scar to your stomach until eventually it couldn't hold it in any more. You didn't do this by yourself, you had help, from all those people giving you the "disempowerment" lessons.  

The thing is, the tendency - the weakness - is there already and all those people are just helping you to be aware of it, guiding you to find a way to heal. Once healed no amount of disempowerment lessons will affect your stomach and Solar Plexus. The triggers may well still appear in your life but the feelings and emotions that bought into it will have disappeared as will the reactions.

So what can you do?

Notice your reactions, be aware of your emotions at all times. Before you react to anyone or anything feel into what your reaction is really about. So for instance if someone cuts you off in traffic and you get angry, look at why that experience makes you angry. Try to get to the source of the anger - not just the injustice of being cut off, but the actual source of why that incident upset you so much.

Getting to the source = 50% awareness, knowing the origin means you're half way to healing the effect.

Breathwork is a great way to calm the emotions. Before reacting take a breath, not just into your lungs but into your body. In fact, set a timer for an hourly moment to take a breath. It might not sound like much but it can really help you to heal on many levels.

Cleanse with white light. Imagine a waterfall of light above your head and invite this light to cleanse through your system. Do this every time you're in a situation where you're reacting.

If you know about the chakras and you know which chakras are affected then place one of your hands over the chakra, palm down and move in counter clockwise in a circular motion with the intention of releasing the pent up energy.

Finally, I created the 21 Day Past life Healing Journey Through the Chakras program specifically to heal wounds that are affecting your life on many different levels. The scarring doesn't just affect your physical health, it also affects your success, abundance, relationships, wealth, and well being.

=== >> You can find out more about the JOURNEY HERE (on the School for Lightworkers website)<<===

PLUS here's a video about why I created the Journey and a behind the scenes look of the program website.


I believe we have spent many lifetimes on earth learning more about ourselves and when we've experienced deep seated and unresolved emotions we bring it forward into this lifetime to heal.

If you don't understand the cause of the experience then it may be more challenging to heal it. It's not impossible of course. So start with noticing your emotional reactions and see if you can get to the cause of them, then try breathwork, and cleansing, plus work with my Archangel Raphael healing meditation.

If none of these work for you then take a look at the JOURNEY. I've received amazing feedback from journeyers so I know this is a really powerful program that supports lightworkers like you.

Healer heal thyself, it's the best place to start. 

I look forward to supporting you on this healing journey. 

Love & Blessings
elizabeth XOXO

What's not working in your life? Do you know the reason why? Please share your insights in the comments below.


Alexis Wonderful article Elizabeth! I never thought about those "mundane" triggers until now...Very insightful, as always xoxo
gel What you said is very true Ms Elizabeth, about having NO friends/everybody is our teacher. I have been realizing that just in the past couple of years, when I started going inwards and get to know myself better. The most recent lesson (yesterday actually!) was when a good friend unfriended me on Facebook and even blocked me. Haha. I do not know what triggered her to do that but I got hold of my temper to really try to accept her decision without asking her the reason. But i did message her to let her know that I found out about the unfriending; I also thanked her for her friendship. But I did thank her with full acceptance and love (not, thank her sarcastically). After messaging her, I thanked my God and the universe for her friendship. And I thought, wow, all along I was the bratty one who would be unfriending people on FB and now I am taught how that feels. And even though I thought that a friend will stay no matter what my attitude is, will not be true in all cases. Also Ma'm thank you for the advice on white light and the chakras :-) <3
Suzanne Boucher Wow, Elizabeth, I love how you clarify experiences we live and now have a better understanding of it. So true how we are all teachers. I have been trying to pay very close attention to all whom cross my path. I alway hunger to learn. Wonderful work! Thank you!
Natalie This sounds like something I need to do.
Problem is I am going away and would not be able to start the journey until mid August.
Would it be possible to start then? Also, I will have to take into consideration the cost in Canadian dollars.

I love your e-mails and how they always brighten the day.
Thank you for your work.
Kseniya Thank you for this post, Elizabeth! Your timing is always so amazingly perfect. I was thinking of a specific person that I just can't seem to like and I saw your newsletter with my favorite saying " no one is your friend, no one is your enemy, but everyone is a teacher" That brought me right back to this simple wisdom that sometimes we tend to forget when those "teachers" arrive : ) Thank you!

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