What Happens When You're Missing a Color?

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What color is your name?

In my color kit, you can find out the colors and the vibrations in your name. Everything has energy, and energy links in with light, and light is COLOR.


There are colors in your name, colors you’re wearing, colors surrounding you, colors you eat, colors of your car, colors are everywhere.


We’re impacted by the vibration of colors on lots of different levels.


So what does a missing color mean? If there is a color missing from your name, what does that tell you? 


I have a few thoughts to share with you on the idea of missing colors and what that missing energy means for you.


Sending love and coloricious blessings,
XOXO elizabeth


Explore Your True Colors


Rae I have come to love all the colours equally which is a challenge when I have to choose one.
Susan I am confused. How do I discover what colors are missing in my name? Do I request a reading?
tony can relate to this /blue is my favorite colour/blue shows up all the time ...........love the sea last name adds up to aquarius/first name neptune...............
Joyce I am missing only blue...and I have never had it. I can’t say i dislike it or actively avoid it...i just feel most blues don’t suit me.   Looking around I see that i have very few blue possessions either. hmmm....except the pretty cotton coverlet on the bed.   I am a quiet person...i will speak if i feel i have something to say or something in common withsomeone...and i work in a highly public job...so i hate when people call me shy...because i am not. i never thought this might have a blue connection. Tomorrow I will wear my one blue shirt and see if i feel different. 🙂. This is most fascinating.   I have 4 oranges, 3 indigo, 2 yellow, 2 red, 1 green and 1 violet.
Patsy Well, relating to my previous comment:   I know exactly what the missing blue and red signify, and as for violet and green, I continue to open my psychic gifts and I need to stay more grounded. Woo hoo! Don't you just love all this!
Patsy Interesting! My first/maiden name and first/married name are Both missing blue and red. I do wear blue and red, more red lately. The name I chose for myself for my art and tarot, Nyla Carlyle, is missing violet and green.I am planning on wearing violet and green this week!   I do believe that colors impact us greatly. Thank you, Elizabeth!
Lisa I have no orange in my names. I have never worn orange, don’t have it in my home. I am an artist and I find myself using it in my journals and abstract paintings. I also have an artist friend who was instrumental in my claiming the title of artist. Her favorite color is orange and I always associate the color with her.
Dawn Ziemanski I have been wearing a lot of grey and black and have not been wearing much color at all. I'm curious as to what that might mean.

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